Shantaram – Season 1 Episode 4 “Bad Medicine” Recap & Review

Bad Medicine

In an instant flashback, we learn how Dale ended up in the situation of being in prison. Despite the fact that the police did not have any evidence against him to convict the defendant, he decided to plead guilty before the judge.

His mother seemed to be proud of him, and it is enough for Dale. At the moment, Lin is appreciative of his new lifestyle. Lin believes that he’s been given a second chance to get things back on track which is why Sagarwada is the best location to make that happen. Rujul’s body has been found, and Abdullah Khaderbhai’s right-hand man is able to pay off the police to make it appear like an armed theft. Rafiq the right-hand henchman of Walidbhai follows instructions and enters the chambers of Deputy Minister Pandey to offer him the money he was planning to pay Rujul and demands that he respect their agreement.

Sonam, an elderly lady living in the slums visits Lin with an issue. The wound is getting worse, but she refuses to let Lin take a look. Parvati as well as Prabhu are called in to assist and Lin offers a diagnosis that if they don’t bring her into a medical facility in the near future she’ll die.

Karla is aware of the plans for Walidbhai in person when she is invited to meet Pandey to eat lunch. Pandey warns them not to go. Lin decides to visit Hospital with Sonam determined to receive the drug. The doctor at the government hospital wants money to visit her, which Lin does not want. When the situation gets intense, they are forced to quit the hospital and Lin must find a new method to get through this black market.

Sebastian is adamant about Lisa remaining with him, in spite of her restraining his requests. They return to Lisa’s residence and when Lisa holds a sachet of cocaine once more, Sebastian does not resist all that much. This causes Lisa upset and she says”If Sebastian is looking to stand an opportunity, he should be more dependable for her as well as learn how to tell her “no”.

Lin finds out about Rujul’s passing and then goes to his travel gig together with Prabhu to make quick cash. Khaderbhai affirms his love for Karla and assures her that he will never let her down and will defend her from all threats to her. Lin is able to send a message via Ramesh to schedule an appointment with Khaderbhai.

Even though he accepts helping Lin, however, he tells Abdullah that Lin is required to be patient for him to feel more thankful for Khaderbhai’s generosity. Lisa gets a chance to meet in the company of Karla at Reynaldo’s restaurant and is resentful of moving out of her house. It doesn’t appear that the two of them will reach an agreement on a peaceful basis anytime very soon. She is bribed by Prabhu to drive the woman to Lin. In the slums, she finds out the reason Dale is taking all this action.

He’s still scared of being uncovered by authorities, but his conscience is not allowing him to escape. She advises him to take care of Khaderbhai and to take care of himself. She is concerned about him, and they are in a loving moment.

In the evening, Ravi brings a bombil fish to Lin as a gesture of apology. It’s actually an unhealthy fish that could upset Lin’s stomach. And that is exactly what happens. Abdullah brings Lin into the Kaala Topis, a gang of savage thieves and smugglers. Abdullah says they are the best, and their boss, Ruby, tests Lin by inviting Lin to tea from the very same cup she used to test her.

After Lin is cleared, Ruby names her price for the drugs. It’s expensive and she’s not in the desire to be charitable towards those who have ostracized her group. However, he does have enough funds to buy the necessary antibiotics and IVs for Sonam.

As he heads back, Abdullah is attacked by Rafiq and his men. He is easily defeated and is almost cut when Dale intervenes. He saves Abdullah’s life but is not able to take down Rafiq either.

This is a surprise to Abdullah who informs Lin that he was born in Iran and was looking for an individual to emulate. Khaderbhai is that man, and Abdullah affirms his belief that Lin and his fate are a result of destiny. This is beyond their control. Lin is not reporting Ravi to Qasim and he does everything he can do to win his trust and not allow the hate to rise.

Lin offers Sonam the treatment, and it appears like she’ll be fine. Lin’s kindness and good deeds are in the service of the people. Abdullah describes the day’s activities to Khaderbhai. He affirms the following: Lin really is an honorable gentleman of honor. He directs Abdullah to procure Lin all the medications needed to continue to treat the residents of the community. Lin is indeed an integral element of his plan.

The Episode Review

The adventures of Dale Conti (or “Linbaba”) are always more fascinating to follow with each new episode. The creators of Shantaram are deciding to pacify the story with no rush and in a way that allows each character to be well-developed and to have a sense of significance to the story.

Episode 4 addressed each of them and highlighted their shifting dynamics in relation to the plot and the dark plot that is unfolding in the midst of imminent battles between gangs.

Dale’s heart-shaped grin is something to behold. Here is an upright moral character who is always looking out for people above him. This is likely to be the reason that drives people to follow the same path as him, too.

Karla and her husband are growing closer, and it could just be the perfect moment to let her open up. In episode 4, we also saw the Kaala Topis in a very brutal manner. It seems like they’ll play a significant role to play in the coming episodes.

Dale is unknowingly an integral part of the action and now it’s up to be seen how he’ll be integrated.


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