Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 6 “Everybody Says Don’t” Recap & Review

Everyone says don’t

Season 19 Episode 6 of Station 19., episode 6 begins with Vic getting ready for the young firefighter’s camp. Vic hopes she will encourage the younger women to pursue a firefighter career. She ecstatically calls Maya who is asleep and isn’t happy with her sleeping interruption. Being awake by her alarm, she decides to run. Before she leaves, Carina says she had the pregnancy test and is not pregnant.

Maya is upset she was upset that Carina was unable to pass a test with her, and she lashes on her. Carina is shocked by her reaction. They have a heated argument, and Carina decides to go back to work

In another scene, Sullivan and Natasha are having a cozy rendezvous. Natasha is asking Sullivan his opinion about Beckett. She informs him that there have been concerns raised by people. Sullivan admits that he doesn’t believe Beckett has been drinking, however, it is evident that he’s not a great leader. They begin making their way to work, and Sullivan suggests that they go together to work, so that he can leave the car that is just a few miles away. Evidently, Natasha shuts that idea down in a hurry and insists that they’re a covert couple and the idea is risky.

In the meantime, Travis has a meeting with the Union to discuss his campaign and prove that he’s more successful than Dixon. Vic is in awe that Travis is content and content with the new manager of his campaign Eli. Vic vents her frustrations to Andy, who happens to be the biggest anti-Eli fan. Andy admits that she didn’t like Google’s results earlier in the evening and is adamant that he’s so charitable. If I get whipped but don’t want to admit that it was me who was responsible, it’s Andy.

In the case of Eli the man who is leading Travis to divulge Dixon’s crisis message to the media. He is urging Travis to remove his hat and engage in the dirty game of politics. Likely, Travis is adamantly against this notion and believes that it could undermine their careers as well as the outcome that comes with Crisis 1. Eli is also worried about Travis being able to get to the Union meeting, but Travis assures Eli that everything is under control.

The camp of firefighter girls begins without a hitch, but an incoming storm could ruin everything. The good news is that Vic as well as Natasha are leading the way and are able to manage anything that comes their way. In the course of the camp, the group gets called in to help those whose helicopter was struck by lightning. Natasha gives the order to Gibson to assist Vic when she takes care of the situation. Gibson was present to greet Andy.

The team is trying its best to assist the passengers inside the helicopter. The pilot is not in good health and all efforts to reach him on time do not succeed. Theo observes that Maya is feeling a little under the weather and requests Andy to keep an eye on her, as Beckett refuses to take her down. Beckett and Ben have different views on the best way they can save one passenger. Andy takes over and assumes the role of Captain in this particular incident since Beckett made the wrong choices. She denies him and allows Ben to take care of the patient the way he would like to. She also assumes Maya’s place, which she finds annoying.

At the station, Natasha calls Vic her opinions on Beckett and Vic did not mince words. Gibson is having a blast with the children and is reminded of the reasons he loves his job. On the other hand, Vic starts having anxiety as she wonders if she’s doing what is supposed to be doing. The good news is that Natasha manages to get through to her and gives her the responsibility of taking over Crisis 1 officially.

The group returns to the station, while Travis sprints on the road to attend his Union meeting. He is tardy and Eli is irritated, especially since Eli had repeatedly told Travis over and over about how important the meeting was. Travis isn’t thrilled about not attending the meeting and is even more irritated when Dixon ridicules him. In an instant of anger, Travis demands Eli to divulge Dixon’s Crisis 1 call. Uhhh! the sun is going to be a disaster!

On the other side, Andy talks with Maya. Maya is adamant about Andy making fun of her in the field, but Andy isn’t being a victim. She informs Maya that she’s self-destructing and has been working on an individualistic mindset when they’re meant to work together. She also asks Maya to quit fighting with the people who are supporting her. Maya turns her back and goes to the gym, leaving Andy talking in a whisper.

After her meeting with Vic, Natasha realizes that she shouldn’t put her career at risk because of the relationship she has with Sullivan and decides to end her relationship. Sullivan is amazed, but there’s nothing to do.

In the fitness center, Maya pushes herself too hard and causes an accident. The team is in the midst of another call, and nobody notices her. The story ends with her injured and laid out on the ground, and Andy wonders why she’s not with them.

The Episode Review

Since this was the final episode of the fall season the show increased the stakes. It was a bit surprising to see Vic doubting herself. She is generally so confident in the passion she has for her work. We’ll have to wait and see if she’ll accept the responsibility of managing Crisis 1.

Travis allowed his anger to let his anger get to him, and the leak of Dixon’s Crisis 1 call will probably be a repercussion that will nip his back! This could impact his relationships with Vic and Gibson as well, who are concerned about Miller’s future. It is hoped that Eli isn’t going to get caught with the leak however, it is likely to go as planned.



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