Thai Cave Rescue – Season 1 Episode 2

To Not Offend the Gods

Episode 2 of Thai Cave Rescue opens at the point that Tee calls his Coach on his end and informs him that there is something to be done. Each draws out a rope, which is attached to one end by himself. He provides a second end to the children and instructs them to climb beneath the rocks to tie the rope to the other end so that they are able to push their way through.

If Oak is on the opposite side of the river current is too powerful. It throws him into the rocks, and he gets toppled over the top of his head. The kids realize they’re having a problem and begin pulling Eak away. Each awakes and informs that he shouldn’t need to pass through. Coach attempts to motivate youngsters to keep them safe, but they are stuck.

It is the Governor who is in the national park, and Pim can take the Governor to his family. He directs Pim to set up a command center that coordinates the rescue efforts. He also goes to the church where parents who are worried attend worship. One mother is requesting Governor Pim to pray for the children as they believe that children are causing trouble for the spirit of the cave. He states that the scientific method is his principal conviction but he believes in spirits.

The boys don’t seem to be concerned however they’re worried enough that Each declares that he’s going to test the rope once again. Mark’s mom discovers that he’s stuck inside the cave at the beginning of the morning and goes into the cave. A seasoned Cave diver Vern Unsworth sketches a sketch of the cave and engages in an exchange with the Governor. Vern claims that this cave is massive in size and is situated in the west of Myanmar. Due to the small openings as well as the narrow cave that allow water to enter the cave quickly. The cave is susceptible to flooding with monsoon rains to the extent that it’s closed to all.

The interior is completely submerged. Vern has organized an emergency team from the nearby area for entry. It’s going to be an obstacle when the roads narrowly begin to be submerged one after another. Inside the cave, the youngsters are terrified by the rapid rumbling of the flash flooding. They swiftly advance towards higher elevations.

The rescue team includes Bow’s father. They arrive without any chance. They weren’t able to reach the area and were worried that Biw’s sons might be drowning. Vern states that they were allowed to reach chamber 3. Then the water was able to pull away. Rooms 4, as well as 5, have been flooded after which they go to the junction of T. Sam Yak. The pathway is divided in two. If they took the wrong path, they would drown.

We can, however, tell through Tee and Night’s conversation that they were traveling in the other direction towards Pattaya within the region the point where Vern says they have a better chance of succeeding. Vern states that the present situation and the lack of vision will require extremely adept, well-fit cave divers. Perhaps Navy SEALs. Governor Vern calls for the Interior Ministry to send the SEALs. The senior official warns that in the event that the situation becomes worse over this mission the SEALs along with Governors will be fired. He reluctantly agrees as the soldiers make their way to Pattaya. We can tell the fear and despair begin to slowly creep over the men. They’re starting to feel anxious and worried about their own lives. Each soothes them and assures them that they will not be killed in the cave.

He urges everyone not to be anxious and to breathe deeply and concentrate. Each is still haunted by nightmares of when his father’s funeral was held. He recalls how monks made him sit and think at the monastery during the moment when it was time to carry out. Adul, Phong, and others also take advantage of Eak’s advice. The advice can help them rest. On the outside, one sees that the mother of Mark is not able to pass through the security checkpoint. The woman is from the United States and her son is not on those official papers. She is able to recognize Nop and makes a call to Nop, drawing the Governor’s focus. Media members join in too.

She has referred Mark To Nop He states they know the kid but Mark hasn’t attended the training for a couple of days. Namhom claims that she does not have Thai papers and that she is from Kengtung which could result in her being deported if she believes Mark is from Kengtung. Namhom is permitted to stay at the governor’s side until more information is gathered. Each gets up Phong to take Namhom on her way to Myanmar outside, leaving Tee as the leader of their team. Phong jumps over Each and weeps at his face when he realizes the road is not going to end. Phong confesses to Eak about not having his grandmother as his mother and having a dispute with Each.

Eak speaks with Phong about the loss of his father and how the family was without relatives. He explains that the uncle who had left him was in the monastery to continue his studies and admitted to him that he wasn’t thrilled initially. But eventually, the monk walked out and informed Phong to come out, too. In the midst of all this, Phong notices writing on the wall. He yells with joy. The SEALs show up all day long after the cave was entered by the soldiers. Captain Akkaporn is the head of. He is accompanied by a doctor. Pak assists the SEALs. He explains that the lack of food and water for soldiers isn’t necessarily a problem. The script reads “this way out”. Each insists on working together to figure out the way out. The soldiers are cautious, but they start volunteering after Eak encourages them.

Vern gives SEALs an explanation of the possibility of their position beyond chamber 3. Seal personnel is alerted to the cave’s unique terrain with sharper twists and sudden tunnel openings that appear to be narrow pathways. The SEALs return without any proof positive and say that they did not consider the seriousness of the situation. They’ll come back in the future. Numerous attempts were unsuccessful. Governor Vern and SEALs will meet. Governor Vern is in dispute with the SEALs to change to a different strategy as they’ve not been able to pass through chamber 3. Vern suggests hiring experts to assist the SEALs to help them understand the.

Rick Stanton and John Volanthen are named after Coventry, England. Eric Brown is a name that comes from the name of Vancouver Canada. Maksim is the name of a person who is believed originated from Kyrenia, Cyprus. There are many others who are taking that leap. Super team, as they refer to it is gathering at the base. Governor Brown congratulates the team for being there and explains their importance to the current crisis.

Divers have said that they have different equipment to dive in open water than when they dive in. They’ll lay out an arc from the initial chamber to the point where youngsters must navigate through the murky silt water. The day is seven with the weather becoming more difficult. However, divers from other countries are making tremendous progress in establishing the guideline in the tougher chambers.

Dr. Pak Dr. Pak explains the two challenges confronting the boys at the moment The first concern is the food. The body is in ketosis, in which bodies eat their own muscles to live. Furthermore, they suffer from low oxygen levels is dangerous. Since they’re in an enclosed space the oxygen levels will soon reach dangerous levels. Every second, they’re dying.

As the rains become worse, the Governor is in charge of the divers being pulled out. They can’t save any more deaths. Each is losing his balance and is losing hope. The governor is visible walking toward Namhom who has lit candles in honor of each boy, and Oak as part of the traditional Shan customs.

He claims that his scientific research is not working and it’s now for him to pray, but to believe that prayers can change the world. When they request prayers, the rains will cease.

The TMD telephone calls to inform them of an incredibly small interruption during the downpour. The Governor asks whether divers are ready to dive and they respond”yes. This reprieve turns out to be a great opportunity for divers to progress. They are able to enter chamber nine inside the cave. On the ninth day, they find the boys in the cave alive. Divers are carrying cameras onboard while they film the children and then return the footage. Parents review the footage and the thirteenth name is added to the wall. Mark is officially the littlest boy that has been trapped within the cave.

The Episode Review

The second episode is more or less follows the path taken by the first episode and illustrates how Eak’s rescue plans will play out in the upcoming episode. The focus will be on the men and how Each helps them with their recovery and helps maintain their health while providing a general overview of the entire process.

The role of the most insignificant rescuers is acknowledged and their efforts serve the bigger picture. The accuracy of the search isn’t a primary issue as is shown in episode 2.


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