Tales of the Jedi – Episode 1 “Life and Death” Recap & Review

Life and death

Episode One of Tales of the Jedi whisks us away to a wonderful animated world of the Togruta race back in time when Ahsoka is welcomed into the village. She’s a young babe at this moment however Nak-Il isn’t certain she’s prepared for the outdoors.

Pav-Ti shook off her partner’s worries, then takes her gun and goes out into the woods, to hunt. It’s been more than a year since the last hunt and the village elder, Gantika has blessed the babe and her ma before they venture out to the vast expanse of wilderness beyond.

After they kill their prey, Ahsoka is told to go to death and wait for the slaughter. Pav-Ti is awed by the animal before hitting the neck with a hammer and preparing the meat to take back. But, they’re not the only ones. In the wild a saber-toothed leopard approaches and begins to attack.

All hope is lost The villagers show up and help Pav-Ti…but it’s not Ahsoka. The baby is taken by this tiger and, instead of frightening her is able to reach out and touch its nose. This stops the animal from moving. The two look each other in the eye and appear to reach an agreement, and the images are gorgeous in this photo. The tiger then heads toward the village with Ahsoka sitting on its back.

After they return the tiger makes a turn and walks away, and Gantika is aware that Ahsoka can be a Jedi and that’s why she is being able to ride on the tiger.

the Episode Review

The story of Ahsoka’s birth as a child is a wonderful method of introducing us to the anthology in addition, Tales of the Jedi certainly starts off with a strong beginning. The animation is clean and the lighting is well-created and the story is simple yet effective. It’s a great method of introducing the story of Star Wars and backdrop the story with a simple but powerful storyline. If it’s a hint of what’s to come, we’ll be in for a treat!


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