Shantaram – Season 1 Episode 7 “Apo Vai Pranah” Recap & Review

Apo Vai Pranah

Parvati along with other members of the group begins to get sick in the middle of episode 7. There’s panic everywhere as Prabhu and Lin reach Qasim’s home. He says it’s an attack of Cholera which Lin had also concluded.

Qasim assures Lin that they’ve had to deal with this previously and will not do it again. He assigns different chores to all members of the community. This will require an effort by all of us to bring the disease to its lowest. Lin assures Prabhu that he won’t leave before he has treated the patients and made sure deaths are not too severe. Pandey and Sunita enjoy a holiday in Lonavla. A man in a bearded wig and glasses watches Pandey and Sunita from a distance.

Sunita wants Pandey to make her secretary and denies his plans to relocate to Canada. Since he’s taken money from Walidbhai the man will never be able to quit India. Everybody in Sagarwada is playing their part. They’ve faced the cholera epidemic before and are following everything according to the plan to ensure that those sick will be cured quickly. This is all new to Lin who is watching with great awe. Lin also discovers the meaning behind the word “jugaad” and the significance of jugaad, a practice that Indians are known for using to solve issues. It’s an easy fix for something, but it is not the most reliable long-term solution.

Lisa is angry with Sebastian regarding the incident she had with Raheem and he’s apologizing. Lisa sees the issue in the plan to move on but it’s unlikely that she’ll remain with Modena. The man who is following Pandey was Khader, and the man he was following said his findings that Sunita is a low-caste sexy whore. She was seen in the brothel in the city.

This can be a major distraction for everyone. They have to come up with an approach to keep her safe under their supervision for the use of Pandey. Madame Zhou appears to be a wise option and Karla willfully accepts. Zhou hopes that Khader will murder her, however, she is able to pay off her debts when she accepts to keep Sunita. Zhou suggests they purchase 3 girls or more from another place to eliminate any suspicion. Khader is in agreement and takes Karla along to follow the whole operation through.

Sagarwada is a place of mourning when Lins experiences Jitu dying. The fact that his neighbor is being killed like this while they sit by and watch helplessly is not a good thing for Lins. He has a night out and goes to Khaderbhai. He seeks his assistance. This is the time that Khaderbhai employs the expression “apo vai pranaah” which is a cult among Indian people with a long-standing tradition of not shooing anyone away who comes to their door asking for water. However, Khader clarifies that he will inform Lin that he must explain to his people the source of the water coming from Khader even though Qasim might not agree with the idea. Lin accepts the conditions. Lisa professionally performs her duties and is sleeping with Raheem in the hotel while Sebastian sits in awe down the hall.

Karla and Zhou are alone while Padma is on Zhou’s behalf to find the girls. Zhou informs Karla that she’s conscious of Khader. When he told her about not being aware of Karla she believed his claims. She herself is not a trustworthy person. What is he keeping from her? In the morning Khader delivers bottles of water with a clean taste to the inhabitants of Sagarwada which cements his Godly position with them. They chant his name. Khader utters an admonition that “they should repay him at the time it is appropriate”. This is the true act of a politician, and Qasim remains in the room, helpless. He is apathetically looking to Lin but Lin enjoys the thought that he will be able to leave without guilt, regardless of the fact that he has hurt Qasim’s pride.

Prabhu is also grateful to Line for not listening to him and saying goodbye to him. He’s happy Parvati is now in good health and also outside their home is entertaining the children by telling the story of the film he watched yesterday. Nandita is calling Parvati inside, and she gets up and sings the song that was the title track of the film.

The Episode Review

Lin finally acts to help the people, despite Qasim’s approval. His swift jaugaaddid help save a lot of lives, but has the community who are awaiting their fate been enslaved to Khader? When the time arrives, will they be able to see that they let Khader be the monster?

It’s only true when you think of Khader as the villain. Khader’s balancing act is saying that he is not at the moment. It’s a thin distinction between good and evil on the moral scale and Khader seems to be crossing it quite often. We’ve all waited eagerly for Lin to take a step that was against the rules in order to be a good person. Episode 6 brought that to fact.

This episode was a chance for Shubham Saraf, who plays Prabhu in the show, to show off his talent. He definitely did not disappoint, and we must give credit to the creators for bringing out the love tale of their characters. It’s a positive thing that we can all enjoy in the gloomy realm of Bombay. Karla and Lisa have made huge progress in their careers and the show appears to be getting ready to be exciting. Keep an eye out for it appears that the Shantaram train is going full speed ahead!


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