The Calling – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Hand of Diligent”

Danny has a vision that he believes is real. Elisabeth visited Danny and told him that she was finally heading back to her home. Danny contacts Paul to discuss it. Paul tells him the story when he comes back.

The Hand of Diligent

Paul isn’t convinced that he is actually telling his children that she may never return. Earl is furious at Brad who is trying to silence Anna. Avi soothes him and explains that they’re not certain. Brad is trying to get Marcie to his side, opposing her to the police. She isn’t sure about the incident. Kathleen has been requesting Janine to keep an eye on Avi because he’s too involved in the investigation.

When Paul arrives on the scene, they employ the bad cop and the good cop to take him down. Paul is concerned about Danny and has brought him to Dr. Sands, his therapist. The detectives’ plan is working as Paul permits Avi access to his computer as well as other devices to look for clues. The three snatch the Holts on the outside of their building. As Earl and Janine are attempting to sway Brad in the Anna incident, Avi politely convinces Marcie to visit the station, where he informs her about the saga. John has an important detail to disclose to Avi but he is unable to do so at the moment. John requests to meet later with Avi to discuss the matter.

Earl is becoming more critical and is more influenced by Brad. This has in common with his history and Kathleen warns Earl that he’s falling into old ways of thinking. Marcie is enraged. She had no prior knowledge and is therefore not suspect. She can’t explain why she was with Brad the night before. Avi assures Earl about his situation and the internal conflict. However, he must be more effective in controlling his emotions and avoid getting them to cloud his ability to think clearly. He’s made a significant leap from the time Avi first met him.

There’s something to be said about the making of an explosion in Brad’s computer’s history, almost confirming his guilt of his. Anna is back in consciousness and is able to explain to the cops that Brad and she had an affair some time back. Marcie was the first to know and that’s why she was able to remove Gabrielle from the daycare. Anna was also feeling guilty, but Brad made her do it again, and that was the moment that Earl took them in. Anna was scared of what Brad could be able to do to her and her children if she didn’t adhere to it.

Earl is keen to detain Brad and the three of them go to his home. When Brad is able to see Avi trying to escape, he decides to escape. Janine is trying to stop him in the back of the entrance and Earl is involved in a fight with Brad. Earl remembers Avi’s words and does not do enough to avoid using excessive force against Brad however Janine believes otherwise. She is convinced that she has erroneously hidden her own face in front of Kathleen when Brad makes the complaint. In the evening she visits Avi to determine that Earl is really an individual who has tinkered with procedures and could be in violation of rights.

Avi defends his companion and friend. Janine takes a stand against Avim and says she will not defend anyone when they are not in the right. Detectives surprise Paul at his new workplace and Avi discusses with the man his job and the way it gives satisfaction. Janine talks about the job being terminated and Paul begins to become angry. Paul says that she will never leave her job. But he is caught out in the middle when Janine speaks of the lost money on cryptocurrency. He then attempts to steer the conversation to Elisabeth who is suffering from suicidal tendencies since she lost the money. But the police aren’t convinced.

They are close to Hanney. He scolds Paul and says that he scolded Elisabeth. He believes in the story that he shared with them earlier. The detectives aren’t getting more than a few steps away from an answer to Elisabeth at the time they began the investigation. Avi looks out over the ocean, with thoughts of his father’s death and his time playing with the back across his eyes.

The Episode Review

There’s still plenty of steam to go in the film’s universe. With just one episode left to go, it is unlikely that the entire story is tied in a timely manner. Could it be a sign that we’ll have another season?

Episode 7 also revealed the main reason behind Brad’s actions, and Brad as the primary perp. It was far too easy for the scriptwriters to come up with this intriguing decision, and it’s disappointing. Elisabeth’s missing cases are not yet resolved, while Avi & Janine remain moving closer with each detail.

Avi’s personal issues are taking hold of his character. This is a good chance for the character who was already emotionally overwhelmed. The plot is pointing towards a grand finale however, something suggests that the ending might not be the best for everyone.


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