Speak No Evil (2022) Ending Explained – What happens to Agnes?

Speak No Evil Plot Synopsis

When you next go traveling, be cautious before you accept an invitation to visit the house of any new friends you meet. It’s something Bjorn and Louise ought to have done as the Danish couple who are at the center of Christian Tafdrup’s upcoming horror film. As they quickly regret their decision to take an entire weekend to the Dutch family that they met on their stay in Tuscany.

Spoiler warning: Stop reading this now in case you haven’t watched the film!

When they return back home Bjorn, Louise, and their daughter Agnes embark on an eight-hour journey across the Netherlands to visit their new best friends Patrick, Karin, and their son Abel. After arriving, they have fun with each other, however, Bjorn and their family begin to be uncomfortable as their hosts start acting in ways that aren’t in the best interests of the family.

As Bjorn discovers the reason why he and his family were asked to Patrick and Karin’s house The weekend takes an extremely dark direction.

Why do Patrick and Karin have to invite Bjorn and the rest of his family to their home? And what does their plan have to relate to Agnes?

What are the ways Patrick and Karin help to make Bjorn and the rest of his household uneasy?
The two families got along quite well when they first met in Tuscany however when Bjorn, Louise, and Agnes arrive at Patrick and Karin’s home to spend what’s expected to be a relaxing weekend, they begin to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Why? The hosts are unaware that Louise is vegetarian. and when Patrick starts to question Louise about her eating habits, tensions start to develop between them.

Then, Patrick and Karin invite Bjorn and Louise to an evening out in the bar and the pair depart Agnes and Abel to their own devices with the babysitter Muhajid. Since Bjorn and Louise thought that the kids will be coming along They aren’t thrilled they didn’t get to inform their parents about the babysitter.

After an evening of dancing, Patrick and Karin become very intimate when they dance and it freaks Bjorn and Louise to death. While driving back home, Patrick plays loud music in the car and continues to play music regardless of whether Louise has requested that he lower the volume.

The kind of things that can make anyone feel uncomfortable, however, they’re not really that unique. But, things take a strange turn after Patrick and Karin have Agnes in their beds. They do this, presumably because Louise is unable to answer Agnes’s cry in the evening however when Louise arrives in their room to get her daughter back, she finds that Patrick is not wearing a shirt and that causes her to feel extremely uncomfortable.

In the end, Bjorn and Louise decide to go home, but after confronting their host about how they’ve behaved they are persuaded to stay for another day.

Does the weekend improve?

But it’s evident to Bjorn and Louise they know that there’s something wrong within the family when they notice Abel moaning throughout the night. In one instance, Abel opens his mouth to talk to Bjorn but there’s no sound. According to Patrick Abel, the boy is unable to speak due to a congenitally small tongue.

It’s obvious that the child has a lot of issues and the reason for his discontent is Patrick who acts aggressively toward Patrick. Bjorn confronts Patrick to confront him about this, but his host doesn’t like his challenge.

On the last night of their stay, Bjorn investigates a cabin that is located behind Patrick’s home and Bjorn discovers an attic room that is filled with photos of couples on vacation with their children. It’s a bit odd, however, what’s even odder is that a few images show Patrick and Karin sitting with their children, whom they’ve obviously taken from the other families who are featured in the photos.

Convinced that his family could be next to suffer, Bjorn decides to make his escape along with Louise and Agnes. But before he can get the two into his vehicle, he discovers an astonishing discovery: the dead body is floating face-down in a pool of Patrick’s!

Do Bjorn and his family escape?

Bjorn takes his family in the car but doesn’t discuss his findings with them. Shortly after leaving the car becomes stuck in the ditch and Bjorn abandons Louise and Agnes to themselves while he seeks assistance.

As Bjorn returns to his vehicle, the family are been gone. Patrick arrives in his vehicle together with Karin, Louise, and Agnes inside. We find out that Patrick had informed Louise that Bjorn was calling him for assistance, but this is obviously a lie.

When Bjorn is able to get into Patrick’s vehicle He remains quiet to ensure that he doesn’t endanger his family. However, when Louise is suspicious of Patrick’s motives, the night turns somber.

What happens to Bjorn and the members of his household?

During the drive, Patrick becomes violent during the drive and is able to beat Bjorn to submission. After he has stopped the car, Mujahid arrives on the scene and the once-friendly babysitter presses Louise down as Karin cuts her tongue off. She is pulled from the car and flung out of the car by Mujahid and is then taken away by Mujahid.

Bjorn and Louise Bjorn and Louise are transported to a quarry where they are required to take off their clothing. Bjorn questions Patrick what he’s forcing them to do. “Because you’ve allowed me to” is Patrick’s response. This is a connection to the indifferent behavior that Bjorn displays throughout the entire film in instances where he could react more aggressively to Patrick’s actions of aggression. In this way, Patrick suggests that Bjorn’s inaction was the reason for his fall.

Bjorn and Louise Bjorn and Louise are placed in the ditch and while they lay close to each other, they’re beaten to death with the help of Patrick and Karin and Karin, who happen to be above them.

What happens to Agnes?

Agnes becomes the latest mute child to be a part of a “happy family” with Patrick and Karin. Similar to Abel and the other kidnapped youngsters before them, she also had her tongue removed to prevent her from speaking about the shady behavior that her fake parents had been guilty of.

When the film is over, we discover that she’s the latest child to be used as bait, while her captors hunt another family for their vile murders and abduction.


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