Tales of the Jedi – Episode 3 “Choices” Recap & Review


Episode 3 in Tales of the Jedi switches perspectives in the direction of Count Dooku and Mace Windu. They have been given the instructions to bring Master Katri’s body back to the Jedi temple to be buried in a proper manner. Dooku believes that they must be more thorough in honoring her, however, Windu remains determined in his belief that the rules exist to serve a purpose.

The two arrive at Raxus Secundus and are welcomed by an official. The two are on their way to visit Senator Larik. Evidently, he was along with Katri when his death. They go off to find an informant and there they were confronted. Lark is a bit snobby and there’s the story he tells is somewhat suspect. Windu is convinced of this and would like to present this information to the hands of Jedi. In the case of Dooku the Jedi, he’s keener to follow this trend himself.

Therefore, they naturally follow their mentor’s instructions and arrive at the spot where they met. In examining the scene of the crime they believe that there were several attackers, and worse yet, there’s no evidence of bullets on the vessel. Larik instantly acknowledges that the guards killed Katri and shot him to death for telling the truth.

completely, much to the disgust of Windu. The last one, Image, down on his knees, admits they killed Katri due to the fact that he’s the group that realized that Larik used the Senate seat in order to gain wealth at the cost of the planet. The planet was being industrialized and then selling the planet one piece at a time. One reason for keeping Larik in the first place was to force them to enact their own rules during the next Senate meeting in order to undo the damage they had done. The image says that the Jedi claim to be peaceful, but the Jedi proclaim peace, but they believe they’re just lapdogs for the Senate.

The duo eventually throws Semage into lockup, however, Dooku knows how Semage thinks and warns him not to be discouraged.

After finding the culprit, Dooku and Windu bring her body back to Council and are honored and laid to rest. Mace Windu is also honored. Mace Windu is offered Katri’s seat on the council following the good work done by the team. Dooku isn’t happy and, as he turns towards the skyline, the story is over.

Episode Review Episode Review

The intriguing ideologies discussed in this episode allow us to discern a clear path between the dark and light sides of the force. This is especially true when you think about where Dooku or Mace Windu find themselves within The Star Wars universe. While the episode doesn’t provide anything unique or thrilling, it’s an excellent way to show how the Empire affects the Empire as the main theme throughout the collection.


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