Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review


Mind Games

Episode 2 from Somebody starts with Yun-o delivering his presentation at work regarding the silo project. He works for an architectural company called TSC. The work environment isn’t quite as enjoyable as he would wish it was, mainly because his boss isn’t supportive of his ideas for a new project.

At night He has a conversation with a woman whom he found via an online dating site. The connection is over their love of fireworks. Their conversation is so successful that they eventually make video calls. They work within the same industry. She was also in attendance at his presentation earlier in the day.

They have a meeting for a few drinks later that night. In the course of their rendezvous, the woman keeps getting calls from her ex-lover, and it turns out that they are in the same industry. She was also in attendance at the presentation earlier that day.

While they are drinking Na-eun, the woman talks about her anger with her ex-lover, who is also her boss. She also shares with her boss what she heard about his presentation, and he had nothing nice to say. Being criticized for his work can be a tyrannical blow to Yun-o’s self-esteem. Na-eun is wanted, and Yun-o takes advantage of this to grab her cell phone and then invites her boss into the office. Once he’s there the gang severely punishes him.

The next morning, Kim Sum texts him on the app, asking to know if he’s working. He doesn’t reply, leaving Kim Sum feeling somewhat depressed.

Another lady, who is a cop Yeong Gi-eun joins the app and starts chatting with a male on the online dating site. They get along due to the fact that both have wheelchairs, and set up plans to meet on the weekend.

Another lady, Mok-won, makes connections in the bar to a lady however they have only just a couple of drinks.

On the weekend, Gi-eun is getting ready to go out with the person she had a chat with via the online dating site. She travels to the place she chose for her date and is in a quiet area, but she doesn’t really think about it. Mok-won’s friend tries to call her on the phone but is unable to reach her. This causes Mok-won to be worried since it’s not typical for Yeong Gi-eun to not respond or answer her phone.

In the next scene, Yun-o searches through the phones of his victims. He is found to be in a wheelchair. The phone also belongs to Yeong G-un’s phone. He takes her phone when Mok-won phone calls Yeong Gi-eun. He tells her that he took the phone to the restaurant. He asks her to leave the phone in the restaurant and then sends her the location, before calling back quickly. Unaffected, he continues replying to users of the Dating app.

In the final moments of the episode, Gi-eun slithers down the hill from where she was waiting to meet her online friend. She is bruised but determined to bring back the man who injured her.

The Episode Review

It’s quite disturbing the way that Yun-o effortlessly goes about his life, killing people with no guilt. He appears to have mastered the art of being inaccessible and yet friendly to those he communicates with on the internet.

Surprisingly, he did not kill Yeong Gi-eun. Was it because he was aware that she was a police officer or was a close associate of Kim Sum? This could also be because of the fun of playing with and playing against the police!

He also didn’t reply in any way to Kim Sum when she texted him. Do you think this is a scheme to lure her deeper into his dangerous and sadistic web? Is he worried that she could discover what he is doing?



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