Shantaram – Season 1 Episode 8 “Like in the Time of Cholera” Recap & Review

As in the time of Cholera

Episode 8 of Shantaram begins with a flashback to the past, where we discover how Dale first met Gemma. He was at a protest at the university in which the protest was taking place as an undergraduate Philosophy undergraduate student. Gemma was addicted to drugs, and when the protest turned chaotic, Dale and she took shelter in the ambulance. That’s the reason Dale became addicted to heroin addiction.

He recalls the conversation and the moment when Gemma left him after they were caught and sent to prison for 15 years. in jail. He also confides to her that he committed the robbery on her behalf, but she wished him a “final farewell”. Today, Lin has in fact contracted cholera. Lin isn’t aware of the cause yet, but Karla is taking care of him.

Sunita attempts to run but is unsuccessful. Zhou is putting her under more security. Karla informs Lin of the story of Ahmed. Ahmed was a close friend of his, and Zhou was able to get someone to throw acid at Christina, his girlfriend’s face. The situation got hot and he ended up being murdered in the name of revenge. Lin acknowledges his affection for Karla and it appears that she is also in love with him. However, her decision to keep in the dark about her feelings leads her to tell Lin to get out of Bombay the earliest Lin as able to.

Prabhu finally receives Nandiat’s permission to go to court Parvati and is thrilled. In the early morning, Lin awakes and is seen leaving his home to greet him for the very first time in the past three days. Prabhu welcomes him and gives Lin that he is doing well to which Lin responds that Lin “needs to have a bowel movement”. The entire town is thrilled to be able to see Lin recovering however, there is a problem with Ravi who was able to hear Lin admitting that he was the one who started the fire that killed Lakshmi. Ravi says this to Prabhu who is shocked but tells Ravi about Lin being present at the time of the fire’s start.

If I veer away from the point, how irritating it is each day that Lin is blamed for all the things that obviously aren’t his fault? Absolutely, is the solution. Does he need to clarify why his character is always at the wrong time? This is such a weak character sincerity. In any case, Lin’s action in the episode’s finale will have repercussions. Rafiq arrives with his henchmen and bottles of water. He warns the people that there will be no more dealings with Khader. The henchmen begin to break the bottles and when the community protests they beat them.

Lin takes responsibility (again) for this, and attempts to rectify this “mistake”. Karla has a meeting with Sunita at her Palace and Zhou listens in on the conversation in secret. Karla would like Sunita to contact Pandey to visit the Palace and she’ll be able to leave and her debts will be considered to be paid. However, Sunita is determined in her refusal to accept the request and claims that her affection for Pandey is greater than all other things. She speaks to Karla about her own experience. Zhou was rescued from India by the KGB spy, and his adversaries were after her.

She was a victim of them, but she quickly was able to get her back. The only way to be able to survive was due to the hatred she felt toward the spy. “The only thing that is more powerful than the love you have for someone else is the hate that is absent once it’s gone” she states. To disintegrate Sunita, Karla must take the love away. Prabhu confronts Lin regarding the fire, and Lin comes to the truth. However, Prabhu helps him to see things we can see that all of Lin”s actions aren’t negative to the events that have occurred. Lin is in part responsible for it, but not solely accountable for the circumstances as they occur.

Modena gets ridiculed in the face by Raheem as well as his group when he arrives to get the cash. Modena is seen talking in a low-key manner regarding Lisa and Modena must vent his anger towards Lisa. Maurizio suggests they make the remaining drugs available at a reduced price and then make a run for it and them. If they don’t, Zhou and Khader will be able to slap their necks. Then they start. Lin visits Khaderbhai after examining the appeal of Qasim. Khader informs him of his plans to purchase Sagarwada and Lin feels deceived. But he knows that Khader isn’t a thief at heart, and instead brings his place at Qasim.

From now on the future, he won’t be a middleman and work directly with Qasim directly. Khader talks about the plans he has for Qasim and is upfront about the destruction of their houses. He also says he will aid the community to get out of their situation and live a better life. Qasim appears to be in agreement however we don’t have an answer that is clear. To take on Rafiq’s henchmen Qasim takes on a route the following day, along with Abdullah as well as other Sagarwada individuals and manages to push Rafiq back. The day and the water is theirs to enjoy and they celebrate by celebrating.

Abdulah saw Ravit trying to punch Lin but he stopped him from harming him further. Abdullah is willing to be taking Ravi as a Soldier, however, the soldier must be trained and educated more. Lin is content with making the right choice but is aware that he must be able to run, as we observed in the episode that Nishant has taken bags full of Red Notices of Interpol and handed them to Kavita to check whether Lin had committed a horrific offense or not.

The Episode Review

One of Lin’s greatest assets is actually his greatest flaw. It’s a problem while watching these episodes. The lack of communication between the people around him can lead viewers to believe in something different. He is always able to put the blame to blame everything on himself, even though there was nothing wrong.

This aside, episode 8 was all about highlighting the unification and unity among the citizens of Sagarwada fighting an illness that, by law, should be dealt with in the hands of the authorities. The most striking thing is that they don’t blame the system for failing. Instead, they accept the realities of their circumstances and trust each other to help them out of their situation.

In the final episode, the creators highlighted the inherent problem in Indian society where narcissist deciders and administrators shun responsibility. Another major change was Khaderbhai’s and Qasim’s relationship being improved which could lead to the former taking control of the company.

It was smart in the manner he explained to Qasim to make sure that the only option they have is to choose “who” will buy the property rather than “if” it’s going to be sold. Madame Zhou’s backstory definitely makes her character appear on the more positive part of our judgment line. Her character was portrayed as an antagonist, and her brief scene with Karla portrays her in a fresh way.

For Lin However the road ahead seems to be extremely difficult. Because he doesn’t believe in killing or violence the only option Kavita and Nishant stop is through their own initiative. or by a Khaderbhai. However, the latter scenario is highly unlikely, as Lin is keeping his secrets secure.


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