So Help Me Todd – Season 1 Episode 4 “Corduroy Briefs” Recap & Review

Corduroy Briefs

Todd backed Margaret’s car against an obstacle at the beginning of the fourth episode of So Help Me Todd episode 4. Todd’s car is damaged. So, Todd and Margaret take the bus. But the angry mother asks her son to borrow Allison’s vehicle.

The person in this case the defendant is Shawn Phillips. He’s seeking the damages of Northbrook Aerospace for a crash in which he was involved for the past 10 years. In the accident, Shawn lost his leg but was able to recover from the Paralympics. Northbrook has filed an appeal to dismiss the case and the mother and son duo has to do some research to ensure Shawn doesn’t lose the case, and Northbrook is liable for the cost.

Gus Eastern, a familiar name for Margaret is the spokesperson for Margaret Northbrook. In evidence, he files a report to the federal authorities in charge of the investigation that relieves the company of any responsibility. Margaret is able to convince the judge to allow the company time to review the discovery and the report, and she gets two days in exchange for the same.

The information that’s provided is not very detailed and it’s not going to be much of an aid. Todd finds some strange things in a fitness report written by the Northbrook mechanic. It appears they’ve modified the report, and Todd is asked to look into it further.

In a disguise pretending to be an FAA agent Todd takes a look at Konnor Preston. After some quarreling between the two, confesses that he’s not the first person to be working for the company. Tyesha Johnson was the one who initially wrote the report, but was later dismissed from the position. Margaret and he tracked them down inside a local shop located in Hillsborough.

Tyesha says to them that Northbrook planes are able to fly in extremely frigid conditions, where temperatures are below zero. They spot a man with a beard who is watching them speak about Tyesha and she swiftly turns away. They snap photos of their number plate of his and learn the name of Nathan Shaw, a guy who is employed by Newgen PR Services.

They receive a message of distress from Tyesha at work and ask them to go to her home. When they arrive at the location they see Nathan flipping the house upside down, then escaping in the car but there’s no trace of Tyesha. Todd has taken possession of an odd-looking newspaper puzzle off the wall of the kitchen. Outside, they see Allison’s car splattered by a lawnmower that raked it over the entire car.

In the middle of the road, Todd asks Margaret to place a tracker on Nathan’s car, while Nathan is distracted by Nathan. They manage to get away from it and then head to the home of her boyfriend. Even though they’ve broken up they are told by they’ve been pestering Tyesha for several months.

He presents them with a box that has a code in the name of the person it’s addressed to. She’s a lover of puzzles and the two attempt to figure out what she wrote. Todd’s tracker is alerted and he follows Nathan’s conversation with Dirk the CEO of Northbrook. He snaps a few photos, however, Margaret’s phone call alters the plan. In the resulting chaos, Nathan smashes one of the windows in the car.

Allison gets upset, and demands the couple help her. Allison also explains that the work she performs for her family is under-appreciated. Margaret has a successful agreement with Gus and Gus arrives with Dirk in the office. Todd is able to hear Dirk’s assistant in the office and asks the manager to carry on the production of the defective equipment. Shawn gets a million dollars, but Margaret is advised by Todd.

He is advised not to accept the settlement, and instead, take off the company to prevent additional planes that being defective in the air. After Todd examines the problem, he discovers that the answers are not correct. They determine that it’s in fact coded to indicate something. It’s a link to an account on Google Drive. Google Drive account.

Tyesha has gathered lots of evidence that could be useful in the investigation. Todd informs Tyesha via text that they have all the evidence and she’s safe now. She gives evidence against Northbrook which prompts Gus to agree to a more favorable settlement in which Shawn receives nearly twelve times more than that he initially received. Tyesha and Shawn begin to strike it off too. Margaret promises to get more involved in Allisson, and she says that she’ll be hosting dinners from time to time.

The Episode Review

What a pathetic version of how a client-attorney relationship works. Every legal show that did so well for themselves prior to “So Help Me Todd” and Suits Suits and the Good Wife demonstrated that lawyers are not above morality. There is an ethical code that exists. However, the only obligation they are accountable to is their customer. They also have their own pockets.

They wouldn’t advise anyone to avoid an irrevocable settlement of $1 million. Instead, request the trial which could drag on for several years. Particularly when they’re nearing bankruptcy. The way it operates is that when an attorney receives sensitive information as Todd does, they can leverage the information to boost their earnings. However, the show Help Me Todd is set in a land of sitcoms, in which realism isn’t an issue.

Despite the settlement that was negotiated in the future, it’s not the way to go. The seriousness displayed in the initial two episodes on the dramatic aspect that the drama has completely gone out of the frame.

The show has been left without any layers. The only element of dynamic is humor, and that’s insufficient to make viewers in the show’s episodes. Unfortunately, ABC has a dampener on its hands.



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