Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 8 “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion”

Don’t be a waste of your energy

Episode 8 of Tell Me Lies takes a deeper look into Pippa’s past and fears. We’ve been focusing on the two other girls, but Pippa was in the shadows. Now, she’s not.

She awakes in her bed at Wrigley’s and she asks her to go along for lunch with her dad. He’s on an official trip and she would love to meet with her. The newly appointed football captain is charming and very comforting to him. He suggests that Pippa is typically considered to be a “Reserved” person and that her family and friends don’t “like” her too much. But she insists that it’s not the situation. He is very happy with her and says their home is always there for her in case she has any difficulties.

Pippa appears to have issues staying on her own. She first takes Wrigley’s leave while he is practicing at the beginning of each day. When she notices that Bree is not there in her room, she heads to Lucy’s space. Charlie will be welcoming her, and they discuss Charlie’s latest date. There’s a subdued hint Pippa may be attracted to Charlie romantically. If it is true, it would be a huge reveal about her character. Pippa is also revealed to be a little narcissistic socially and pretends to be a woman of gas in a relationship with Wrigley. Why would she do this? Lucy is somewhat upset over Stephen for not opening up to her about his life. Pippa and Charlie are watching Ever After “non ironically” as they grow closer to one another.

Lucy is shocked to find Pippa back in her room. Charlie suggests that someone could be on “the “back foot” in a relationship if they’re not participating. This basically means that they are “losing” in the relationship. Lucy is of the opinion that Stephen is the one who has the advantage when it comes to their relationship. Charlie and Pippa decide to travel together to the fair. There, Pippa mentions “acapella” as part of the celebrations. Lucy is aware of this and knows Diana will be in attendance too. She is also there. Charlie observes a different side of Pippa when she is with Wrigley rather than with her.

Bree, as well as Evan, have struck up a friendship This is a nice thing. It’s like a win in the midst of indifference and cold. Evan and Lucy are in a conversation about their relationship. She asks Evan whether Stephen would ever say “I love you” to Diana to which Evan says it was true that they had. Lucy is emotional and decides to take the time to ask Stephen to stop by. Stephen is not sure and it seems as if he can be able to get away with it, however, Lucy persists, and she hangs up. Together, they watch the acapella performance which makes Diana jealous when she makes out with Stephen before her. Pippa is looking into Charlie after she has a meeting with one of the girls in the market.

Lucy confronts Stephen regarding the issue, but Stephen begins to fight against her. The moment Lucy says she’s “holding in for him” Stephen becomes comfortable. He is aware that when Lucy is vocal that she is not happy, he’ll be in huge trouble. A drunk Pippa is taken to Charlie again, and the newcomer confronts her about the differences in their personalities. The two then kiss Charlie and begin to get intimate.

Pippa embarrassed herself by pretending to have an orgasm. Charlie is a bit serious about it. Pippa tears up and shares with Charlie about her experiences. She admits that she’s not as experienced as some people believe she is. Pippa did not have many friends at primary school or high school. People in the class would say negative things about her.

After that, she began communicating with a stranger on the internet and was able to connect. Then it was discovered that he was a fake and that the bad girls were acting as the man to shame Pippa. They mocked her in front of the entire world and Pippa was forced to leave her school.

A senior year at the new school was an absolute nightmare for her, and she wanted to escape everything. She had a fling with Wrigley as she entered college. All the information her friends have about Pippa is a lie, and she’s too ashamed to admit that. She wants to be seen as cool and someone who people would want to hang out with. Charlie is her constant companion and provides her with emotional assistance.

Stephen receives a hysterical phone call from his mother. She learned that Stephen assisted Sadie to get admitted to the boarding school and he arranged for Sadie’s father to endorse the documents. Stephen is cut off from the housing plan for summer, requiring Stephen to pick the option of an unsalaried internship and looking for a job to help make enough money. Stephen claims that she needs to “rot in the house alone” and his mother doesn’t seem too upset by the situation.

Diana is with him and inquires about his health. However, her motive for coming was also to get her money since she believed Stephen was playing with her in order to gain her attention. If she decides to kiss, Stephen tells her that there’s no way he could do it to Lucy. The extremely angry Diana leaves, slamming Stephen. However, Stephen is aware of the weight that is riding on his good relations with Lucy.

The following day Wrigley hosts a celebration to commemorate his captainship. Bree and Evan leave by themselves. Drew gets the attention of Wrigley however, only till his buddies arrive. Pippa attempts to talk to him, but Drew takes her away. He runs into Stephen during the celebration and feels comfortable with Stephen. Drew feels that Stephen truly cares about him and has been his rock throughout this period. Drew is once more surrounded by Stephen’s ears with the fact that Pippa and Lucy have roiled Bree against him, claiming the man was unstable. He also makes him feel bad about Wrigley which results in an altercation with Wrigley as well as Drew. He also gets into a fight against Pippa and Lucy gets involved because of her dislike for Drew.

Pippa and Wrigley have once more proved their love for one another and appear to have an authentic connection. Lucy cannot locate Stephen even though he’s seen her, and isn’t able to make contact. Pippa and Lucy sit outside and she shares with Lucy her side of the story about Drew. However, her story differs from the one Stephen has told Lucy and she immediately defends him. She defends him, while Pippa is puzzled.

Pippa even states that Stephen threatened her to not tell anyone, except Lucy is the only one who believes Stephen. She says she could harm Stephen “very badly if she wanted to” and that she is able to manage her own affairs. The next day, Stephen gives Lucy the ear to hear what appeared to be an attempt to flirt with Wrigley.

However, Lucy isn’t taking anything from him. She has gained the “upper hand”; she is “winning”. Stephen apologizes, and she is again adamant that Drew isn’t worthy of being granted scot-free status in such a way. Stephen attempts to convince her not to do anything. Charlie stays up late with her and Pippa is disappointed. She doesn’t fake an orgasmic moment with Wrigley and he is shocked. Lucy sends an anonymous message to the Dean asking him to investigate Drew and Wrigley over Macy.

The Episode Review

Stephen is stuck in a massive block since he told Lucy the filtered view of truth. It’s like Stephen is being held to her right now. Lucy is the one who has the upper hand in the situation and is the one calling the decisions. At the moment, Lucy is probably the most toxic of the two. Episode 8 gave a convincing description of the character of Pippa. The girls knew about it before, but now we know what the real story is about. This makes us more sympathetic to her circumstances and certainly makes her more appealing to our tastes. The most shocking thing, however, was the last scene in which Lucy publishes unidentified information regarding Drew.

This will have massive consequences for the story, and the last two episodes are going to be uncomfortable. Maybe, we will have some time away from the parties. Do you ever see them studying even once? What kind of curriculum would you recommend? it?

However, Tell Me Lies reached the tipping point after Stephen broke out in Lucy and since then has gone through a fascinating mixture of both good and bad. It’s finally turning into good television, and we’re excited to see what’s the next time around.


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