Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me (2022) Movie Review – A deep dive into Selena Gomez’s mind

Deep dive into Selena’s mind

There is often more to know about the lives of famous stars than is visible to the naked eye. Selena Gomez went from being a child actor and an acclaimed singer to being just as vulnerable as us. Today her fans recognize Selena for her role as an actor, a performer, and a person who is vocal about various important causes related to mental health and the well-being of youngsters.

Gomez began her journey in the field of acting at the age of 10 years old when she was first featured on the children’s program, Barney and Friends. After seeing her life and the experiences of a lot of Nickelodeon and Disney young actors developed and how they grew up, it’s safe to claim that being a celebrity in the world of entertainment at an early age takes an impact on the mind of one’s.

In her time in the business, Selena has tried to mix her work as a musician and actress, and her private life, where she is battling multiple mental health problems like Lupus and Bipolar Disorder. There has been a lot said about Selena’s private life and most notably, her turbulent public relations with singer Justin Bieber.

The most recent Apple TV+ document “Selena Gomez My Mind and Me’ attempts to break away from romantic relationships and seeks to shed some light on the complicated relationship Selena has with her brain and the way she struggles to be a person on some days. The documentary will premiere in 2016, following Selena’s final official breakup with Bieber after an ongoing relationship that lasted for a number of years.

After facing numerous difficulties in her private and professional life Selena is struggling with added problems of self-esteem, where she believes she’s not enough. Selena breaks down, which is bound to lead viewers down an emotional spiral. Selena continues to follow through with her schedule for professional work with their 2015 Revival Tour only to abruptly stop the tour due to the strain it caused to the singer’s mental health.

“My Mind and Me’ progresses to explore the many challenges Selena has had to face over the years that relate to anxiety and depression prior to when her auto-immune disease known as Lupus flared up. The disease ultimately rendered some of her kidneys ineffective which led to the procedure of a kidney transplant. The singer reveals her story of how she was recognized as having Bipolar Disorder which led to her life’s downward spiral.

The documentary doesn’t explore all of her low points but tries to highlight the way she battled through adversity and transformed into the person she is today. From trying to remember her childhood memories of visiting her neighbors at her school, as well as her peers, and how she was treated by her dad, who was a frequent absentee parent, but who has improved his relationship with her through the decades.

The film’s runtime is 90 minutes, the movie depicts the arduous journey Selena has taken to embrace her mental health problems and come up with a plan to manage these issues at the highest level of abilities. She focuses on her struggles and sheds light on the ways she’s working to improve her life.

Selena has changed her life following one of her worst depressive episodes which occurred in the year 2018 when she was admitted to rehabilitation to heal from the consequences of chemotherapy and her diagnosis of lupus. At the conclusion of the docu-film, we witness Selena make use of the platform and resources to shed the spotlight on mental health concerns among teenagers.

Selena concludes the film with a sense of gratitude for her situation by telling the audience, “I think I needed to go through this to get to where I am today, and then I’m going to continue to go through it. But, I’m truly satisfied.” It isn’t a pleasant film for those suffering from suicidal thinking and psychological health issues. Certain scenes of emotional stress can trigger a reaction so it is best to use discretion when watching. But, the film ends on a positive note that leaves Selena being in a far better place than she was when she began. This underscores the importance of dealing with mental health problems and thanks to Selena for revealing that she was vulnerable to people when she changed her life.


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