Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Are you my Bonnie and Clyde?

Five episodes of Someone begins by having Kim Sum asking her AI friend about the conversation she had with Yun-o the night before. The AI informs Kim Sum about the things Yun-o had said about his desire to get to know her. Kim Sum is happy to discover his dark side.

She instantly texts him and tells him she would like to chat. She invites him to visit her house and he walks to her house immediately. She waits eagerly at the front door and they begin a bizarre play before they fall in the decision to fall in love. The next day Yun-o makes use of the AI to cook food in the presence of Kim Sum.

While Young Gi-Eun is there, she visits Somebody and requests to meet CEO Jung. She requests the chat history of her prior account, which Yun-o had deactivated. Jung promises to assist her with this issue, however, she warns that it could be a waste of time.

In Kim Sum’s home, She informs Yun-o of the function of the AI which keeps deleted messages. She asks him if has any idea of what her hobby is and she replies that she has all the information. He claims it will be enjoyable if they commit murder with each other and she accepts.

Young Gi-Eun meets hackers who assist in finding the person who owns the Wheel my account on Somebody. She’s hesitant when she is requested to pay for services using crypto coins, however, she’s desperate, and so agrees.

In the afternoon, after spending time in the company of Kim Sum, Yun-o leaves but he inquires the AI to explain why Kim Sum invited him to her home. The Ai says that she isn’t sure because there is the first time that this occurred. Yun-o suspects that it’s due to her desire for sex. She becomes angry when the AI is laughing at him. He degrades the AI and then leaves.

Then, Mok-won chooses to join the club where she was able to meet one of the ladies she liked prior. She is reunited with her and discovers that lady Yoon is waiting to meet her. She brings her to her home and explains her role as a shaman. Initially, Mok-won was scared that Yoon might not want to take on her position, but Yoon is extremely accepting.

The next day, Kim Sum wakes up to the shocking discovery of her AI friend’s destruction. Kim Sum decides not to work to fix the AI. She’s afraid when she examines the footage of Yuno’s destruction of the machine.

The hacker is sending Young Gi-Eun files that are linked to the Wheel my profile. She is shocked when she sees two videos showing him instructing the young boy on how to take down. The video shows that she is unable to discern his face however she attempts to utilize the surroundings to determine the identity of his coach.

On the contrary, Kim Sum is able to restore AI. She realizes that the last text that was entered was signed off by Agape. It appears that Yun-o was the one who planned the entire incident under Agape. Kim Sum figures it out but then decides to play the fool. She sends him a text message saying she’s missed him and asks him if he is the one to destroy AI. He acknowledges the mistake and apologizes and she requests to meet him and she video calls him and tells her his address. He was near and she walks out to greet him. When he goes away Kim Sum takes all her blades and sharp objects from her home and makes her way to Mok-won’s home.

Mok-won wants her to describe what she would like to accomplish by using knives. She states that she is afraid that she could kill someone she has just met, and who looks similar to her. Mok-won is willing to create the talisman, however, Kim Sum asks for something more powerful. Mok-won suggests a ritual.

Young Gi-Eun has another issue in her investigation and requests the hacker discovers the identity of the boy to who Yun-o was speaking. She gathers the details of the kid and contacts him via Somebody.

The show ends with Yun-o giving the woman a cellphone on her birthday, and requesting her to download Someone else. Then he begins to choke her.

The Episode Review

As was expected, Yun-o lied to Kim Sum the moment he was given the chance. He clearly has issues with anger and has huge self-esteem. He didn’t take down the AI because it was aware of certain of his secrets. the reason he destroyed it was because it laughed at him.

We don’t know whose legs were hanging off the iron contained in the earlier episode. Was it Na-eun, or another victim who was killed by Yun-o?

It’s doubtful that the alliance with Yun-o will work out well. Kim Sum is already scared she could kill him, and that speaks volumes about her attitude. She is furious about the things he did to her AI friend and is certain that he’s Agape or in some way involved in the incident that occurred to her. It’s only time to see her emotions explode.


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