Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 6

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The episode begins by having Yun-o chatting with the child he mentors, but soon discovers that Young Gi-Eun has taken over the account of the boy. The incident is intriguing to him, and he is able to laugh at the twist of things.

He doesn’t reply to her messages until the following day. He claims he didn’t leave her alone with the intention of leaving her behind. Young Gi-Eun is determined to play an opportunist to draw the girl in and they arrange an appointment for the following day. Yun-o insists that he would like to apologize in person and gives her a contact number. She tries to find more details from a police acquaintance, but he’s not willing to provide details regarding the incidents involving using the Somebody app.

In another area, Mok-won plans to assist Kim Sum even though it could be dangerous for her. She plans to perform some sort of exorcism for Kim Sum. She demands Kim Sum call Yun-o once she has reached the top. Kim Sum calls him at exactly the right time and he answers the phone. Mok-won has a revelation, and she is able to tell that Young Gi-Eun’s safety is in danger.

Young Gi-Eun chooses to travel to the place of meeting on her own. Yun-o has given her an address to the restaurant that was once in use knowing that the place is about to be removed. He claims to be late, but he’s actually creating a scenario for her to be injured in the process of demolition. He secures all access points, which makes it difficult for her to leave the building during the ongoing demolition.

The wheelchair becomes stuck and she must crawl to figure her way out. Yun-o teases her while she suffers, and is willing to answer some questions she’s interested in. She inquires about why he left her, and he informs her that she’s not worth it since he doesn’t care for her. He brings her wheelchair along with him and requests that they not see her again. He leaves her in the wheelchair, in a state of struggle to get out.

Kim Sum calls Jung and requests a favor to locate Young Gi-Eun’s location since she’s not answering her mobile. Jung examines Young Gi-Eun’s mobile data on the app and then shares her last known address along with Kim Sum. Kim Sum and Mok-won go toward Euljiro and attempt to locate Young Gi-Eun. While they hunt for Young Gi-Eun Sum asks Mok-won questions about the exorcism.

Mok-won informs her that the General told her that Yun is the same person who injured Young Gi-Eun. Kim Sum is not happy to learn this, and she leaps up to defend Yun-o. She asks her friend Mok-won to keep an eye on her remarks. They continue their search and discover her lying in a pile of debris. Kim Sum doesn’t understand what transpired to Young Gi-Eun. Kim Sum is furious at her for going there to meet an individual.

On the other hand, the KCSI found the remains of a woman, likely Na-eun decaying inside the silo.

The episode concludes by reliving the moment Yun-o murdered the owner of the eatery. The woman helped him get new phones to trap women. She dumps her body in the vicinity of the spot where he abandoned Young Gi-Eun.

The Episode Review

Young Gi-Eun made a disastrous error in going to meet Yun-o by herself. She should have brought her cop companion or Kim Sum or Mok-won. She was aware that Yun-o was dangerous, but she underestimated Yun-o.

Kim Sum is in denial since she is aware that Yun-o has the capability to commit murder. She is convinced that Mok-won is correct in his assessment of his relationship with Young Gi-Eun. Perhaps the truth is too overwhelming for her to digest, but once she’s faced with the irrefutable evidence which one will she pick to defend?



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