Thai Cave Rescue – Season 1 Episode 4 “Lucky Baht”

Lucky Baht

Since the water levels are down the daily supply runs can be planned. The problem in Episode 4 of Thai Cave Rescue, is that they don’t have a precise plan.

The Thai SEALs as well as American forces have devised an idea to put an inflatable tube into the cave, and instruct the youngsters to scuba dive. They’ll set up oxygen tanks inside each of the chambers in order to ensure that there is enough juice available for them to enter and return out. John and Rick aren’t convinced that this will be a success. They won’t be able to master Scuba in the short time they have and the conditions underwater are among the worst conditions they’ve witnessed.

Seals bring important to note by Dr. Pak. Oxygen levels are rapidly diminished. The plan devised by special forces will require longer to take effect. The men will die of a lack of oxygen at that point. Sam Kunan, a retired Navy SEAL, is sought to help bring oxygen tanks to the area.

He’s back to duty. Kelly states that they’ve managed to lower the level and are capable of keeping them at a low level so that divers can go into it. But they’re quickly finding a place to dispose of the water. Pim shows farms that can manage levels but the whole crop is going to be destroyed. The governor assigns them to speak to farmers.

Rick and John visit the room and ask how many boys can swim. A lot of hands are raised, but not one when they inquire about Scuba. The boys are afraid when they discover they’ll need to dive from the water. However, they go through a training session and are more confident. Kelly and Pim have the ability to convince farmers. When a tee is into a dive test and is underwater, he won’t last for more than a minute before he panics and dives out. The diver tries again but is faced with the same issue. Rick and John conclude that they are unable to solve the problem with this method. The oxygen tanks’ supply isn’t what they expected. They’ll need to come up with a new strategy.

Sam informs his wife will be back the following day. There isn’t enough to go around and the kids can’t be saved. She’s glad she will see him again, but she is sad for the children. Kelly speaks to the farmer who convinced others to let their fields flood. Kelly is optimistic and promises to provide her family with Khao Soi instead of rice.

In the middle of nowhere and back at camp, they find the tanks they require but don’t know who has sent them. Bailey speaks to Tee in silence. Tee is adrift and feels guilt for his error that has caused his father to quit his job and join us.

The family is barely able to make enough money and will have to relocate when he’s out. He’s disappointed all around him. However, Baitoey assures him that the only thing he has to do is breathe and get out alive. With the tanks in position, Chet asks Sam to take another dive. However, Sam doesn’t make it back. He’s the first casualty during this rescue mission.


The Episode Review

The death of Officer Kunan was a huge national incident and was a painful reality for rescuers. The margin of error was insignificant. It was a true one-sided game, and there was no gray zone between the two. Kunan’s death united the group and proved to be an important event in the story of rescue.

In the absence of his dedication, likely having the incentive to pay tribute to his legacy would not have been able to be derived from the process. Episode 4 is a heartfelt tribute to the nation’s treasure and the remarkable contribution he made to the cause of his people.

A major difference between the narration of Thai Cave Rescue is that it focuses on the whole team effort. Rick and John were the best at diving and helping the boys to dive but haven’t been shown as the role of the enforcer in the series.

With such a massive group of actors, keeping track of time for everyone is a challenging task. That’s why the choice of going the opposite is to be a better option.

The female representation and subtexts of inclusion may have been the norm for Thai Cave Rescue. It’s really irritating that Kelly, Pim, and Noon were received as fictional characters based on real-life people (all males) with such a plethora of attention.


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