See Season 3 Review – A mediocre end to this underwhelming post-apocalyptic world

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The AppleTV’s See is always a bit of a mystery. On one hand, it’s a beautiful world with an intriguing premise filled with characters that offer a good amount of depth.

But, See also comes with quite a bit of baggage. An unlikable antagonist who has passed the sell-by date as well as a weak narrative, and some incredibly logical reasoning that prevents this from being a more compelling post-apocalyptic story. The show is certainly enjoyable, however, as the third season shows, it’s not without its flaws.

The show is billed as”the “final season” by Apple, Jason Momoa returns to end these final eight episodes with a bang however, in reality, this season is just about hitting the very top of mediocrity.

The second season is focused on the story of Baba Voss trying to thwart his brother’s plans and sister, the third season is devoted to the bomb maker Torquemada. The General who is a warmongering leader organizes an uprising and decides to target Pennsa along with Baba Voss, intent on taking their cities to the floor before taking over. But, of course, this is not ideal, and the explosives create an extremely formidable foe.


The majority of this season’s focus is split on the same characters we’ve seen throughout the previous seasons, leaving Baba Voss off on his own in the wilderness after his departure from last season. He becomes more of an important player in mid-season and is largely a separate character from the main action.

The drama in PennsA is handled by Maghra who tries her best to handle the day-to-daily politics of the city while keeping everyone content. As you can see, Maghera isn’t doing a good job at doing it.

The majority of the tense drama is a result of Sibeth Kane who’s unfortunately still in the midst of things, linking back to the earlier mention of an overplayed antagonist after the date of their sale.

As the season progresses, she’s increasingly prominent in the plot to the point that the writers have a whole episode dedicated to her moving between locations. I’m not going to spoil the outcome of this episode, but I’ll declare that she’s an integral element of the finale.

The idea is that an ending could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful show, and in many ways, the ending exemplifies the worst and best aspects of See. There’s plenty of fantastic action and cinematography that is slick, however, there are some poor storytelling and huge leaps of logic that will leave you wondering what the hell happened to your brain.

I’ve mentioned this before, but See was a bit too quick in the first season in the introduction of sighted characters who are equipped with guns. In a world where everyone else uses simple weapons, it seems absurd that guns hadn’t been discussed since that time which completely undermines the sense of immersion that one gets in the world.

This is the case for season 3 too in which characters such as Haniwa get a place as background characters with nothing to do with an engaging arc, and their sight is used only in situations where the plot requires it.

It basically sums up See to a Tee. It’s a show with lots of potentials and a fascinating world, but it’s not able to fulfill this promise. In contrast, See the show ends not in a loud roar, but more than a whimper that is blind to A final hoorah that’s not as much of a celebration but more of an uninterested shrug.


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