So Help Me Todd – Season 1 Episode 3

Second Second Chance

Todd attends a party with their classmates at the beginning of episode 3. So Help Me Todd episode 3. He is reunited with his old friend Bryan there. They are in a similar position in their lives, both with regard to their careers and professional development.

Bryan appears to bring up the current issue that involves some of those cases of violating the law. He is worried that he could be sent to jail, but Todd promises him that he will persuade his wife to do it for him. Todd’s emotional bond comes from the act of helping someone like him, who wants a way to come back onto his feet after making an error. Additionally, Todd was his favorite friend at school.

Margaret does not want to give an appearance. Margaret believes that people will never change and is able to recall Bryan who was a frequent teen who would sometimes get money out of her purse. While shopping, she comes into old friends. They inquire about Henry who, suddenly, has gone under the radar and isn’t being with their husbands at all. They casually repeat what Margaret has done to Todd when he spoke of Bryan. The incident prompts her to investigate the case, and then she proves her knowledge by negotiating an agreement with the prosecutor to avoid a prison sentence. The next night she witnesses Bryan’s arrest on TV for being a robber at the AAA Pawnshop. Bryan also mentions her as his attorney on national TV. Bryan claims innocence, but the evidence is overwhelming against him.

Margaret is dejected and has stated that she is not representing him since he’s guilty and there’s no way to do anything to help. Todd in his typical way takes the responsibility to resolve the issue and aid his friend. He makes Susan as if Margaret has arranged for his visit to the Pawn Shop. When he arrives the man pretends to be married and informs the shop owner that he’s looking to loan the engagement ring of Susan. Susan is a coward and the thieves get important information from the owner. There was no evidence of intrusion or forced entry. The power was off therefore the fact that the CCTV did not work could be a sign that it was an inside job. The security guard who he was with before Grady was dismissed on sour terms. In the court hearing, Bryan does not get bail for the previous infraction and is put under home arrest. Johnny is his uncle. is once more pleading with Margaret to stay on the matter as Danny his son is already preoccupied.

Todd visits Grady who informs him about a camera at the opposite shop, which could have captured something valuable. As Todd examines the footage, it reveals the shoes Johnny was wearing during the hearing. He reveals to Margaret the same thing, and Margaret was sympathetic to Johnny and also took the case. They park outside Bryan’s home, but they see police cars coming. Bryan broke his ankle band, then fled.

Danny’s game controller is Johnny’s name on the back and Margaret offers him a phone call. He is strippers in the evening to earn a living. He was there at the time of the robbery and cleared him of any suspicion. In a conversation, it was disclosed that Ray Bryan’s father was released last year, but Johnny did not inform him. He’s not a very good influence, his uncle claims. Ray has been a bank robber himself and stole cash from his position being an AC repairman. Margaret gets his address and then visits Ray the following day.

She sees a game console at his house, and she informs Todd she believes Bryan has been innocent. Later that day she brings Todd into the Pawnshop where she shows him a brand-new HVAC vent. Todd climbs on top to examine but says that an adult might not be able to pass through the tiny gap. Margaret also climbs up and spots a type of food item, which when tasted, confirms that it’s baby food. Danny is the person sent into the vent. Danny confirms Margaret’s claim and later, in the court, Bryan is absolved of the charges. Bryan vows to change his life and is grateful to the mother-son pair.

The to and from of Susan and Todd continues and suggests a romance in the near future. As said, Todd accompanies Margaret to the Symphony to express his gratitude. Margaret calls her acquaintances and tells them the truth, feeling confident about her new position.

The Episode Review

The comedy quotient has not increased. This could be an issue with the next episodes as the first season’s filming.

Despite its constant tone and a watchable, episodic setting, So Help Me Todd cannot be awe-inspiring emotionally. The drama element is completely gone. The issues Todd and Margaret were having during the pilot were eliminated as if they never existed. There is no longer any difference between the members of the family and it appears to be the perfect family again.

When this kind of thing occurs, the change is no longer significant. Episode 3 was similar to giving Todd the mirror of another person’s life, and then his personal intention to clean up their mess. The romantic tangent that is subtle between Susan and him Susan is somewhat distracting.

They do have a couple of interesting characters, such as Allison along with Chad and viewers are eager to see the other aspect of the story as well. As of now, there are no additional points for these dull and boring episodes.



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