Tales of the Jedi – Episode 2 “Justice” Recap & Review


Episode 2 in Tales of the Jedi offers an exciting change of pace from the first one, featuring two Jedi embarking on a barren planet. It’s Dooku along with his apprentice, who is not named until the close of the story! The area is a total empty desert, with the only remaining traces of an old village that lies in the distant distance. The two men continue to travel in silence while the locals are reticent and closed their stores not wanting to interact with the newcomers.

The Jedi arrive at the bar, and Dooku immediately swivels around his weight, hoping to locate the senator’s son. They’re here to solve the ongoing problem and the Senator who is running the bar to the ground, is responsible for transforming the bar into the decrepit wasteland that it is now. It’s been revealed that all the patrons at the bar are the kidnappers of the Senator’s son. They plan to leverage to negotiate for better terms with the Senator.

Both Jedi are presented to the son of the Senator who is amazed by what he’s seen and is able to comprehend their viewpoint. He’s mostly stuck within the city limits and was unaware of how savage the Empire might be.

They’ve been swindled by one of the villagers and a hungry loner who has shown the Senator and his armored guard exactly the location where his son is kept.

A stand-off is set to break out, and the concept of justice comes into the mix, as Dooku changes sides and joins with the free citizens of the village to take on the Senator. The volley of gunfire is used to kill some villagers and wound some. The senator vows to take down the town and create an example for everyone else… till Dooku strikes him with force and nearly kills the man.

If the Senator’s son has been returned to him, as a result of Dooku’s Apprentice’s fast thinking, Dooku stops force-choking the official and allows them to go. When both the senator and son go they promise to improve their standard of living and will not let the villagers fall into disrepair. The soldiers begin helping rebuild the village. Dooku looks at his apprentice and acknowledges him for a job that was well done. And the Jedi? Why it’s Qui-Gon Jinn!

the Episode Review

An easy but powerful episode from Tales of the Jedi helps to reinforce the hardships the Empire has caused on the planets that span across the galaxy. The episode also reinforces the idea of rich and poor which is a frequent theme throughout the latest Star Wats content, especially Andor. The final reveal is an excellent one (hence why we didn’t reveal the reveal until the very last sentence!) The chapter is an uncomplicated but well-crafted narrative that ripples through. Overall, it’s been an enjoyable viewing, and definitely will leave the door open to the following chapter!


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