Spy X Family – Episode 20 Recap & Review

Find for the General Hospital / Decipher the mysterious code

Episode 20 on Spy X Family begins with Henderson announces his class’s social studies project. Students are required to research careers that are interesting to them. He provides them with a range of choices to choose from and then asks them to create an essay to present to the class.

In the house, Anya asks Yor about her work, which is puzzling Yor. She’s not sure whether to inform Anya regarding her Clerk or Assassin position. In her mental muddle we discover more details regarding Yor’s assassin’s job. She is hired as an assassin in order to guard Yuri and gets opportunities from Shopkeepers through telephone calls. She also receives information from her client on the person she is targeting.

Yor says that the Shopkeeper informs her know the number of enemies and security guards are protecting the area of the target. Yor claims she examines the image of her target with care and should not kill an innocent person. She claims that she doesn’t mind killing people since it’s as if she’s protecting the world from evildoers.

In the present, Anya says-she’ll do her report on the work of Loid. Two days pass and Loid displays Anya his work place at the hospital’s department of psychiatry. In his mind, Loid suggests it would’ve been better to pretend to be the general doctor. However, he’s opposed to this idea due to the fact that many famous celebrities visit the hospital’s grounds. He believes it’s safer to go with his current plan because he’s able to penetrate networks of friends and steal information.

Loid wears his lab coat and then they go to his office. Anya questions Loid what prompted him to pursue this profession. Loid claims he was looking to assist people overcome their illnesses . He also said that it was a choice that he took in his college. But, his real intentions are to allow Desmond to become sick and come into his office to seek assistance. Anya is introduced to Loid’s colleagues and they inform her of how grateful they are to work with Loid.

In the midst of thinking, Loid says it’s excellent for spies and spies to share their networks because it’s simple to acquire information and establish the necessary support. It’s important to be sociable, however, not to stand out from the crowd too much. Anya wants to know Loid what is the most difficult part of his job. Loid claims that working with hearts of patients is the toughest since he isn’t able to discern the thoughts of his patients. Anya smugs.

Loid states that he has to be attentive to his patients and be attentive while establishing trust. In the meantime, Loid ponders how his profession of psychiatrist is like his career as a spy, but he also observes that spying can undermine the trust of their targets. When his coworkers have praised his work, Loid admits that the most difficult aspect is balancing his job and his side hustle.

Loid is the one who takes Anya to the consulting room to show him how to talk with patients-since it is against their privacy. Anya is seen touching the shelves and is astonished Loid. While thinking, Loid says a secret escape path is set under the bookcase in the event there is an emergency relating the mission.
Loid recommends calling Yor to get Anya up, however Anya would like to keep track of his work up to the point of completion.

Loid is hit by the potential WISE agent. He pulls out a bag of sand to Anya to have fun with, and warns her to stay away from anything. He leaves with Anya smiling in the conference room. The WISE employee disguised as colleague hands Loid several documents. In the meantime, Anya finds a lever that opens the secret bookcase’s secret passageway.

She is shown a video of her journey. A vent in the ceiling allows Anya to observe the hospital staff discussing ghost stories within the hospital. Anya is trying to get out but is trapped by the pipe. She makes loud sounds, which frightens the employees. She breaks free, comes back to the room for consultation, and pretends to play with the Sandbox.

Loid arrives and is struck by an assortment of toy toys that have been injected into the Sandbox. Loid assembles that it could be that Anya is suffering from stress caused by her past orphanage experiences. Loid suggests that they go home , and picks up Anya’s notepad. He is concerned about her handwriting. This relaxes Anya when she writes notes of the discussion she reads in his head.

Students in class share their presentations one by one. Anya speaks about her father’s mental health work, but she also talks about the negative comments she heard regarding his treatment of his patients. Everyone even Henderson who is shocked by her harsh remarks as the narrator describes how they called Loid to a meeting. Loid went over the issues with the team and confirmed any suspicions that he might be in any way abusive.

The segment ends by discussing the matter with Handler. The next scene begins with Anya imitating scenes from the Bondman television show. Loid informs Anya nobody will be able to read her handwriting, due to the horrible quality of it. Loid leaves to work an evening shift leaving Anya with Yor. Anya wants Yor to create the secret code in The Bondman show.

Anya gives the document coded to many people such as Franky, Becky, and Damian. As night falls, Anya sleeps and dreams. In the meantime, Franky drops the document at his house. He thinks that a beautiful woman had told Anya to deliver the document to him after having a sniff. Franky goes to a different area the next day to await the arrival of the woman. He believes that the coded language was a love note to him.

The Episode Review

The 20th episode of Spy x Family remains consistent with the previous chapters. The episode features the cast getting in a hilarious saga and giving us some information about Yor’s life as an assassin. It’s a shame that the show is in the bubble of. It provides some interesting information but doesn’t go more. While the program doesn’t have any value, it did have some good moments.

The process of learning the ways Loid runs his hospital activities was interesting, given that this is the place where he crafted his fake identity. The viewers will be entertained by the hilarious illusions he’s created inside the building, like the secret passageway behind the bookshelf, and other WISE agents who disguise themselves as employees. It was fun to get details on how pretending to be his job as a psychiatrist might assist him in connecting with Desmond.

A different aspect that was noteworthy during the week is amount of time spent explaining to viewers about Yor’s assassin job. It’s been awhile since the show has recognized her previous job and viewers might discover the connection to Loid’s work fascinating. In the second part of episodes Yor does amazing moves and stunts. However, it’s gratifying to watch her apply her skills for an assassination plot.

However, we did not witness her employing these skills in real-time because she was merely thinking about her job assassin since she wasn’t sure what kind of job would best suit the assignment assigned to her. Yor thinking about this may sound strange to some fans however, keep in mind that Yor and Loid are expecting their first child and live a zany lifestyle. Other than the highlights and other amusing moments the episode didn’t really offer any practical advice.

It showed our characters engaging in everyday activities, just like normal civilians. There weren’t any fights or missions or enemies to take on this week. I hope the upcoming episodes will rekindle Spy x Family’s tension and excitement by introducing more plot developments and attention on other actors.


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