Spy X Family – Episode 15 “A New Family Member

The New Family Member

Episode 15 from Spy x Family starts where we left off from the previous episode. Loid is fighting a bomb dog of Keith. The bomb dog is bitten by Loid’s arm. However, Loid is able to throw the bombs that are strapped to him into the water. Keith is aware that the dog has bit Loid’s arms and explodes the bomb. Keith is aware that the explosive ended up in the river after the explosion.

Loid throws the canine on the ground before placing it in a trash bin. He apologizes for his brutal force. Keith turns to Loid at the same time, realizing that the Foreign Minister isn’t Brantz. Keith leaves the scene.

In the meantime, Yor is looking for Anya and sees Keith leaving the scene. She swoops up into his car and kicks him hard which causes Keith to collide with the light pole nearby.

Your contact the police to notify them that she’s taken care of the terrorist. After contacting the police, Yor continues to search for Anya as Keith is in his car in a state of injury. Loid returns to Handler and her men at the nearby shop.

Handler says that the Eastern government is trying to erase all evidence of the incident in order to block the media from covering the incident. For the dogs that remain Handler orders her staff to keep them in the store and then report their whereabouts to the top management at WISE.

Loid is able to leave the meeting but is greeted by Anya, Yor, and the white dog. He’s confused that they weren’t present at the adoption ceremony. Yor tells the incident to Loid as well Loid apologizes for staying at the toilet for such a long period of time. Anya informs Loid that the dog was her protector as well, and Loid thinks the dog was among the test subjects for Project Apple.

Handler shows up and advises the group that she’s a member of the State Security Police and plans to remove the white dog from their hands. She also asks the police to keep quiet regarding the entire incident. Anya has a temper tantrum to force Handler to leave her job to rescue the white dog. She threatens to not be able to go back to class.

Handler accepts Anya’s demands and permits The Forger family members to take the boy. Handler whispers to Loid that If Anya behaves badly, then Operation Strix won’t go swimmingly. It’s best to abide by Anya’s requests as she tells Loid to be on guard for the white dog. Handler is kneeling down, to inform Anya that all the canines will be given proper attention.

When Handler goes off, she informs Loid that Anya is a fantastic kid, and she reminds her of her former daughter who she used to have. The handler tells that the Forgers that they’ll look after the white dog through the night, to examine it for any illnesses, and then take them a report when they return in the morning. The Forger family returns back to the house, as Loid is having a stomachache that’s real this time.

The following day The next day, the Forger family waits for the arrival of the white dog. On TV, the news report states that the police are looking into the bizarre accidents in traffic that took place earlier in the day. One of Handler’s workers brings the white dog into the Forgers. The Forgers will welcome the dog to their house. Loid suggests they give the dog a proper name that will make the dog remember the harsh treatment he endured by Keith along with his duo of men.

Anya is quick to embrace the white dog to help her. The dog barks and wags his tail, indicating that he’s thrilled being with Forgers. The newscaster on the TV reports Brantz’s summit has been a success. The next morning, Anya asks Loid if she’ll be able to get Stella Stars for helping them to stop the criminals.

Loid says she will not since agents need to keep the whole thing secret to prevent from East as well as the West from getting at one another’s necks. He advises her to not talk about the issue with anyone. This is arousing Anya to strive to complete her friend’s Friendship Scheme involving Damian and her becoming friends.

In school, Beck is greeted by Anya in class. Anya says to Becky she has a dog, which prompts Becky to ask her a lot of questions about the matter. Anya departs. Anya meets Damian as well as his buddies and tells him she’s got her own dog. Damian isn’t pleased, which causes Anya to beg in defeat. Damian’s buddies scold him for his behavior, however, Damian demands of Anya what the name of the dog is. Anya isn’t able to respond and this leads to Damian and his companions left.

In the lunch room, Anya asks Becky for some advice on how to name an animal. She suggests that he be named after peanuts but Becky rejects her suggestion. Beck tells Anya that she must allow her parents to choose the name of her pet. Anya is home when the white dog snarls around and kisses her.

The two go to the dog park in order to get fresh air. While they’re there, Anya asks Lord to allow her to walk the dog however, he tells the dog that she’s just not prepared for it at this point. He states that Anya and her dog have to be able to understand more before they can go out on their own.

Loid proposes to name the dog after something simple for him to comprehend for them to speak. He suggests that you give him a name that contains vowels because dogs have trouble recalling words that contain consonants. Lord says it’s much simpler to name him after they’ve learned more about his character.

As Anya and her white dog play at the park, she strolls about, asking pet owners around for suggestions on naming their animals. Loid thinks about what’s to come following Operation Strix is complete. He says he’ll keep an eye on them periodically however he is certain that he won’t require them after the task is completed.

He informs Anya it’s time for her to go and she discovers that her most loved gloves are missing. While the Forgers search for their gloves, the white dog realizes that the dog of a woman has found the gloves. Anya is determined to get them back but the woman’s dog isn’t willing to allow them to go. It’s the white dog’s intimidating appearance to convince the dog next to it to let go of the gloves. The dog’s owner is furious with those Forgers to stop them from scaring their dog and then walks away.

Anya is quick to get over to the white dog and grabs her glove. She is reminded of an incident from her favorite cartoon Bondman. Anya informs the white dog that he resemblance to Bondman, which leads to her giving Bond an alias: Bond. In the house, Anya ties a bow tie around Bond’s neck.

Anya takes a bite of Bond and then decides to have one bite of his dog’s food. She is disgusted however, it is somewhat tasty. Anya is the one to take Bond to the bathroom and tells him that he has to use the toilet there since doing it in a different location would cause Yor angry.

After Bond is done with his work, Anya and he decides to go to the movies with Bondman. Loid is furious with Anya for not being committed to her study. He tells her she should get ready to bathe. A while passes and Loid is furious that Anya has been spending too long watching Bondman together with Bond.

Loid leaves the bathroom and Yor invites him to stay close to her. The episode closes with Yor as well as Loid watching Anya lay in bed with her newly acquired pet Bond.

The Episode Review

Spy X Family continues to be a great source of humor and action. This episode was an excellent continuation of the previous episode, where we finally got over the terrible case involving Keith and his gang of goons. Everyone had a chance to shine and we also finally got the name of Anya’s new pet.

While it’s wonderful to have a name for the pet Anya The episode stretched the story out for longer than I imagined. Although Anya’s struggle dealing with this challenge was hilarious they could have cut certain parts. Much of this episode’s humor seemed a bit repetitious and repetitive since I’d prefer the Bond name-calling scene more quickly. In addition to this extended running gag, there’s plenty to love about the show.

It was thrilling to see Yor use her strength to prevent Keith from running away from the scene. The first season proved that she wasn’t a softy and causing this much damage to Keith’s vehicle was not a stretch. As she returns to her grumpy mother figure following the incident, that fleeting physical scene makes me hopeful that the next season will reveal her character’s assassin lifestyle more.

In the meantime, we were given a little information about its past of Handler. Her character has always intrigued me. The fact that she’s in the same position as Loid is making me wonder about other secrets she’s hiding from her and WISE. Regarding Lord who was the star, he gave an outstanding performance from the beginning until the end and I love watching him behave like a respectful father model to Anya. I’m sure he’ll build the perfect connection to his fake clan as we approach the next stage of his plan.

Overall, this episode provided the fun and goodness that we’ve come accustomed to from this show. We’re hoping that the next episode will provide Yor the spotlight he deserves.



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