Thai Cave Rescue – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Parable of Kisa Gotami”

The Parable of Kisa Gotami

Episode 5 from Thai Cave Rescue begins on a tragic note. The body of the deceased officer Saman Kunan is brought out from the cave. The crowd is still and silent and it’s evident in their eyes.

The monks pray at the shrine while Governors watch in anticipation of anything which could fail with his work. Admiral Appakorn reported the news later that morning to the media and the general public. Concerning the operation, Admiral Appakorn states that the operation will go on and the rescuers have been encouraged in order to pay tribute to his sacrifice of his.

The families mourn the soldier who died and applaud the courage of SEALs who continue to fight even at the risk of their own lives. An Interior Minister, as well as a top Ministerial Official, is at the camp. The official stop the Governor from pursuing the mission and insists that they create more meals for children in the cave.

The Governor and Minister discuss the details of the purpose. The governor claims that the children who live in the cave are in danger The official claims they are at risk similar in trying to get them out. What can we say to ensure that they won’t suffer exactly the same fate Saman?

The Minister suggests that both collaborate, and explore every option and method to make the final decision. “No more mistakes!” he declares. In the cave, Dr. Pak reveals to Rick that the oxygen level dropped to 15% in the morning. Each is afflicted with the guilt of having taken the boys into the cave and accidentally causing Saman’s death. The Governor suggests keeping them inside until the monsoon stops about four months. This triggers negative reactions from both English divers as well as those from the American Special Forces.

Admiral Appakorn has also suggested that diving will be restricted for foreign drivers, not for the Seals as they don’t know how to dive into caves. The training they receive is limited to open-sea diving. That’s when Rick proposes his controversial plan of making the children anesthetized to take them out as boxes. They suggest the name of Dr. Harris to execute the strategy. He is not only an anesthetist, in addition, but he is also an underwater diver – an uncommon combination that cannot find anywhere else on the planet. Noon arrives at the location and sets up an informal base camp for the weather at Pha Mee hill to help.

For the first time in his life, He gets agitated when the boys play on an unoccupied night, and he nearly chokes because of the low oxygen. The situation is getting tenser for everyone. Harris arrives along with his friend Craig who provides valuable insight into the meeting to help determine the best strategy. Harris proposes that only an individual diver get the boy out and that they wear masks with pressure to keep the diver from getting drowned. The Governor is in agreement with the proposal. On the other hand, the minister’s assistance tests the idea of pumping oxygen through pipes to the caves. The drill is not successful because the pipes leak into between the waters.

Harris talks with other medical professionals and focuses on ketamine as a drug used to anesthetize boys. Four masks of varying sizes are carried in a complete military aircraft for the trip. The Governor talks with the parents about the best option for taking them outside or keeping them inside contrary to the advice of the minister’s aide. They sign releases to confirm their decision and consent to go with the potentially dangerous procedure with the exception of one parent.

The boys are now walking on eggshells around Eak however the coach apologizes for dragging them all into this. The boys however are tolerant and insist that it’s not his responsibility. Outside, the initial test to determine the anesthetic method is performed on Boon-naam, a lucky boy who was not in the cave on the day.

The divers realize that after a few minutes the child couldn’t endure the pain anymore and decided to go out. This gives them a reason to believe that taking the boys out while they’re conscious could cause harm to them and the diver.

Inside, Mark’s health isn’t ideal, but it is good enough to make it through until rescue. One of the mothers goes to the monk and asks for guidance and assistance to remain healthy for her little one. This is when we hear the story of Kisa Gotami as it is described in the episode’s title. When her child passed away she was devastated. She nearly lost her thoughts due to sadness. She turns to the Buddha to get guidance. The wise man advises them she could gather mustard seeds from families in the village that have never had a death experience and save her child from the grave. However, she’s not able to gather even one seed.

Noon is forecast to see more heavy rain for the next few days. The Interior official’s proposal is not likely to be followed. Further tests must be conducted to ensure that the pipe does not leak as it enters the chambers as it will when examined outside. A few parents aren’t able to sign the forms, and the Governor asks parents to sign the forms as otherwise, the operation won’t go ahead. The mother who went to the monk signs the form after being convinced by the parable of Gotami and the notion that the loss of loved ones can be inevitable throughout life. Craig suggests to Harris in the event that Harris is unable to accept the possibility of the death of a single child then he must say no to the rescue.

Noon announces breaking news for the entire camp. The storm is getting worse and the pumps will not remain in place. Rick and John declare that if this happens, the dive can’t proceed without Harris. Then the doctor arrives and gives his approval to administer drugs to the boys but is seeking full control over the “patients”.

When the official persuades the minister to take his way – in order to keep the boys safe the governor comes into the room and announces Noon and the forecast for the next day. If they don’t start the rescue mission within the next few hours they will be gone forever.

The Minister has finally come to the conclusion that there’s no option to take other than getting them off. The odds of success are very slim however the odds aren’t unbeatable. If they’re kept inside the ring, they’ll never have any chance. They meet one last time before the Premier Minister who approves of their plans.

The Episode Review

It’s amazing to observe how the faith of parents as well as the spiritual heritage of Thailand emerges in this film. Because of the presence of Thai personnel at the beginning of the concept stage, Thai Cave Rescue proudly highlights the thing that helped keep the parents in the tough times.

A monologue by Nomham on simply believing in her own life is a powerful message and is a symbol of the difficult times. Coach Each has truly turned the tide in the favor of the boys, and this episode proved that he was also human and shattered under emotional strain.

The different viewpoints that the Netflix series has hinted at add layers to the story. It’s not just covering up the rescue process but the essence of the story which stands out.

With just one episode left the rescue has entered its final phases. We know what happens next, but will it stop us from sticking our fingers to the TV and cheering for the rescuers? It’s probably not.


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