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Uncle The Private Tutor / Daybreak

Episode 18 of Spy X Family begins with Henderson telling the students that the midterm exams begin in a week. He confirms that there will be four subjects. Students who are successful will be awarded Stella Stars, while those who fail will receive Tonitrus Bolts.

Henderson gives the students their history test one at a time. Anya finds out she didn’t fare well, as Henderson tells her she’ll be given an extra lesson at school. Damian is a bully to Anya by revealing his scores. Later in the morning, Anya devises a scheme to read Damian’s thoughts in the history exam to get high scores. Henderson penalizes Anya with an additional assignment due to her laughter in the second class.

Anya returns home and she asks Loid about the state of the moon. He states that it will remain an entire moon for around two weeks. He suggests they start working on her exams. However, Anya is astonished by the moon-related information she got from him. In her head, Anya recalls information she was given by a scientist about her abilities.

The ability to read minds goes away on the day that the moon disappears. She is aware that this will happen when the tests begin, and she won’t be able to cheat on the exams. Anya wants Bond to look into the future to provide the answers to her test however, he offers her a picture of what they’ll eat for dinner tonight. On the next date, Loid helps Anya study for her test because he’ll have left work.

Lord looks at the situation in his mind. He’s given up hope of Anya receiving four Stella from the test. He’s more concerned with increasing his academic level of Anya in order to be able to enter involved in social events. This permits Loid to make close contact with Desmond. In their meeting, Yor informs Loid that she has asked Yuri to drop by and serve as her tutor during the exam.

Yuri arrives. Anya presents herself to Yuri and she isn’t happy to see her since she is Loid’s daughter. As they sit at the dining room table, Loid is wondering if Yuri noticed that he was dressed as Foreign Minister. While he’s thinking, Yuri wonders if Loid’s making fun of him for putting off the summit. Anya is excited to watch their conversation however, Loid declares that he’ll be shopping. He’s likely to leave for a different task.

Yuri and Anya start their class. Yor isn’t thrilled as he’s not happy about how Anya gets love from Yor. He’s planning to throw a lot of hard questions at her in order to expose how controlling society could be. Anya is able to read his mind to make sure she gets all the questions correct. But, she is aware that she must take this séance seriously, as the moon’s energy will negate her abilities.

Anya promises to work harder and informs Yuri that if she succeeds in her quest to become an imperial scholar she will assist Yor out with luxury items. This comment is a source of confusion for Yuri. But, he is planning to assist Anya and hopes Yor will be grateful for his efforts. Anya does not show any growth and this leads Yuri to inquire whether she enjoys studying. Anya says she does not.

This leads to Yuri discussing his struggles when he was a student. He explains to Anya that he used the desire to aid Yor as motivation to work harder. He devoted himself to multiple subjects including Language to Physics in hopes of giving his sister of his a more fulfilling lifestyle. Yuri delivers Anya an inspirational speech to motivate her to achieve. After another unsuccessful try, Yuri calls it quits.

Before leaving he grabs a few of Yor’s snacks before he leaves. Anya minimizes her involvement in the mission of Loid’s minister and then goes to her room to work. Loid comes back and discovers that Yuri taught her topics that aren’t part of her midterms. She is angry. The first piece of the set is concluded with a time-skip of two weeks, in which the students are shown how to take exams.

The following episode, “Daybreak,” begins with professionals chatting about the tests for first graders. One of them screams that the test results don’t seem to be very impressive and wonders if they were too hard. One person mentions that parents could try buying their children’s grades however another person informs him that the principal will not permit the practice. He would like to see the well-deserved students in the top spot and not the cheaters.

Because the answer sheets had significant value, the students were required to secure them in a secure. In the meantime, Loid sits atop one of the roofs of the school. He’s plotting to get into the safe room and create the results of Anya’s tests to stop her from being expelled via Tonitrus Bolts. He’s not concerned about the security of the school close to the safe. As a disguised teacher, he intends to sneak into the room and leave no trace.

