Spy X Family – Episode 17 Recap & Review

You can follow the Griffin Plan / Fullmetal Lady

Episode 17 of Spy X Family begins with Anya and Becky going to school while discussing an episode from Berlint on Love. Becky discovers Anya is undeveloped because she likes watching cartoons more than romance dramas. Becky and Anya encounter Damian and his companions while Anya recounts a flashback of her first encounter with Damian and his friends.

Anya has another weapon she’s looking to use on Damian by taking a family photograph featuring Bond as the subject. The hope is that it will persuade Damian to let her go to his home to fight a dog. Anya willfully throws her family photos on the ground but it doesn’t attract Damian’s attention. Damian is engaged in a discussion about their class’s test with his fellow students. Becky takes Anya’s picture and is amazed by how beautiful Loid is.

Becky harasses Anya with a series of questions regarding Loid But Anya promises her that she’s married her mother. Becky assures her that she’ll keep the picture, but Anya would like it back since she’s required to present Damian his dog. The group arrives at Master Rodin’s art and craft classes. But, Henderson announces he’ll be today’s teacher because Rodin’s sick. He assigns students to create 3D animal models out of the materials provided.

All participants will be divided into small groups and given very little material. Damian’s friends are excited but Damian feels the project is childish. But, Damian overhears some classmates discussing the fact that important people are going to be scrutinizing their work. They are concerned that this could impact their grades, which could cause Damian to take the project more seriously. Henderson informs the group that Damian as well as Anya will be part of the same group.

Ally is happy, and Damian’s unhappy. Anya is begging Becky to take a photo of her family back However, Becky isn’t willing to oblige. Henderson begins the contest. Anya will create an awesome-looking Bond model to show to Damian. Henderson is seen walking around the campus to observe the students. In the process of thinking, Henderson says he’ll judge the students on their ability to cooperate and creativity, as well as willingness to learn and enthusiasm.

Henderson is seen walking toward Becky to ask her about what she’s working on. Becky gives him her Loid action model. She designed a combat suit attachment to add a bit of flair to her figure. Henderson’s stunned. Even though her style is beautiful but he explains to her that they are talking about animals, which means she has to start from scratch. But, Becky argues that humans are technically animals. After a sudden awareness, Henderson takes back what she said.

Following Henderson is gone, Becky destroys her design since she believes calling Loid an animal would be unprofessional. Anya takes her bond statue to Damian and tells him that the title is Bond. Damian inquires if she’s interested in naming objects, causing Anya to feel a bit down. Damian informs the other friend of his that he’s creating an eagle that is reminiscent of the crest of his family. Damian warns the other students that they’ll require a lot of paper and uses their materials only sparingly.

Damian has a feeling that his family will take a look at their work, so it is important not to be a disappointment to them. If Damian can make his creature look stunning, he will be able to make his Dad proud. Anya comes up with plans to assist Damian to build a griffin so that Damian can impress Desmond. Damian is convinced by Desmond to request Anya to take her parents along. Anya provides an item of paper to Damian however, he advises her to finish her assignment.

Anya says to Damian she’s looking to help Damian in his quest. Damian finds himself captivated by the beauty of Anya and agrees to allow her to assist him. Becky is looking at them and is convinced that Anya is hot for Damian. Henderson is aware of the fact that Anya and Damian intend to create sculptures together. Anya gives Damian parts of a jet engine for the griffin, which angers Damian. He asks her to create standard legs but advises her to create feathers instead.

Anya is adamant about him being surrounded by unnaturally-made feathers which irritates him even more. He says Anya is ineffective, which causes her to break down in tears. Henderson shouts at Damian for his bad behavior. Damian is crying as he tries for his dad to be impressed. Henderson says to Damian that he must be patient and stay within his capabilities. As time runs out, Henderson requests everyone to group their work within the corridor.

When Damian is angry, Anya presents him with an edgy girl griffin she designed however, Damian isn’t interested because it’s disgusting. Anya convinces Damian to buy it, telling him that it will look amazing next to his handsome griffin. A few people pass by and comment on how beautiful the animal designs of everyone appear. Henderson tells Damian that his sculpture, along with Anya’s, took home the top prize due to the fact that the judges were impressed by its design.

