The Conjuring (2013) Ending Explained – Does the exorcism help?

The Conjuring Plot Synopsis

In the year 1971, Carolyn, Roger, and their daughters are caught and confronted by a threatening force following their move to an old farmhouse that is in the remote region of Rhode Island. Experienced paranormal experts, Ed and Lorraine, are enlisted to help the family. Initial investigations show that the supernatural presence is more dangerous than originally believed. Exorcism is not the only alternative. But is it effective?

What happens upon the family’s arrival?

The Perron family is confronted by evil as they enter the farmhouse. Although the family appears to be well, their pet, Sadie, refuses to go inside and keeps screaming incessantly. On the same evening, during an evening game with the family one of the girls discovers the entryway to an unsettling cellar. Roger examines for a moment but finds nothing. The dog barks throughout the night, which is a source of concern for Carolyn. In the morning, Sadie is found dead and the family is unable to comprehend why.

The intensity of supernatural events continues to increase. When the youngest child of the clan is assaulted by a ghostly woman, Carolyn decides to call Ed and Lorraine to help her family. They immediately detect an apparition of dark spirits and their preliminary investigation confirms the suspicions. The experts suggest an exorcism, which will require approval from the authorities of the Catholic Church. They begin to collect evidence of supernatural forces within the home.

What do Ed and Lorraine find?

Ed and Lorraine are able to come up with the entire story of the farmhouse that the Perron family lives in. Based on their research, they believe that the home was the home of a wicked witch named Bathsheba. They say she cursed her land, before taking her own life through hanging. Their account of the curse is also confirmed by reports of suicides and the tragic fate of the land’s previous owners.

As they realize this isn’t a normal investigation, Ed and Lorraine return along with a detective and another expert in paranormal research, Drew. The team investigating creates devices to establish Bathsheba is in the home.

There isn’t much happening initially however, the sin in the area is evident. During the investigation, Lorraine is able to enter the cellar, where she sees the spirits of the people Bathsheba killed. Bathsheba appears to be possessed by mothers to kill their children that’s why Carolyn is the person she’s looking for.

Does the exorcism work?

Prior to when Ed and Lorraine are able to officially begin the exorcism process, they hear they have received that the Perron family’s lives could possibly be at risk. They race to the home to discover Carolyn being controlled by Bathsheba trying to murder the daughter she is possessed by. The situation is becoming out of hand and, with no time left, Ed is forced to perform the exorcism on his own while the other members of the team are attempting to control the possessed Carolyn.

To everyone’s dismay, the exorcism appears to make Carolyn more hostile and difficult to deal with Her efforts in sacrificing her daughter are likely to be intensifying. After a tiringly long process, the only thing that works is when Lorraine speaks about her family’s dreams.

Just as Carolyn is about to murder her child, Lorraine tells her to think about her family and the hopes she dreams for everyone. Lorraine demands that she put aside her thoughts for the sake of her family. As she listens to Lorraine, Carolyn starts to relax, and then she finally put her daughter to bed.



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