Shantaram Episode 4 Preview:

Shantaram Episode 4

Shantaram is inspired by the epic novel of Gregory David Roberts and is quite an exciting adventure. If you’re not familiar with the plot revolves around an addict to heroin who is imprisoned for a robbery. She escapes from prison and re-invents as a medical doctor in the streets of Bombay. This will also give him connections to the criminal underworld, and eventually, Afghanistan and the Afghan capital, where our protagonist, Lin, partners with the mob boss who is locked in a fight with his own.

If you’ve been watching this series over the last few weeks, you’re probably interested to know what time the next episode will be scheduled to air. So, don’t worry about it!

This is all you must be aware of concerning Shantaram Episode 4, including the date of release, time, and the best place to watch this.

Where can I watch Shantaram?

Shantaram is streaming through AppleTV+. This is an exclusive show, which means that this is the only channel you’ll be able to watch the show.

Shantaram Season 4 Episode Release Date

Shantaram Episode 4 will release on Friday, October 21st around 12:00 am (ET)/(PT) as well as 5 a.m. (GMT). It’s dependent on the speed at which Apple uploads new episodes. It’s likely to be close to the release time but.

Shantaram Episode 4 is also available with subtitles after its debut the episode is set to run for 55 minutes and is entitled “Bad Medicine.”

How many episodes will Shantaram Season 1 Include?

Season 1 of Shantaram is set to run for 12 episodes, which means there are eight more episodes following this one. The story is expected to continue to blend the past and the present in this captivating series.

Does There Exist A Trailer for Shantaram Season 1?

Yes! A trailer of Shantaram Season 1 is below:


The whole episode has been covered in a comprehensive review that covers the major plot elements and provides an associated review. It’s available below:


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