Anya suggests that he present the dog to his father, however, Damian does not want to. In the evening, Damian calls his butler, Jeeves, and asks what his animal Max does. Jeeves says he’s fine and asks what happens next. Damian will return. Damian insists that he’d like to remain with Eden Academy to concentrate on his studies. He also asked Jeeves what he’d said to Desmond about his plans and Jeeves told him that his father was concerned over his condition.

Damian isn’t convinced and shuts the phone. Damian believes that his father never thought about his well-being. Damian informs his friends Ewen as well as Emile that after eating they need to take exams with a few instructors. Damian believes he must be an Imperial Scholar to win his father’s affection. Henderson closes the segment with a look over Damian And Anya’s Griffin.

The next sequence introduces Sylvia Sherwood, WISE’s handler. The narration confirms that she has tasks as an attache in Westalis’s embassy in the eastern region. Informally, she oversees a number of agents but is required to avoid Secret Police’s suspicions. Because of her outstanding performance, agents have dubbed Sylvia the Fullmetal Lady. Since Sylvia is disguised there are some police officers who conduct an operation to track her.

In her mind, Sylvia commends her trackers for their efforts. She continues to go about her everyday tasks to surprise them. The trackers make the decision to purchase food as they think they’ll be waiting for a long time. Sylvia continues. If she is able to create an opportunity to relax and be a bit more creative, she could act when she travels to the country of an enemy. After the pool, Sylvia puts on a new costume and goes to meet Loid at the agreed-upon spot.

Sylvia passes by the men who are following her and they don’t blink at her new attire. In their conversation, Sylvia shares and tells Loid Desmond and his team’s financial reports. While Sylvia is talking, Loid focuses on Sylvia’s jacket, which she has the tag on. But, he’s worried that they won’t let Sylvia be aware of her mistakes. Following their meeting, we hear a unified monologue between the narrator and Loid.

The narration reveals details concerning Loid while Loid speaks about the process of meeting with Sylvia. He claims they put their lives in danger each and every time they interact. If anyone is caught following Sylvia then they should take steps to disarm them. Loid shows this method by handing Sylvia hand signals and informing her of the number of people following her and where they’re situated.

Loid claims that this is the way they conduct their meetings every single time. In their next meeting, Sylvia asks Loid to update her on his progress with Operation Strix. Loid makes a few random comments and throws Sylvia off. When the theme’s final scene ends the audience is treated to a short video of a young Yor feeding younger Yuri her food. Yuri drinks up everything, however, she pretends to be enjoying it. He says to Yor that he’s excited to see her marry while Yor hits him.

Afterward, we spot Yuri and his friend scouting the area. The friend asks whether he’s fine since Yuri was struck by a vehicle and then stayed awake for four nights. The episode closes with Yuri telling his friend that he’s alright, and causing the sternest smile at him.


 the Episode Review

Spy x Family continues the two-segmented format that was introduced in the last episode. This episode focuses on Anya’s school activities, while the third one provides viewers with a brief overview of Handler as well as how her encounters with Loid take place. While the first episode was full of wit and amazing story beats the second one doesn’t have much other than a review.

Similar to the first episode, the second half of this chapter introduces content that viewers don’t require. The following credit sequence doesn’t have much to anticipate as well. It would have been more effective when the episode ended with Yuri arriving at the Forger family and saying that He was excited to be Anya’s teacher for the entire day. It could have created anticipation for episode 18.

The other segment that featured Henderson’s arts and crafts task was enjoyable to watch. Many viewers will be pleased to watch the failure of Anya in making a cute recreation of bond and Griffin. However the episode conveys an important warning against perfectionism. This is one of those thoughts that linger in the minds of people, so to provide an example of this is extremely motivating and uplifting.

However, this chapter also provides fans with a tragic view of Damian’s family. While it’s unclear whether Desmond is averse to Damian, it’s a shame to observe Damian facing issues with his self-worth and confidence. This makes the build-up to Desmond’s arrival more exciting as people are eager to watch Damian appear as his brother and impress his father.

Overall, the episode contains comedy moments that are funny and thrilling new developments. We hope that the next episode will show reveal a different side of the character Yuri since he’s one of the characters that require screen time.


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