Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

When you have Friends Like You, Who Needs To Have Enemies?

Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 7

Episode 7 of the show begins with Mok-won Kim Sum and Young Gi-Eun returning home from the horrific incidents that took place during the episode. Mok-won informs the girls that she’s had enough and she’s in need of a drink to let her mind clear of the trauma. She suggests they go clubbing.

They go to a bar and Young Gi-Eun appears to enjoy herself and is happy to have survived yet again. She then calls her police friend to inform her of the body that was found in Euljiro and requests her to look into the matter.

She also talks her story to both Mok-won Kim Sum about how she felt as she crawled to get out of the space. She recounts the discussion she had with Yun-o about abandonment and wondering if Yun-o might have problems with her mommy. She hopes to make use of his mommy’s problems to lure Yun-o, however, Kim Sum is not sure how to go about it. Mok-won suggests that they make an occult talisman that will assist them in getting Yun-o. Kim Sum says she needs more time to consider the plans.

Young Gi-Eun’s friend from the police force goes to Euljiro and comes across an unidentified body belonging to the restaurant’s proprietor. The autopsy report of the body of the victim states it was strangled, and her spine was completely fractured. There was no evidence found on the scene and the police aren’t aware to date about who was responsible for the murder.

In the meantime, Mok- won calls Young Gi-Eun to inform her about her revelation regarding Kim Sum’s lover. She tells her she believes that he’s the same person who hurt her, and warns her about the fact that he’s a danger to her.

The next day Mok-won arrives at Kim Sum’s workplace and confronts Kim Sum about her feelings, and the denial she has about her boyfriend. Kim Sum says she can show that her boyfriend has no issues with mommy, and she calls Yun-o. He is astonished by the fact that she called him early and asks him about his mother. He relates his relationship with his mom and informs her that Jung was contacting him. She requested that he renovate the building. He tells her she will be visiting her office soon.

Mok-won inquires about what she was thinking of doing while she could conduct an identity check on Yun-o herself. Mok-won tells her not to risk her life to protect Yun-o. However, Kim Sum tells her she will do whatever she’d like. Mok-won goes to her office and grabs the blade of Kim Sum.

On the other side, Jung observes the conversations that are happening via the app with Yun-o and Kim Sum. She decides to take action to stop it because it’s getting too annoying for her.

In the evening, Kim Sum calls Mok-won and invites Young Gi-Eun and Mok-won to her office the following morning to see Yun-o. Mok-won considers it an excellent idea and states that she’ll be there to meet the man and put aside her interest. The next day Yun-o arrives at the office to meet with Jung. The meeting goes smoothly and Yun-o asks to meet Kim Sum. Jung is requesting to speak with Kim Sum privately prior to taking Kim Sum to her office.

At her workplace, Jung is confronted by Yun-o regarding his actions using The Somebody app. She assures her that she will keep him safe and allow him to participate in his activities outside of school on the website. The only thing he needs to do is end the relationship with Kim Sum. She also says she will not reveal to Kim Sum his real identity, but he informs her the truth that Kim Sum is aware of his identity. The incident is what leaves Jung in shock and it is revealed to her how she misjudged Yun-o.

Yun-o inquires Jung what she’s doing to protect Kim Sum and she tells him that should anything bad occur to her, the dating app would cease to exist. Yun-o says that it is better since Kim Sum would be free. Jung informs him that it could be challenging since the app is everything to Kim Sum. Jung does not believe the claim that Kim Sum knows Yun-o’s real identity.

As per the plan, Mok-won will wait on the roof of the building to meet Yun-o, to confirm what she has suspected. She receives a call from Kim Sum that they will be leaving the building together, so she sets out to capture photographs. But, Kim Sum leaves the building with a man who is different. Mok-won e-mails the photos to Young Gi-Eun, and she confirms that it isn’t the person who did her harm. It is Kim Sum and Yun-o’s plan to remove her friends from their backs.

In flashbacks, we learn what Yun-o did to the man who was hired by Mok-won to serve as a guard for the Euljiro restaurant. Yun-o kept him locked in the house and threatened to murder him if he tried to leave. When he’s in-home begins investigating and comes across the phones that Yun-o was using to access the dating application.

And in another place, Kim Sum visits her father who is in jail. He is in jail for murder after killing the man. She inquires if he’s managed to forget about the man he shot. Her father tells her there is no way he could possibly forget.

There’s another flashback to the year the time that Yun-o’s first downloaded the Somebody application. He has his first date when she asks to join him in a hotel room. The woman invites an additional person to their meeting and informs the man not to be worried about the cameras on the CCTV. The woman states she would like to invite a man and Yun-o accepts, and she invites another person via the app.

Prior to the arrival of the second guy, after the second guy arrives, he slumbers with the woman, and she requests him to take her down. The choke escapes his hand, and she is killed by accident. The second person arrives a few minutes after she’s dead, and Yun-o also chokes him.

The Episode Review

There was plenty to unravel in this episode, and it is now apparent it is clear that Kim Sum will protect Yun-o over her other friends. Kim Sum purposely misled Mok-won and Young Gi-Eun. That implies that she is aware that Yun-o was the one who caused harm to Young Gi-Eun. There’s no reason to go out with a man who isn’t Yun’s.

Mok-won’s insight is impressive, but not enough to face the evils that include Kim Sum and Yun-o. It’s surprising that she didn’t check on the person she had hired to be a watchman even though she knew the man was in danger.

Kim Sum’s father’s being imprisoned for killing a person is ironic because it was he who believed Kim Sum is a monster. Kim Sum probably visited him as she wants to understand what it was as if she killed someone for him. She’s wondering if they had the same experience, and if he’s remorseful or if he felt the experience euphoric.


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