Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Hell Has No Fury like a Woman Who Has Been Scorned

The fourth episode of Somebody begins with Yun-o responding to Kim Sum’s text 5 days later after Kim Sum had texted him through The Somebody dating application. He apologizes for his delay and invites her to dinner and a ride the next night. Also, she receives a call from Agape the person with the profile of an Asperger’s sufferer. He invites her to take the book she wants to lend him. They will meet next evening to swap the book.

She first meets Agape in a dark, secluded area of the road. He drags her into a building that is not finished and then tries to make her a victim of rape. She is able to fight the attacker and attempts to escape, but gets lost in the structure. He continues to chase her around the building before he finally catches her in the bathroom. She fights back and, in the battle, she employs the razor that Yun-o gifted her to cut off his throat.

She watches while he slows and struggles to breathe. His family members observe the way she treated their friend, and they flee. Evidently, they were thinking that she had invited them to the party. She informs the police and asks them to reschedule her meeting with Yun-o. She proposes to treat Yun-o to an evening meal instead.

A lawyer is hired by her client who assists in negotiating the case with the police. The traumatic incident brings back some unsettling childhood memories with her mother. She returns home to tell her first chatbox that she created when she was a teen about the incident. She admits she killed an individual and felt joyous about the experience.

The next day, she goes to work, and her colleagues are amazed. One of them suggests thinking about resting, however, she insists she has to stick to her routine. She is allowed to rest only whenever it is timed. They’re also amazed that she put sweets inside the box of happiness inside the office.

Jung is in her office and informs her that police have asked for access to the information of the user in connection with the killing of Agape. Jung does not want to reveal the details to the police. Jung offers the contact number of the true leader of Kim Sum, but she declines. She would like to track them on her own and Jung believes that this implies she is fine.

When Jung quits her job after work, she gets a call from Yun-o, asking her to discuss the plans for dinner. She apologizes and tells Yun-o that she hasn’t been comfortable. He calls her immediately through the app, and she informs him she’s searching for someone. He’s curious as to what she is searching for in the individuals. She says that she is planning to kill them since she is so disgusted with them. He informs her he’s willing to assist her and invites her to meet her right away. She says she’s busy but will be willing to try and change their appointment.

The call comes from Young Gi-Eun. She informs her that she’s located the information about the man who had left her dead in the middle of nowhere. She quickly goes to the home of Young Gi-Eun and asks Mok-won for help to her locate someone else as well. Mok-won explains to her that they came across Young Gi-Eun’s abuser through chance. They paid her for a view at the pool they were at on their date.

Young Gi-Eun is intrigued by the reason Kim Sum is interested in someone. Kim Sum tells them that she’s looking for the gang of males who enticed her and attempted to sexually assault her. They are stunned to learn that Kim Sum is unable to find the information of the user. Kim Sum explains that it was not accessible to her when she developed the app. They come up with a strategy on how to entice their adversaries and then kill them.

When they leave Kim Sum requests to speak to Mok-won about the work she does as the Shaman. She is interested in the process and would like Mok-won’s attention to see something in her. She would like Mok-won’s help to eliminate the “monster ” inside her. Mok-won says she can sense an evil spirit within her, and she asks her to take off the blade she’s carrying. Kim Sum refuses to part with her knife and walks away.

Then she receives a call from Yun-o, asking whether she has found who she had been searching for. He also gives them his phone number and requests that she call him. He calls her and appears to be worried about her because the case has been reported in the news. She informs her that she hasn’t been able to make any progress, and she asks to meet with him.

They have a meeting and she informs him about her experience. She tells him that she was terrified and is having difficulty getting to sleep at night. He suggests he leave, however, Kim Sum says he can talk to Kim Sum’s AI friend before he goes. The AI informs him of Kim Sum feeling euphoric after murdering someone and is also in a similar mood to sleep and kill individuals in conversation with Kim Sum. The AI deletes the information after typing, however, the machine is programmed to store every detail.

The following day, the police come to Yun-o’s office to inquire about Na-sun’s disappearance. He reveals that he had a meal with her prior to leaving to visit Professor Min and her boyfriend. The police go to Professor Min to inquire about him in addition. The police then return to question Yun-o on the Silo which Professor Min stated that he was lured and beaten. Yun-o reveals that he was in the Silo because he was curious and saw an earlobe of a human. The police believe Prof. Min has been deceiving himself and that Na-eun could be alive.

The Episode Review

Kim Sum’s blood-lust was rekindled when she cut the man’s throat, and then watched his body slowly bleed to death. She was thrilled and wants to recreate the moment over and over again. She must be aware that Yun-o is a danger since she informed the gang about how she planned to murder the other members of the group. I’m curious as to why she didn’t disclose the rest of her plans to him. Is she afraid that he’ll run away?

The cops in this show appear very clueless about several aspects. What is the reason they allow Kim Sum to keep the blade she used to murder the man she killed? Shouldn’t they’ve gathered it as the weapon used in the murder and sealed it up to preserve evidence?


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