The Boy (2016) Ending Explained – Is the doll really alive?

The Boy Plot Synopsis

Greta Evans Greta Evans, a troubled American girl, arrives living in Britain to serve as a nanny for a rich and wealthy couple’s young son Brahms. She is, however, awestruck to discover that the boy is actually the size of a doll. Though it will be more simple, Greta happily takes the task.

To her horror, the mystery surrounding Brahms begins to unravel and it’s much more bizarre than initially thought.

What happens upon Greta’s arrival?

Greta is welcomed by Brahm’s grandparents The Heelshires They appear nothing other than happy. The Heelshires introduce Greta to their son, Brahms – a life-sized porcelain doll for children.

When you leave for a vacation, Heelshires give clear instructions for her to take charge of the child. Greta’s job includes all the things a nanny requires to provide food, clean, and read.

Greta isn’t paying attention to Heelshires instructions. Instead, Greta treats her doll as an actual doll. She’s frequently on phone with her sister, who describes the frightening environment she’s working in. In the meantime, Malcolm, a grocery delivery man, builds a strong relationship with Greta.

What’s the secret of Heelshires?

When Greta inquires concerning Brahms, Malcolm informs her that Brahms was killed in a fire that occurred on his birthday, which was a couple of decades ago. The family is trying to preserve his memory by giving a doll a massage.

The real drama for Greta starts when Malcolm is asked to take her out on a date. Her clothes and jewelry disappear when she is showering. She heads to the attic to check out the terrifying noises she heard. Then an invisibly encircling force seals her inside and allows her to leave the next day.

Uncanny happenings continue

Greta begins to sense an unsettling presence in the house, however, she is determined to keep her cool. Strange noises keep haunting her. She can even hear an infant’s voice, perhaps Brahms. She gets a phone call possibly from Brahm’s spirit to look after the doll the way she was instructed to.

The girl finds her favorite sandwich of peanut butter and jelly outside her bedroom. Believing in the presence of the spirit within her doll, she immediately begins doing her job with seriousness and follows the guidelines she received from Heelshires.

If you feel that Brahms isn’t dangerous If treated with respect and affection, Greta starts having a kind of fun with Brahms. When she discusses that with Malcolm who is her father, he informs her to be aware – since one of the girls Brahms was close with was found dead, his head crushed. He also died in the flames shortly afterward.

Greta however, having suffered a miscarriage assault by her abusive lover, Cole, continues to watch Brahms. Away from the scene in the unknown location, the Heelshires end their lives by writing an open note to Brahms.

What is Brahms’s real message?

Cole Greta’s abusive boyfriend arrives to take Greta returning to the US. Conscient that Cole’s tendencies to be violent Malcolm is able to stay with Greta. Cole is handed a note in blood, advising him to return. In anger, he slams the doll into pieces.

In a moment, the walls begin shaking, and the mirror breaks. The mirror is smashed through the wall gap, and Brahms, now an adult encases his face with a mask of porcelain. In a flash he kills Cole. Brahms is living in a cave since his face was disfigured during the flames.

As she tries to escape, Greta discovers a doll comprised of her dress hair and jewelry. Greta also finds a letter from Brahm’s family that says they knew all things, and that they had deliberately identified Greta in order to make her Brahms” mate or a victim.

To help Malcolm, Greta returns to the house and instructs Malcolm to behave like a nanny to which he seems to be reacting positively.

But, when he attempts to kiss her, Greta stabs him, and she escapes along with Malcolm. In the final scene, Brahms is shown taking care of the doll.


In the end, the doll wasn’t moving around on its own but it was Brahms all the time.



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