In a flash, Loid spies a suspicious man, whom the viewer finds out is Daybreak who is an elite spy of an elite company. Daybreak is required to alter a particular student’s answer sheets. Daybreak was named to challenge the alias of Loid, Twilight. Daybreak pulls off a variety of creative tricks and is able to slip through the guards and shock Loid. Daybreak walks into the facility without a fuss and causes a statue to fall.

The security guard who is in the area notices him. Daybreak is informed by Daybreak that he isn’t allowed to enter the room in the absence of an I.D. Loid helps Daybreak by telling the guard to take his I.D. It was a blessing that Loid had a spare I.D. for each area. Loid is shocked to discover that Daybreak had made notes from his trip on his hand, which confirms his suspicions earlier. Loid is able to see that the number that Daybreak recorded on his hands are belonging to the Desmond brothers.

In the secure, Daybreak forgets the passcode. He informs Loid that he has to take a bathroom prior to Loid going into the safe room. Daybreak flies behind him before knocking him down. While Daybreak looks for his student’s files, Loid monitors him. He pretends to be asleep because he thought it was secure to finish his job once Daybreak had completed his.

Daybreak is able to open the safe and reveal Damian’s father worked for him. He boasts about his accomplishments loudly while worrying Loid. Daybreak is sad that no one knows who he really is. The man decides that he will leave his autograph, which is shocking to Loid. Daybreak advises him to be transparent about how great a spy he is and his coworkers. Daybreak comes out and allows Loid to look over what he’s left behind.

Loid is aware that Daybreak changed Desmond’s grades. Desmond Brothers’ academics, transforming them into failing grades. He is pondering if Daybreak’s client is a business competitor or rival to Desmond’s. Loid alters their grades as it would risk Operation Strix if they got expelled. Loid recalls how smart the brothers are, and then locates the test paper, Anya.

A few days after, all students gather in the courtyard to see their performance. Damian’s friend shares with him the news that Damian finished 2nd in their class which is his very first Stella. Becky was awarded 46th place. Damian’s classmates are scolding Anya and advising her to go to the list at the bottom. Anya discovers that she is in the 213th spot, which gives her an A grade. In the home of her parents, Anya informs Loid she was extremely focused on her test.

Loid questions her about how she could be extremely proud of her when she is unable to avoid failing in all of them. Anya reads Loid’s mind. Loid plans to ramp up the way she studies before her next exam. Loid affirms Anya was able to successfully pass her tests without needing to alter her grades. He’s a bit satisfied with her for trying her best. The episode closes with Daybreak getting word that she was unable to fulfill his task and is dismissed.

The Episode Review

Spy x Family episode 18 provided some interesting dynamics and mischief that fans could look into this week. The episode sheds light on some details about the past of Anya while also introducing new characters and propelling the story forward. Despite some scenes that seemed a bit contrived this episode added several exciting elements to the mix. The entire relationship that existed between Yuri and Anya unfolded differently than expected it did, which was great.

Many viewers will appreciate Yuri’s interactions with Anya funny because it suggests he’s becoming more open to the Lord’s family. In the same way, Yuri left quite an impression on Anya despite his teaching subjects that would not be included in the exam. The lust of Yuri’s sister is a bit odd and sometimes awkward. I talked about the issue in the initial discussion of the episode; however, this exact situation comes up in this episode.

While the romantic aspect may be somewhat irritating, Yuri doesn’t dwell on it much as the focus is more on getting the best from Anya and getting her to impress Yor. Daybreak’s character is a fascinating contrast to the Lord’s character. Whereas Loid’s character is more refined, Daybreak feels goofier and innocent. His character exuded edgy Arsene Lupin-like vibes which I absolutely love.

The inclusion of his name spells more death and stakes for Loid which is a great thing. Overall, this chapter has certain fun elements that are appealing to a wide range of viewers. From Damian getting the Stella Star to the debut of Daybreak’s intro, Spy x Family seems to be preparing for several exciting developments. Let’s hope that the second season will keep the momentum going with more stakes and results for our actors.


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