The Best CGI Anime of All Time

There are many television shows available and, especially in this glorious era of streaming TV, there is a variety of choices that have never been greater. How do you distinguish the noise and locate what’s the “Best of” for any subject? We’re here to help you celebrate and highlight some of the most recent best, most stunning, and most memorable shows over the decades.

In the ongoing collection of articles that showcase the top anime, our focus is now on shows that feature the finest CGI. From breathtaking images to beautifully crafted storylines It’s a fantastic selection to sti

Land of the Lustrous

The Land of the Lustrous

The Best CGI Anime of All Time

Land of the Lustrous uses its CGI efficiently. Characters move at a stunning rate, and the design is somewhat refined. The visuals aside, this show includes a host of memorable characters that carry a lot of pressure on their bodies. The story takes place in a universe that is populated by crystals, which are known as Gems residing on the earth.

The Gems protect their homelands against evil forces known as Lunarians. The Lunarians want to hurt Gems and make use of their body parts to decorate. On the other side of the story lies our main character Phosphophyllite (Phos) Phosphophyllite (Phos) is Gems that only want to aid others in the battle to defeat the Lunarians.

Despite not being given the chance, Phos meets Cinnabar, who was also excluded from helping in the battle. Thus, the show tells the story of Phos and Cinnabar’s search to find a job for their respective characters. The show is an intriguing story that is packed with tension and mystery. There’s enough action that will keep anime enthusiasts entertained for a long time.

Knights of Sidonia

The Best CGI Anime of All Time

Knights of Sidonia is another animated series that is brought to life with CGI. While there were many negative opinions prior to the release of the show, many viewers were enthralled by the experience. The anime is able to employ CGI effectively throughout the entire film, particularly when characters are engaged in a battle against a multitude of foes.

However, it can take some time for fans to adapt to the style of this anime and the movements of the characters. After a while, when you’re halfway through this show, you’ll get used to the CGI-styled settings characters, designs for the characters, and animation. The absence of CGI aside, the storyline is thrilling enough to keep viewers interested.

Knights of Sidonia is a show that is known for its flamboyance and the latest technological advances within its community. The show knows how to construct its tension-filled scenes well and also offers a few moments of humor to give viewers some breathing space. But it’s not original in its plot; Knights of Sidonia pieces together a well-crafted story that is worth watching.

Stand By Me Doraemon

The Best CGI Anime of All Time

A film based on anime, Stand By Me Doraemon offers one of the most effective uses of CGI animation available. Although it’s true that the Doraemon series isn’t quite as well-known in the West but this movie is a model to set the standard for CGI anime. At first glance, it appears like it’s a Pixar film, with its roly-poly but refined characters.

Doraemon fans will particularly appreciate this show to witness characters such as Nobita as well as Doraemon in a new and exciting way. The visuals aside, this show is a great story that revolves around family values and friendship. The pacing of Stand By Me Doraemon isn’t ideal, however. Sometimes, the events go too quickly or slowly. They do not have a moderate flow.

The storyline in this film is an update from the initial few seasons and isn’t a lot of new material. The film focuses on the love story of Nobita more than the show. This is a great way to begin for those who haven’t watched Doraemon. It provides enough details about the characters and their struggles that will propel you into this captivating sci-fi universe.

Gantz 0

The Best CGI Anime of All Time

To many of its fans, Gantz 0 is the ideal example of 3D CGI-based animation. The animation’s visuals are sure to impress viewers with the way everything appears realistic. The style of animation made to make monsters appear more gruesome. the camera and lighting are equally amazing.

Given that Gantz has a theme of horror in the tv show the fans can anticipate a lot of gore in Gantz zero. It is filled with all kinds of bloodshed, from head explosions to limbs snapping. The music design used to these action sequences makes these scenes thrilling to take in.

The film is set up to make the players of the team and the world in a way that is appealing to newcomers, most recommend reading Gantz’s original material. The film has some tweaks in the original source material, however, it’s recommended to read the manga prior to stepping into this gory film.


The Best CGI Anime of All Time

Beastars is among the Netflix shows that made waves within the world of anime. Although it is a show with an all-animal cast the characters of this show have lots of humanistic characteristics and face many human-like problems, including love, racism as well as other issues.

This is an animated series that everyone should watch due to its mature storytelling. The show is full of entertaining action and slice-of-life moments worth watching. The themes and messages they explore are of the highest quality and relevant to the issues that plague humanity in the present.

Our story is set in an environment where carnivores, as well as herbivores, share a common space. Peace is destroyed when a herbivore called Tem dies on a tragic night. A large number of animals believe that Tem’s companion Legoshi is the culprit since it’s a Wolf. Although he’s not the most attractive, Legos is the sweetest creature that exists.

A day passes and Legoshi’s drama club mate Louis is Tem’s replacement and instructs Legoshi to search for any suspicious items. While on duty, Legoshi meets a white dwarf rabbit called Haru who is snubbed by her fellow rabbits. Amid a host of problems relating to his feelings towards Haru while keeping his prey-like nature under control, Legoshi embarks on a mission to prove to the world that predators do not behave the same way.

We’ve shared our opinions about Beastars in our complete season review here!


