The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 2 “One Angry Lisa” Recap & Review

One Angry Lisa

Episode 2 in The Simpsons Season 34 starts with Marge looking at a bizarre advertisement for an exercise bike together with Homer. Marge is asked by Homer whether she could take one home as her birthday is very soon. Although she is hesitant, Homer goes to a shop to purchase a bike for his wife. And the bike is purchased in installments. The bike is difficult to put together, Homer gets stuck on the pieces. As he sleeps, Marge assembles the bike and starts her exercise program.

Lisa discovers two legal notices in the mail and becomes nervous about going to jail. In the meantime, Homer and Marge are each going insane. Marge loves her teacher, Jesse. In addition, Homer is worried about losing Marge to Jesse. Homer visits Moe’s Tavern where he learns that there are men just similar to him who are experiencing similar issues with Jesse.

Marge gets caught up in Jesse’s sales strategies and signs up for an exclusive ride with only two of Jesse and Homer. Homer comes home and apologizes to Marge only to discover Marge on the exercise bike along with Jesse. He decides to not apologize and instead returns home to Moe’s Tavern with the intent of bringing Jesse down.

Lisa is on jury duty. In a court hearing, she states that she thinks the judge is responsible for criminal negligence and playing Wordle when she is on duty. In a rage, the judge requests an officer to remove Lisa away.

Homer appears at Jesse’s house, during his ride with Marge. After seeing Homer being assaulted, Marge decides to save Homer. She hops on Lisa’s bicycle and takes off in style to the site of the fight. They defeated Jesse and return to their home on Lisa’s bicycle, singing Just the Two of Us.

Episode Review Episode Review

This one was an enjoyable experience. Homer and the fam astonish us with their performances during the program. While the story may appear old-fashioned, it has been done flawlessly.

There’s a little bit of everything here: fun emotion, humor, humor, and a satisfying conclusion. This is a huge leap from the first and we’re looking up to the coming episodes.


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