Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Don’t underestimate the power of the player.

The third episode of Somebody begins with a flashback of the events that occurred during Yeong Gi-sun’s first date. She arrives at the location they chose for their date only to discover Yun-o sitting in a chair in an unfilled pool. She soon learns that it was a lie that he claimed to be disabled and gets up from his chair. Yeong Gi-eun becomes nervous and attempts to make an escape, however, Yun-o calms her and says he was just interested in her.

Yeong Gi-eun is calm and she let him carry her, and they pretend they are swimming. Yeong Gi-eun is the first to make the gesture to kiss him. And they engage in consensual sexual intimate sex. In the aftermath of the kiss, the actor lets her in the forest, deserted, and brings her phone and wheelchair along with him. The result is that c has to climb up the hill until she can get to her car.

When she is in her car, she tries to drive, but it’s difficult for her, without assistance from her chair. The car hits the bottom of the hill and becomes stuck. The car is stuck, and she has no choice but to climb onto the main road. There she receives help from taxis that drop her off at Mok-won’s home.

Mok-won asks Yeong Gi-eun about the incident that happened to her, however, she is unable to divulge the details. Mok-won’s phone is used to contact her cell phone, and a woman from a different area picks up. She claims that someone left her phone in a restaurant and she asks Yeong Gi-eun to retrieve it in a couple of days when she’s about to leave for a vacation.

Mok-won’s mobile phone is also used to look up her ex-boyfriend’s profile through The Somebody dating app, but it’s been removed. Mok-won wants her to go to the station and inform the station about the incident however she says no because she’s embarrassed by what she experienced. Mok-won requests her to call Kim Sum.

Kim Sum is still despondent about not getting a reply from Yun-o. She is doing her job pretending to appear to be a normal human being. She decides to use the Somebody app to meet an acquaintance. She is interested in a profile that bears the name of Asperger but gets disoriented by the constant calls she is unable to ignore from Mok-won. When Mok-won finally texts her, she explains that she is a close friend of Yeong Gi-eun. He invites her to visit her home.

Kim Sum visits her immediately and talks to Yeong Gi-eun who wants to assist her to locate a user who is on Somebody dating site. Kim Sum denies this request initially, but Yeong Gi-eun says she almost died. Kim Sum says she can’t divulge any user’s personal information, therefore Yeong Gi-eun claims she’ll take care of it by herself. Before departing, Mok-won, who’s a Shaman, tells Kim Sum that she needs to talk to Yeong Gi-eun once more.

Kim Sum goes to visit Yeong Gi-sun’s home this time and is amazed by how the home has changed. Mok-won is also present at the event and tries to help the two old acquaintances. They eat together and have a meal together while Kim Sum asks her about her relationship and the incident. Kim Sum is more curious about the relationship she experienced with the stranger, and Yeong Gi-eun is eager to provide all the details, however, she denies everything.

Kim Sum is excited about meeting Yeong Gi-eun, and also meeting someone who has Asperger’s syndrome on the dating app. They send messages through the app, and she suggests lending him an ebook.

Mok-won arrives to pick up Yeong Gi-nun’s cell phone from the restaurant. She then attempts to find out more about the person who left his phone there. The owner of the restaurant isn’t open to providing any information. Mok-won comes up with a plan to discover more information and promises to go to the restaurant again. She also employs a man to watch for Yun-o who is in the restaurant.

The next night Yun-o goes to the restaurant, and the person who works for Mok-won informs her. He then sends her an image, but it’s not sufficient in clarity. Mok-won demands an improved photo, but he gets spotted by Yun-o, who chases him down the alley and takes him captive.

He picks up the man’s mobile and calls Mok-won to inform her that he’s been taken by the man. He then ridicules her, saying he’ll be her new watcher.

The Episode Review

Yeong Gi-eun is blessed to be alive after what Yun-o did to other victims. We don’t know the reason Yun-o didn’t murder her. Did he underestimate her desire to live and survive?

Yeong Gi-sun’s lying about her experiences with Yun-o Kim Sum was sad. She seems to think Kim Sum isn’t able to handle real-life situations. Perhaps she’s shielding Kim Sum from the horrific details because she believes that she is innocent.


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