The School for Good and Evil (2022) Ending Explained – Do Sophie and Agatha defeat Rafal?

The School for Good and Evil Plot Synopsis

The School for Good and Evil is the tale of two little girls, Sophie, and Agatha, who are taken from their tiny medieval town to the world of fantasy at the school they call home. There’s an interesting twist: princess-like Sophie arrives at the Gothic, fog-clad School for Evil while Agatha is dropped into a mattress of flowers in The School for Good.

Sophie who has always thought of becoming a princess Sophie is angry and declares that everything is a mistake. The schoolmaster, Rhian, tells her she has to find an authentic kiss from her lover to prove she’s excellent. While Agatha is more concerned about getting them both back to their homes.

As the girls attempt to correct these mistakes, however, they have to confront the erratic lessons and the mysterious appearance of Rafal. Rafal, as well as Rhian, were brothers who were the first to join the School for Good and Evil. But, as time passed, Rafal grew bored and over-indulgent. He fought Rhian and attempted to kill him, but was able to fall to his death. It seems that his spirit is to be still present in the school.

In a state of confusion, unable to get to the School of Good, Sophie quickly begins to feel at her home within the School for Evil, egged on by Rafal and his pledges. Agatha attempts to stop her friend from falling into darkness, however, can she succeed? Find the answer. The School for Good and Evil closes.

How did Rafal survive?

A flashback to the final scene of the film reveals that Rafal did not pass away. He survived the fall and then used its blood magic to return up to stab Rhian with an axe. Since that time, Rafal has been running the school in the name of Rhian. Slowly and slowly Rafal has twisted the concept of what is right which has led to the current, toxic curriculum.

Does Sophie take on the dark side?

Rafael manipulates Sophie to believe that Agatha has been betrayed by her. Then, at the end of the day, Sophie completely gives in to Rafal’s plot and accepts the blood magic offered by Rafal.

The more she is enticed by the magic and indulges in the magic, the more unattractive Sophie turns out to be. The cycle continues until Sophie is completely transformed into a grubby, old lady.

When the Deans of the two schools confront Sophie, Sophie turns them into useless dolls. Sophie then bribes the students of the School for Good into attacking the School for Evil. First, she attacks they are able to prove that the School for Good has broken the rules. This is why all who are in Good become Evil and all who are in Evil change to Good. Sophie is once more beautiful and young.

Sophie goes to the tower of the schoolmaster to discover that Rafal played the role of Rhian for a long time. Through sweet words, and clever ploys, Rafal entices Sophie into believing that she is his true love. They kiss, and it makes Rafal the strength that he’s ever dreamed of.

As the castles surrounding them begin to crumble and bloody rivers start to pour out, Sophie realizes that everyone will die. Rafal was never a man who wanted to be a ruler, he simply wanted to have all power to himself. Sophie recognizes that this isn’t what she is looking for.

Does Agatha save Sophie?

Agatha actually arrives at the right time to aid, Sophie. When she confronts Rafal and he tries to smack him with the Storian’s quill. However, Sophie takes Agatha away and takes the punch instead.

Tedros arrives but isn’t able to beat Rafal too. It’s Agatha who catches excelsior and is able to drive it into Rafal. The man falls and then dies.

Agatha is back with Sophie. After declaring her love for her dearest companion, Sophie succumbs to her injuries. Agatha is crying and she gives her an affectionate kiss. However, there’s nothing more genuine than friendship between two people and that’s why it heals Sophie and brings her back to her former self.

Does the School go through the same process?

After Sophie was killed in the face with the quill, devastated castles were miraculously put together once more and the rivers of blood stopped. When the students inside were getting up, they began to assist one another, regardless of Good or evil. The school’s deans freed from the curse that enslaved them – appear to witness the students all mingling. They suggest this could be the beginning of a new age that is one of unification.

Does Agatha stay with Tedrose or leave?

The kiss of true love that occurred between Agatha and Sophie created a gateway that allowed the two to return to their hometown. As Sophie is in a state of readiness to leave her home, she informs Agatha she is able to remain with Tedrose in case she wishes.

Agatha acknowledges her thanks for her kind words. She kisses Tedrose and says to him that she will never abandon her best friend. Agatha and Sophie go home, hands in hand.

What is the School for Good and Evil conclude?

The last scene in the film illustrates the fact that Agatha, as well as Sophie, are returning to town, reunited with their families and content. But, they’re still harassed and teased by children in the town. As a response the two girls employ their expertise — that is working — and win an entire flock of pigeons is avenging pigeons.

As the film is closing the film, a portal opens nearby and Tedros’s arrow is able to fly through it, before getting stuck in the tree. The voice of Tedros is heard saying he needs Agatha. In a second an arrow is shot at the arrow, cutting it in half. The Strain tells us that this is just the beginning.

It’s likely that the film suggests that Rafal could be alive, as well. Sophie and Agatha’s story could be continued in the form of a sequel.


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