The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 5 “Not It” Recap & Review

This isn’t it?

27 years ago the town of Kingfield is terrorized by the frightful Krusto the clown who has been kidnapping and killing children. When Barney disappears and a teenager named Homer is determined to find the missing man. While returning from the place where he hung the posters Homer is held back by a group of bullies, who beat him. A group of youngsters, including Marge, are able to protect Homer from being beaten by bullies, and soon Homer begins to develop feelings for her.

Homer admits to having seen the clown. Marge and her friends confess that the clown haunted them as well. A group of friends decides to seek the person behind the mystery of Krusto who is a clown. At the library, Homer creates an amazing poem in honor of Marge but doesn’t present the poem to her. The group discovers that the clown was the host of various odd shows, but was hilarious in one of the shows. Marge also reveals that Krusto only visits once every 27 years and that when he is there, he feeds the children.

The clown is seen emerging from the TV screen and tries to devour Comic Book Guy, but Marge and Homer help him out and make him disappear. Comic Book Guy steals the note that Homer wrote to Marge. The kids get into another fight with Krusto however, they are able to fight against him. The group makes a deal that in the event that Krusto returns after 27 years, they’ll meet again and fight Kristo, regardless of the circumstances.

Marge smiles at Comic Book Guy when she is she discovers the stolen poem. She makes it clear that she would like to live the remaining years of her days with Comic Book Guy. Homer is clearly devastated.

Twenty-seven more years later to the present day, Krusto the clown is back, and he is chasing teens. Reports of teenagers being killed make it to Homer who immediately invites the members of the group to meet to complete the task. Everyone agrees, but Comic Book Guy, who’s married to Marge does not want to be part of the cause. In spite of Comic Book Guy’s objections, Marge leaves to join the cause to kill the clown.

When Marge engages in a conversation with her friends, Comic Book Guy shows up, along with his two children, Lisa and Bart, to pick her up. The clown snatches the children and then sends a threat to everyone. The group, led by Homer takes on the clown. Furious at Comic Book Guy, the clown informs Marge that it wasn’t Homer who created the poem. Marge discovers Homer’s hidden feelings for her.

When she sets out to save the clown’s dying crowd, Comic Book Guy hurls himself into the mouth of the clown for the sake of saving Marge. The audience is released then Krusto dies. Then, a short time later, Comic Book Guy dies of guilt and injury.

Two aliens aboard spaceships try to decide their next target for humanity following the discovery of the murder of a clown they have sent.

Episode Review Episode Review

It’s a great idea to piggyback off a successful film plot. But, do you really like it? Probably, not. The show is mostly drama and no enjoyment. In addition, at times it’s like something like a kid’s animation program. Although it’s entertaining, the show does not offer anything more than a once-in-a-lifetime viewing. There’s not any reason to watch an episode unless it’s a regular routine to watch the most recent episode.


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