Shantaram – Season 1 Episode 6 ” Dead Man Walking” Recap & Review

Dead Man Walking

We learn the story behind Lin’s escape from prison in the opening sequence of Shantaram episode 6. Lin declined the chance to answer questions from the detective who was questioning him about Officer Flores’ death.

Instead, the detective requests that a prisoner bring Lin beers. This makes Lin believe that Lin is a rat. Lin would have died if he had stayed.

Lin takes Prabhu with him to Reynaldo’s for a meeting with Kavita. He apologizes for his previous behavior and attempts to explain why Kavita does not want to cover him with paper. Prabhu also plays his part and says Lin doesn’t want to glorify Sagarwada’s people. Kavita wisely states that “this city strikes at poverty, not the poor”, but maintains the appearance of believing them. Kavita is trying to keep Lin in Mumbai while she investigates more. Lin takes his photos and declares his desire to leave Bombay.

Prabhu attempts to persuade Lin, but he tells him he can’t risk it. Sebastian informs Lisa that Maurizio receives all his heroin from Zhou. Khaderbhai doesn’t know anything about it and they will all be in danger if he finds out. Abdullah locates Gaurav, Minster Pandey’s driver, and makes him reveal Pandey’s schedule. Khader orders him to find dirt on Pandey in order to blackmail Pandey. Nandita talks to Prabhu about bringing Parvati back to the house. They want her back, even though she is in the clinic the whole time. Prabhu promises that if Prabhu brings Parvati back, they will give their blessings to marry her. But he declines. Parvati is grateful for his support and declares her desire to marry him.

Lisa tells Karla about Zhou, and she promises to take care of her. Raheem, who Maurizio is dealing in, asks Lisa to have a sleepover before she signs off on the deal. Sebastian and Maurizio agree to the deal, despite their reluctance. Lin asks Diedre for a passport, but he refuses to reveal it to Karla. After she is upset, he agrees to meet with her for lunch the next day. Later that night Diedre is brutally attacked by police after she was arrested for homosexual acts. Lin doesn’t know this and he once more goes to the tourist business with Prabhu in order to pay for his passport. He receives a call from Diedre, and Vikram is with him to bring him back.

Lin and Vikram use Diedre’s money to pay the large bribe. They manage to take Diedre into custody after much ridicule. However, a constable spots Lin at the station and recalls Lin kicking him in episode 2. Lin is required to pay the money he earned after selling his bike but is now safe. It turns out that Abdullah was once a lover of Karla and she cared for him.

This was before she became a criminal and avoided such activities. She speaks about Zhou and Maurizio but asks Abdullah to not reveal the information to Khader. Lin nursed Diedre that night and promised to make the passport within a few days.

Lisa is shocked to learn of Raheem’s request and Sebastian and Maurizio’s acquiescence. She then demands 10% of the profits. Prabhu with Parvati go to a movie hall, and they enjoy the film. Parvati becomes unconscious in the middle of the movie and Prabhu takes her back to Sagarwada. Prabhu is worried that Lin is not with Diedre. Nishant, who somehow managed to get the Interpol/CBI involved in this case, also suggests that Lin is facing difficult times.

Episode Review

Episode 6 confirms the idea that nice guys always come last. Lin is being punished for his Karma, even though he did a lot of good and selfless work. He is being punished by his Karma for not bringing Charlie Flores, the murderer of Officer Flores to justice. He is now facing a new threat. He is only marginally close to being caught. Kavita is determined for her big break, and Nishant is also helping her.

Modena’s treatment of Lisa was indeed a setback. He deceived himself for a time into believing he was more than a pimp. He had to surrender to Maurizio, and let the woman he loved to sleep with another man. These shocks keep Shantaram’s story interesting, no matter how scattered it might appear on the surface.


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