The Best CGI Anime of All Time

Even though Final Fantasy delivers incredible storytelling through video games, the animated offerings aren’t exactly a good fit in the context of other games. The only time, was the debut of Kingsglaive when fans began to take their animated films seriously. The story centers around an imposing empire known as Niflheim. They aim to acquire all the strength of the final known Crystal which is being held in the city of Lucis, their rival kingdom. of Insomnia.

To defend Lucis’s people Lucis’s King Regis has a mystical wall around Insomnia and creates an elite team of warriors known as the Kingsglaive. The Kingsglaive defend Lucis’s borders by taking their authority from Regis. Nyx is an active Kingsglaive member who is known as “The Hero” and can be found at the forefront of all this. With a lot of confidence and pride, Nyx gets demoted by his captain.

The afterword is spread that Regis is planning to negotiate a peace agreement with their sworn enemies Nyx alters his tactics. It follows changes that follow. Visually, the anime has stunning animation and imagery. Everything from the background to the action scenes feels engrossing. The story is good in comparison to Final Fantasy standards and spends time showing the struggle our characters face.

If you’re in search of a CGI anime that has stunning visuals and fantastic characters, then check out Kingsglaive.

Lupin The III The Third

For a lot of Lupin III admirers, Hayao Miyazaki’s The Castle of Cagliostro is unrivaled regarding his portrayal of anime’s most famous thief. Then, with the debut of this stunning CGI film, Miyazaki finally found his adversaries. The animation in this film is breathtaking and rivals the quality of Pixar films.

From the way that our characters express themselves on the screen to the fluidity of movement, this film is an exquisite and captivating version of Lupin III. The story of this movie is that Lupin III along with his companions is hunting for a mysterious artifact dubbed Bresson Diary. Bresson’s Diary before an evildoer is able to use it to revive the terrifying entity called”the Third Reich.

Like many Lupin III movies that we’ve seen, this one features our characters taking on a variety of trap-filled burials, prison escapes, and tombs. To a certain extent, the film is in the spirit of Indiana Jones’ notorious adventures. The soundtrack is just as impressive as the animation’s graphics and its tunes are sure to draw viewers to join in and sing.

Although the main cast members don’t change much, however, the new characters and villains that are introduced in the film leave an unforgettable impression. If you’re looking for a heist that’ll get the adrenaline flowing, take a look at Lupin’s The Third: The First.

Dragon Quest Your Story

The Best CGI Anime of All Time

Similar to Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest is a cherished and significant game franchise within the game industry. It was the catalyst for many other JRPGs and continues to delight players with each new game. There are numerous animated series in this franchise that are worth exploring including Dragon Quest Your Story is one of them.

The anime is based on Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride which is a fantastic entry worth watching. This is a story about a boy called Luca who has to locate a hero with the sword of zeniths to protect his mother from a savage necromancer whose name is Ladja.

The anime doesn’t reinterpret Toriyama’s style of art exceptionally well. Some of the character designs aren’t equal amount to the stunning 2D art he drew from his. However, that’s to say that it’s not all bad. The CGI is a masterful way of conveying the characters’ emotions via body movements and facial expressions.

The narrative may feel a bit too much since it tries to squeeze lots of content from the game into the movie. Despite its issues with the story and a bizarre style of art, Dragon Quest Your Story is a worthy enough film to merit your time.


Blame is a great action-based sci-fi thriller. This is a series that will be more enjoyable if you’ve read the original source material. While it is able to cover the first story episode beautifully, it doesn’t have the whole storyline. Although it’s not an accurate adaptation, however, it does make up for it with its stunning images.

In the film, we follow Zuru who is on a hunt to find food in the post-apocalyptic world. Zuru is attacked by the city’s robots because one of her team members activates an AI-based defense system. The team is saved by a guy known as Killy. In spite of his actions, Zuru does not trust Killy’s motives and doubts his intentions.

Killy confesses that the city is underground and is seeking out people with genes that can destroy the city’s defense programs. After hearing his story, Zuru and her team join Killy in the search for Genes that will protect humanity’s future.

The film fails to convey enough personality to our cast and time to make an unforgettable impression on people. It relies on its stunning images and jaw-dropping animation to convey its message. While the action scenes featuring Zuru and other characters are sure to captivate viewers, however, there may not be enough for every person. If you’re in search of a CGI anime that has captivating imagery you should check out Blame.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The Best CGI Anime of All Time

The Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series has turned into a major force within the realm of manga and animation again. With the introduction of god-like deities as well as changes, the series rose from the ashes and blew fans with its amazing combat scenes. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Super Hero) is a different modern Dragon Ball film to receive the same worldwide release as Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Broly).

It is a continuation of the film and is set close to the end of Dragon Ball Z. The film revolves around Gohan, Piccolo, and other side characters who fight the newly-formed Red Ribbon army led by Magenta, an evildoer. Magenta. The show is more in the slice-of-life elements in Dragon Ball.

Goku, as well as Vegeta, aren’t the main characters since they give the role to Gohan, Piccolo, and other characters from the side. In addition, Super Hero is a very experiment-based film. Toei Animation wanted to tamper with a brand new 2D as well as 3D CGI style and not like Broly. Certain scenes will appear unsettling while others will look polished.


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