Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

If You Live By Your Sword…

Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 8

The episode begins by having Kim Sum visiting Young Gi-Eun at her house. Young Gi-Eun is familiar with Kim Sum very well and informs her that she realized that the man in the photo Mok-won has sent her isn’t her boyfriend.

Kim Sum and Young Gi-Eun discuss the man who hurt her. Young Gi-Eun states that she is determined to catch him. She requests Kim Sum not to interfere in her plans to find him.

On the app, Yun-o connects with a woman who is new to her and they begin messaging. She claims that they’ve been in contact before and shared drinks. The video from the account calls him, and he takes the phone call. The call is odd and he continues to receive calls from strangers who are constantly mocking him. They keep repeating the same statements made by some of the women he killed.

Additionally, she receives an inquiry from the man she hired to search out for Yun at the restaurant. He asks why the restaurant hired him to track down Yun-o, and he informs her that he witnessed Yun-o shoot the owner of the restaurant. He tells Mok-won that he will never ever contact him again.

After the call, Yuno meets with Mok-won and asks her why she’s seeking him out. He claims that he should have killed Young Gi-Eun. He claims the fact that Kim Sum excites him as she’s different from Young Gi-Eun. He informs Mok-won that Kim Sum is the perfect person for him since she’s different to the majority of people who make him sick. He warns Mok-won to not become a victim of his ill-will and smashed the god of her temple before he leaves.

Mok-won meets Young Gi-Eun and collects all the phone numbers she has gathered during her investigation on Yun-o. She informs her that they’re getting short of time and that they must get in touch with Kim Sum. They call Kim Sum and discuss the options for the future.

Mok-won informs them that he has visited her home and is aware that they’re friends. She’s certain that she knows where to locate Young Gi-Eun as well. She requests Kim Sum to help them by sharing details she has about Yun-o. Kim Sum refused to give the information about Yun-o and even tells them that she gave Yun-o the knife. Young Gi-Eun and Mok-won are dissatisfied with her and leave her home.

In the evening Young Gi-Eun receives a visit from a mysterious person who is leaving the same lollipop Yun-o had given her.

The next day, Yuno kills the man who Mok-won had who was hired to work as a lookout and then runs into his body. He grabs his phone and disables his Somebody profile, before creating a new profile using the phone of man.

He phoned Kim Sum and shows her the plans he has made for both of them. He has apparently purchased a home that they can stay in and is interested in knowing what type of space she prefers. Jung along with an admin is also tuning the conversation. They appear to be trying to catch Yun-o. The administrator then inquires Kim Sum if she likes Yun-o. Kim Sum says she is very fond of him.

Young Gi-Eun is enticed to seek the assistance of the hacker once more to locate Yun-o by using the dating application. She makes her way to the office and informs the officers who are working on the case. She also exposes the evidence she’s collected.

The police issued an arrest warrant and search Yun-o’s office. They discover a number of phones hidden in the office drawers and ask to know why he has such a large number of phones.

On the contrary, Yun-o is receiving messages from women he’s met through the application. Jung’s plan is to make use of the images and messages of the women he’s killed to force him into an unforgiving corner. He becomes angry and throws out the phones he was carrying. He visits Kim Sum’s home as a video chatter and calls Kim Sum from the outside.

He informs her that he has killed people with the application she created. He tells him that the only thing he would like to do is been able to meet her sooner. Kim Sum tells him that it’s still not too late for him to begin with her and invites him to her home. They sit for a while before the man leaves, Kim Sum invites them to go to their home and have a few hours of time with each other.

Kim Sum spends the next few days trying to discover her feelings for Yun-o. Kim Sum calls Young Gi-Eun and informs her that she plans to meet Yun-o. However, she is unable to reveal the exact venue of their meeting. She informs Young Gi-Eun that Yun-o is very important to her and that he is very special. She states that she’s not concerned about Yun-o harming her.

Before she leaves to meet Yun-o Kim Sum drops by Mok-won’s home and retrieves the blade Yun’o gave her. Kim Sum also asks Mok-won to verify Yun-o’s fortune and leaves a note.

Young Gi-Eun contacts the tracker to locate Kim Sum and Yun-o but there is something wrong because Kim Sum knows they will track her phone. She deliberately leaves the phone in a taxi. Young Gi-Eun, along with the police are taken on a long hunt for rabbits.

How Do You End Someone’s Life?

Yun-o receives a text message from an account with the username Isle. It’s believed to belong to Kim Sum’s account. He informs Sum in the video chat that he’ll wait for her at their house even if she’s tardy. He assures her that he is in love with her, but as they chat, a man wearing a hood enters the home. The person proceeds to cut the bridge of their nose and cut his throat.

It is revealed it is Kim Sum is the person who killed the man. Then, she has Mok-won come and get her picked up and take her to work. She lives her life as if nothing was happening, however, she is sad.

The Episode Review

Yun-o didn’t know that the person he believed in ended to be his downfall. In some ways, the story concludes in poetic justice, with a twist that we didn’t anticipate. The primary message here appears to be that If your life is ruled by swords you will die with the sword!


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