The Black Phone (2022) Movie Review

A Blumhouse production that is among its most memorable productions

It is inspired by Joe Hill’s short story with the same title, The Black Phone is a dark and disturbing story that is set in a tiny Colorado town in the year 1978. Although it isn’t based on actual circumstances, the story is still relatable to those who were born in the era, since it was a time in time when it was common to see the faces of children who were missing appearing on the back of milk bottles.

Unfortunately, many of the children weren’t seen again, and this is what happens in Scott Derickson’s ( Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) movie in which a number of children disappeared without a trace. The identity of the abductor isn’t known however, one child, Gwen (Madeline McGraw) is psychically gifted and can provide clues to the Grabber who is a mythological figure that name alone evokes alarm in the kids in the neighborhood.

Her 13-year-old son Finney (Mason Thames) is a victim of the masked beast, Gwen tells her unbelieving father (Jeremy Davies) that he’s the one responsible for the kidnapping of Finney. He’s not listening but the local police who are desperate in search of a credible clue, are able to listen and begin their hunt for the hapless teenage victim.

While this is happening, Finney, now locked inside an unlit basement, starts to plan his escape. The chances of survival for Finney are slim since the Grabber is stronger and more powerful than Finney. Thankfully, help will come when the black phone that is disconnected in the corner suddenly begins to begin to ring. The people on opposite sides of the line don’t call center employees trying to convince Finney to change to a more reliable broadband story. They are, in fact, ghosts of Grabber’s former victims who counsel Finney about what he must do in order to avoid the horrible fate that could otherwise be his.

This isn’t the only film that focuses on the suffering of children who have been abducted, but as it weaves in supernatural themes into its terrifying tale, it gives an entirely new perspective on movies you’ve seen previously. Through its focus on high school violence, child abuse, and violence from parents It is a very disturbing film and the dark and oppressive atmosphere Derrickson creates contributes to the dark tone of the tale he’s telling.

There will be moments when you feel trapped like Finney is, and with no chance of a positive outcome as you watch the hapless teenager fail to escape the clutches of the killer. The moment the phone rings that you start to feel hopeful, but knowing that the spirits who called were unable to escape the Grabber and your heart could sink when you think that Finney will suffer the same fate.

It’s not fair for me to provide more details about the plot, but If you’re determined enough to take on this terrifying horror film it is possible to learn more about the twists and turns for yourself. I suggest going to watch this movie as it’s one of the top horror films in recent years.

Hawkes is a sly and sinister character as the child-stealing serial killer and manages to chill bones each moment he’s on screen. However, while he’ll be the actor the most talked about by people who watch this film, however, it’s the Thames who probably delivers the most convincing performance, as it is his job to convey the terror-stricken look on his terrified young face. He’s a master in this role, and, if there’s any justice then he’ll be able to enjoy the same actor’s career Hawke who made a splash in the role of a kid actor in the 1980s.

In the small-town setting and the story of kids in peril, there are obvious parallels that can be drawn with the TV series IT as well as other Stranger Things however the credit goes to director Derrickson who is able to tell an account that could be more frightening. Pennywise is a terrifying and disturbing creature, however, there’s something more terrifying about a creature that takes children captive for his insane enjoyment than a multi-dimensional creature that we can’t identify with. The Grabber is frightening because we know that there are people around the globe who are just like the Grabber, even though they don’t have terrifying masks that conceal their identities. Parents who watch “The Black Phone will surely be thinking twice about leaving their children on around the streets in peace after watching this movie!

In the majority, the film is intense and terrifying, with fantastic opening sequences that allow us to know more about Finney and the other teenagers in the neighborhood. The scene of abduction is chilling, and the scenes where we are both able to feel and see the ghosts of the victims of the Grabber are well-recreated.

The only negatives of the film Black Phone are the abrupt ending and the absence of background information about the Grabber. The flaws are not major in an extremely enjoyable film. However, If Derrickson would have taken the time to create the story in a more comprehensive manner it could have become the next classic.

There is a lot to love about this film, however, even though “like” is not the right word in a discussion of a film that deals with kid abduction and murder. It’s among Blumhouse’s top productions, and it will probably keep you awake for days following. It’s possibly Derickson’s finest feature (although Sinister is an excellent choice) and proves that horror films still create a sense of horror without the need for a ton of violence and gore.


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