Santo Season 1 Review – A deeply sadistic crime-thriller that misses the mark

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Santo is a crime thriller that is set in the two countries of Spain and Brazil as two police officers from each country are required to collaborate to catch and detain an obnoxious drug dealer who is fascinated by mysterious rituals. If you’re not a fan of grisly and bloody scenes, then you should not watch this series. From the first scene, viewers will be aware that Santo is extremely fast-paced, and if they blink, they’ll be missing anything!

Agent Millan is a detective at the Madrid police station. They receive a case of murder and kidnapping of an 8-year-old boy known as Mario. As the episode begins Agent Millan is being paid by the drug cartel’s book and is playing both sides.

In Salvador where there is a man named Agent Cardona who informs relatives of the death of the child. The situation isn’t any better when the child was decapitated with his brains removed and then cut up into pieces, before being thrown into the ocean.

If you’re looking for the person who does these awful actions to children and their parents, the answer is a faceless person called Santo. His hallmark is taking out the brains of his victims for a ritual. What is the reason he does this? According to Agent Cardona, the reason is that “it is the most unwise option he could do because it’s terrifying. It is a sour feeling even considering it.”

In the course of his search for Santo Agent Cardona is able to locate Barbara who is believed to be Santo’s lover. He saves her from being murdered and tries to get her to speak. When they reach the general office of the attorney Santo’s men are trying to find Barbara which forces Agent Cardona to hide and take Barbara with the rest of them to a safe place.

What do you think Santo desires to save his lover who he had left to die? Didn’t the detectives think it odd that she’s never even seen his face, but been his mistress for more than three years? All Santo needed to do was sit and wait for her to be locked up and killed in the prison. Why all the fuss?

In the course of the show, the details of these horrific rituals are revealed or demonstrated, and, if you’ve got an uneasy stomach, please do not watch this! Santo is a powerful person with eyes and ears all over the place. He’s almost everywhere, and his brainwashed followers believe they are with him. For they, Santo appears to be the god of their lives, an ancestor who saved the people from a difficult life, and they’ll sacrifice their lives to please him without question. Santo’s followers are required to put an X-mark on their eyelids, and in the process of offering sacrifices, they are forced to drink the blood of a human.

The show’s speed is only good for episode one, however. In the rest of the episodes, it became difficult to follow the plot. The shifting of the timeline from one episode to another without notifying viewers it’s difficult to follow. Sometimes, you’ll believe that it’s currently happening and then discover the scene is actually a flashback from six months back. It’s not a good idea to confuse the timelines within the confusing web.

Santo is also awash with unneeded plotlines that don’t contribute any value to the story they were trying to accomplish. It’s tiring to determine how these plotlines are integrated into the plot. The revelation of Santo isn’t the dramatic impact that viewers were hoping for. Since this was a huge initiative by Netflix and the series failure to meet the potential of its creators.



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