Somebody Feed Phil Season 6 Review – Cheers to another food adventure that slaps!

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If you’re a lover of food and travel, then you’ve probably heard about the incredible Somebody Feed Phil which is currently in the sixth episode of its season. This Netflix show is praised as a result of Phil Rosenthal who was an executive producer on the popular comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond. We will travel with him in his quest to discover new cuisines and different cultures around the globe.

This season we will begin with Philadelphia the city where his wife’s home is. He takes his viewers to Reading Terminal Market which he says has the most delicious food you could ever come across. This could be true since, from the food that he make at the market, everything seemed delicious. He also has a meeting with a Nigerian cook, Shola Olunloyo, who invites him over to his home to host a barbecue in the backyard. He also made acquaintances during his Philadelphia excursion and enjoys the food at the top dining establishments in town.

The next food adventure will see our funny dude travel to Croatia to experience a tense encounter with a couple of sea urchins. In Austin, Phil experiences the deliciousness of barbecued meals. Americans enjoy a barbecue or so the head from a popular travel show said to Phil. In the show, Phil explores barbecues at various restaurants while making new acquaintances and old acquaintances.

Santiago was our fourth stop where we are taught the rules of the Chilean sandwich tradition. It is said that you shouldn’t take a sandwich home, regardless of how big it is. Everyone ought to have their own and consume it using a knife and fork. I think it’s the case that you learn something new when you travel and at this point in the program, the food was delicious for a moment Phil thought about changing his plans to Chile!

The final destination is Nashville where Phil discovers that he lacks a sense of the rhythm of the dance. In addition, the show features a finale episode that is an emotional tribute to Phil’s parents, who were a part of the show at various times.

It’s easy to understand the place where Phil has his relaxed personality and his genuine love for food and life. Reminiscing with them and sharing their childhood memories with their families is not just charming but also hilarious. The episode is lighthearted and touches the heart and reminds us of the importance of strong family relations.

The thing I like most about this show is that Phil is hilarious and this brings a distinct charm to the series. He is able to crack an impression and then make it a reality. He’s the type of person who makes friends quickly. Throughout the show, he connects with the locals of the area he is visiting. He’s curious and eager to explore and feels enthusiasm and excitement as the show takes him to new restaurants and cultures.

The show is still able to maintain its structure. In each episode, the host invites a guest to have a laugh while the host relates to them what he’s been doing. It’s impossible not to be enthralled by it since the jokes are funny and it helps the show retain its casual style.

It’s certainly gratifying to witness Phil’s love of food and his appreciation of the power of an easy meal. Every episode is a sense of family when he shares a deliciously tasty meal with others. While they eat and drink as they talk about their lives and let us see the food as more than food for us to nourish ourselves. As Phil previously stated that certain dishes can be soul-nourishing and he’s right. These meals are full of background and tell the tale of the past, while also offering optimism for the future.

The only thing I can suggest is not to go to this show if you’re hungry or you’ll not make it through it! The constant display of mouthwatering food items from around the globe will sate your appetite. The show is an absolute foodie’s delight and it’s hard not to enjoy watching Phil burst into ecstasy when He savors the food completely without a tidbit of control.

There’s plenty to be awed by in this show. Phil is an incredible host with a charming personality and the show continues to get more and better. What’s not to love about amazing food and incredible travel experiences?


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