Tales of the Jedi – Episode 5 “Practice Makes Perfect” Recap & Review

Practice makes perfect

Episode 5 from Tales of the Jedi begins in the Jedi Council but also sometime in the future. Anakin arrives late to observe Ahsoka while she’s in her training. Anakin is quick to learn with an amount of practice throughout the years. There are also new training droids on the market and, with a forcefield that is closing in the future, she’s doing well to fend off attacks and emerge on the top. Anakin isn’t thrilled.

Anakin isn’t too happy about her experience she says the test she took isn’t a match for what you’d find in the actual world. Actually, Anakin intends to give her a crash course in order to provide her with a real-life difficult task.

Ahsoka is taken to Captain Rex and a squadron of soldiers in an examination to develop the capabilities required for a real-life battle. Naturally, Ahsoka is knocked out quickly. With Anakin acting in her role as Jedi Chief, Ahsoka gets a crash course in tough love. She is being forced to train until she can master the mechanics of real-life combat.

This entire training event continues until we can cut ahead to see Ahsoka fighting in combat along with Captain Rex and the other members.

Episode Review Episode Review

There’s nothing in terms of substance for this short, and considering it’s the shortest episode in the series It’s disappointing not to have it deliver more punch. What we’re getting is a tinny episode that showcases Ahsoka training…and that’s all there is. It’s hoped that this episode will go in conjunction with the finale which appears to be an Ahsoka-related short, judging from the thumbnail.

In the end, however, the episode is cut short at the conclusion but it’s just a minor flaw in what’s an enjoyable and entertaining anthology.


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