Spy X Family – Episode 19 Recap & Review

A Revenge Plot Against Desmond / Mama Becomes The Wind

Episode 19 of Spy x Family begins with an interview between director Glooman and his fellow comrade. Their business will be shut down within a matter of one month, and Glooman does not know how to announce the news to his son.

In Eden Academy, Anya and Becky discuss how happy they are for the tests to be finished. Damian displays his amazing sweepsmanship, causing a lot of trouble for Becky as well as Anya. Numerous girls come over to Damian to thank him for receiving a Stella Star. While Becky is trying to convince herself that Anya is in love with Damian, Anya reads the thoughts of Glooman’s son George.

Becky provides information to Anya regarding him. She discovers the fact that George had been the man who instructed his butler to employ Daybreak in the episode before. Anya continues reading his mind. George would like to see Damian to be expelled. George utilizes a cigarette’s butt to the ground and creates a commotion that draws the attention of the teacher nearby. He informs the teacher that Damian has been smoking and then he shoves Damian to the ground.

Anya stands up for Damian and the teacher turns back. Damian takes George and demands that he be able to explain the reason he has an agenda against George. George informs Damian that his father’s business is the one that made his father’s business insolvent. He states that if his father’s company fails the company will be declared homeless, meaning he’ll be kicked out of the company.

George makes use of his plight to force Damian to comply with his demands. George eventually convinces Damian to give him the Stella Star. George proudly displays the star to his fellow students. If one of Damian’s buddies advises him to take the star, George grieves again. He requests that they allow him to enjoy a moment of joy before he’s taken away. Anya offers comfort to George and he is grateful for her generosity. George has one last request.

He requests Damian and the other members to join in on the singing. Everyone gets their hands in the air and starts singing, with the exception of Anya. When George leaves, Damian hands him some expensive stationery as a goodbye present. Everyone else is there to present George with the most precious thing of their own. George takes his last goodbyes and then leaves. Anya discusses the situation with Loid Yor and Yor.

Spy X Family – Episode 19Lord says to Anya that the Glooman’s firm was bought and was it was not in bankruptcy. George’s father informs him his company was purchased by the Desmond Group bought their company and protected them from an economic crisis. On the next morning, George walks past Becky and is told that he must return everything to everyone. In the next sequence, Loid wakes up Anya as she was up late to go to school.

Thankfully, she gets on time. Loid goes to the hospital and leaves Yor on her own with Bond. Yor goes into their room of Anya and discovers that she’s left some of her possessions left behind. Your fears that Anya is going to be expelled and become the delinquent she is. Due to her assassin-like athleticism, Yor rushes to Eden Academy to collect Anya’s belongings prior to when P.E. starts.

Yor is at school, but she doesn’t want to be seen by anyone. She devises a plan to disguise herself as a teacher however she is worried that the students will be drawn to her. Loid observes Yor at school and is worried that she could be aware of his work as a spy. He shoots it down, but he notices that Yor is carrying something. In the meantime, Yor meets up with Anya and is able to drag her to a corner nearby.

She hands Anya her P.E. clothes But Anya informs her that she’s not wearing P.E. today. Then, Yor heads home but encounters Loid. Loid states that he was able to make a house visit to a patient in a home healthcare facility and allowed him to go back home. Yor says that she wanted to deliver something to Anya she was able to dispel any doubts he may have regarding Yor having knowledge of the spying work he was doing.

Yor tells us about her mom who is a failure and yet Loid insists that she’s not. Loid doesn’t wish for her to be depressed because it could jeopardize his goal. He requests Yor if she’d like to go out with him, and she agrees. The show ends with Yor and Loid heading to the restaurant.

The Episode Review

This episode of Spy x Family is on the same level as episode 16 since it doesn’t have much to do. In addition to learning more about the person who employed Daybreak and the introduction of the Glooman family The episode did not contain anything new in the mix. It was in line with the filler episodes you’ll see in other anime, such as One Piece as well as Naruto.

However, episode nineteen is sure to bring many viewers to a warm place within. The sight of everyone even Damian offering George assistance was hilarious. It was also refreshing to witness Damian with a smile. It’s one of the rare instances where the animation chooses to show Damian’s gentle side and that’s always appreciated. There are many scenarios that cause people to laugh.

The second piece of the set falls in a rut, not like the first. It’s unneeded and revisits an old story about Yor’s anxieties about becoming a mom. It triggers the same emotions I felt about episode 16’s second scene about Franky’s search for an ally in the form of a woman. Although fans will be thrilled to see Yor use her skills as a killer in hilarious and dramatic ways, the episode feels ineffective, unlike George’s.

In all other respects, it was an enjoyable show on Spy x Family. It was a bit lacking in the plan of things but had several funny and wholesome moments that keep everyone entertained. We’re hoping episode 20 will bring things back to normal but.


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