Tales of the Jedi – Episode 4 “The Sith Lord” Recap & Review

The Sith Lord

The fourth episode of Tales of the Jedi begins at the Jedi temple when Count Dooku is able to sneak into the archives with suspicion. He erases all things related to Planet Kamino and then shuffles off.

It is believed that Qui-Gon encountered a Sith Lord off on Tatooine which has become the topic of discussion in the council. The word spreads quickly and, when Qui-Gon is back, Dooku questions what happened. Master Yaddle is present to supervise proceedings and observe as Qui-Gon praises Obi-Wan who is with him as an apprentice.

Dooku is sad to say goodbye to his former apprentice Commenting on how Qui-Gon developed so quickly and reminiscing about the past. The council members are heading to Naboo however Dooku does not want to leave with the council. He’s made the decision that he’ll let Qui-Gon leave since Dooku has become a part of the police force.

Dooku is confronted by the Emperor secretly a time later and claims the Emperor is a liar and Darth Maul has taken too long to kill Qui-Gon. Yaddle listens in on their discussion in which Dooku admits to his treachery and destroyed everything he’s made. Yaddle is seen coming out of hiding and attempts to talk to Dooku about it, but it’s too late. He’s already fallen into his Dark Side.

The Emperor is watching, and Dooku and Yaddle both battle with lightsabers. This eventually leads to Yaddle’s death.

the Episode Review

Understanding the trigger that caused Dooku’s death is a great way to understand what transpired and comprehending that the suffering he endured in the wake of Qui Gon’s demise, turned out to be the catalyst for the Jedi to take action to defeat the Jedi.

But, his ties to the Emperor prior to that were carefully orchestrated, and this anthology collection has done an excellent job at capturing all of this, including Qui-Gon’s early days as an apprentice and Dooku getting more angry and bitter as the years progressed.

The episode is very well done and the storytelling is excellent.


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