Slumberland (2022) Netflix Movie Review – A fantastical journey through the land of dreams

A thrilling journey through the dreamland

Slumberland (2022)

Slumberland is loosely inspired by Winsor McCay’s cartoon strip, ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland which was first published nearly a century ago. However, while the original comic strip focused on a boy’s adventures through the world of dreams and his bond with a princess, the brand-new Netflix adaptation, directed by Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence has a female protagonist who is gender-swaps and focuses the story around themes that are the root of many real-life nightmares such as grief and death!

These themes have been discussed before in family films such as Bambi, The Lion King as well as Coco and so it’s not unusual to see significant subjects in films designed specifically for young children. In the story of this film, the young girl Nemo (wonderfully performed by Marlow Barkley) experiences grief over the death of her father (Kyle Chandler) who is killed at sea in the midst of a violent storm.

After the death of her father, Nemo is placed in a home at the house of her Uncle (Chris O’Dowd) who is an ad salesman at the door, but as he works to care for her, he is unable to assist Nemo to cope with the emotions of sadness she’s experiencing. This is due to the fact that Nemo has never had the privilege of being a father, and also due to the fact that he’s never handled his own feelings following his separation from his brother in the past.

Nemo wants to see her father once more the possibility of which seems impossible if it was not for the magical universe of Slumberland. It’s meant to be the world that everyone goes to when we fall asleep, however, Nemo realizes that it’s actually a space that is held together through BOSA. The Bureau of Subconscious Activities (BOSA) is an organization of agents that give us the visions we must live while ensuring that it’s a safe dream of.

After her first journey to Slumberland, Nemo meets a wild outlaw called Flip (Jason Momoa) who is a unique person with hair horns that appears to be linked to her deceased father. Flip promises to bring them back together but in order for the reunion to occur, Nemo learns that she must locate the magical pearls that can provide the chance to do so. However, the pearls are hidden in the dark depths that is the Sea of Nightmares therefore getting the pearls isn’t an easy task!

Flip Joins Nemo on her journey, which is more dangerous because they are required to travel into the dreams of other people. Flip advises Nemo to be aware that, if she passes away in the dream world it is impossible to go back to her normal life. Therefore, the stakes are extremely high as she travels through the fantasy worlds that sleepers experience.

The dream sequences consist of an adrenaline-inducing drive through a city made of glass as well as a high-flying ride riding on an unused backside of a gigantic duck, and a nightclub inside a grand ballroom that is populated by guests made of butterflies. The sequences are usually well-constructed and feature a blend of visual effects and realistic sets that bring the fantasy realms into reality. There are moments where it becomes apparent that the actors are performing against a green backdrop but young children, captivated by the world that Nemo explores, aren’t likely to be able to make the same conclusions as their parents.

Momoa is hilarious as the sly Flip and manages to give a credible and sympathetic performance despite the fantastical aspect of the character. Barkley is just as great as her younger counterpart and, due to her performance, one can assume that she’ll go on to pursue the film career she has always wanted.

The other cast members perform well in their roles as well The cast is exceptional, from O’Dowd as Nemo’s awkward uncle who is reserved as well as Weruche Opia (I Could Destroy You) who plays the part of Agent Green, a BOSA employee who has been pursuing Flip for decades, as Flip’s actions threaten to cause chaos in the world he’s somehow become part of.

The good special effects and superb performances are a great way to draw us into the fantasy universe of Slumberland and there’s a lot of entertainment to be had when we look on as Flip and Nemo journey from one fantasy and then the next. However, while the film can be fun and thrilling at times We are always reminded of the motivation for Nemo’s quest and it’s this theme that gives the film its emotional heart.

We know that this is much more than a simple rollercoaster ride through a lot of people’s fantasies. It’s the story of a grieving girl who yearns for her father who died in a devastating way. Her pain will be something that all of us can identify with and this is the reason we can relate to her pain, even though the world she is destined to experience is a world quite different from our reality.

The reason is that the film has some very heavy themes that make it not suitable for kids who are dealing with their own loss. Nemo gets the chance to see her father but kids who know that they won’t be able to do that may be unable to comprehend the fantasy of the story. This could be because movie parents are hesitant to approach. But this movie can be utilized by any parent who wants to discuss the topic of death with their children since it provides a number of helpful tips on letting go of grieving and moving forward.

Slumberland is a great film for adults and kids alike It is filled with scenes that cause a lot of laughter and even tears. This could be a great choice for families looking to enjoy an enjoyable fantasy film with a bit more depth than other films similar to it. The film isn’t perfect – the script is often exposition heavy however due to the captivating visuals and a compelling narrative, the minor issues in the film will not keep us awake in a time when we ought to be in fantasies of our own.


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