Station 19 Season 6 Episode 3 “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” Recap & Review

Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Maya’s intense morning workout is what we use to start Episode 3 of Station 19 season 6. Andy visits Gibson to convince him to stop ignoring her calls and get some smoothies and muffins back to work. Gibson is not in a good place and has been neglecting her calls. Andy however doesn’t get it. Gibson refuses to return to work, and she is angry at him for destroying his career. She is determined to help him.

She reports to work, and Beckett tries to sweeten her up with healthy muffins that “are a choking danger.” Beckett informs her that Gibson did not take an official leave. He left without explanation, and he doesn’t want to hire him back because he believes Gibson is unreliable. Andy shares her concerns and worries with Sullivan. He advised her to give Gibson the dignity of her own experience and stop fighting Gibson’s fights for him.

Carina, Ben, and the firefighters are taking an inventory at the clinic. Ben senses tension between Maya & Carina.

After completing a 14-page questionnaire, Travis feels stressed. Because Dixon has a hold over the police and fire union, he is disappointed that Dixon is still leading the race. Vic and Theo try their best to motivate him and keep his eyes on the goal, which isn’t letting Dixon win.

While they are enjoying their breakfast, the aid team arrives to help with a domestic emergency. Maya and Ben respond to the call, and they are shocked to discover that Dixon owns the house. Dixon and Kitty got into a fight. Maya projected her childhood trauma onto Kitty, and Dixon accused her of abusing her. Kitty and Dixon have a toxic relationship where they abuse one another and then sweep it under the carpet like it’s normal.

Maya is hurt by Dixon’s situation. She is also in denial about her marriage. Ben attempts to give her advice, but she refuses to listen. She says she’s managing it her own way. Is she blind to the fact that she is having a difficult time with Carina?

Another call comes in from the team to deal with a fire sparked by an overheated electric car. Andy and Beckett differ on how to put out the flames. Andy calls Beckett a bad captain for giving up on Gibson, and not unifying the team. Andy was raised by a fire captain, who believed that the team should be a family. Beckett, on the other side, doesn’t seem to care as long as the job is done.

Vic, another keen observer, notices Carina and Maya not doing well. She offers to listen to Carina. Carina worries that she may be pregnant, but Maya has been neglecting her and isn’t in the right mental state. She doesn’t know if it is the right time for her to have children. Vic assists Carina with a pregnancy test, and while she waits for the results, she helps Carina decide what she wants. Maya is still her love and she wants to have a family. They decide not to verify the results, so Maya and Carina can enjoy the moment together.

After returning from their respective calls Maya broke protocol and told Travis and Vic about Dixon’s domestic abuse call. Although she believes they could use the information against Dixon in the campaign, Ben insists that they not.

Andy later mobilizes the group to assist Gibson with the roof repair at Gibson’s girlfriend’s home. She subtly assures him that they have his back and that his family is still with them.

The Episode Review

It is not clear if Andy should help Gibson forcefully or not. Gibson will inform them when he is available to help, as Sullivan stated. Gibson seems to believe he doesn’t have the right to put them under any burden. Andy will not admit that he needs assistance and that he is doing the right things.

This is how Gibson can see that he has a loving family who loves him no matter what. Family is there for you, even when you think or feel that you don’t require it.

My heart still bleeds for Maya, Carina, and all of their families. It’s hard to watch them act like strangers toward each other. They must listen to each other and communicate, but will that be enough to save their relationship? I also want to know if Carina has a baby. I hope this brings them back together.



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