The Crown – Season 5 Episode 2 “The System” Recap & Review

The System

Episode 2 in The Crown Season 5 begins with Prince Philip making a new recording of his speech that is symbolic since the majority of the chapter is about how to tell a story. He is aware of the importance of every phrase when he speaks as part of the Royal family and the importance of using the proper terms.

He’s been greeted with sadness while discussing his love for carriage-driven driving in an interview. Leonora Knatchbull has died. When they get back from the funeral ceremony, Elizabeth advises Philip to go to see their godson Norton. They exchange heartfelt messages about how they can make each other better individuals. Elizabeth says, “Isn’t that the whole point of marriage?” It’s an odd assertion to Elizabeth in her own words, particularly considering that the majority of her children have miserable unions and do not seem in a position to make one another better people. In reality, they make the worst of their spouses.

When Philip arrives at Knatchbull’s home, Philip is surprised to discover that when he arrives at Knatchbull house, Penny acknowledges the fact that there are times when things weren’t always perfect between Penny and Norton. Philip talks about how hectic his day had been prior to meeting Elizabeth in a way that he was able to empathize with her and explain how the safety of being married resonated with him.

In this particular episode’s context, it’s interesting to observe the way Philip and Diana both had troubled childhoods saw marriage as an ideal solution for their upbringings that were traumatizing, and how their marriages have had different levels of success. However, Philip acknowledges that after the marriage, both individuals will always develop in different directions.

If Philip will soon goes to the house, he entices Penny to create an organization in memory of Leonora and to select an activity that will provide a pleasant distracting time. He suggests that she try and repair the “irreparable” carriage she gives him so that she can take pleasure in riding in the same way as he enjoys.

James Colthurst, a companion of Diana’s, tells her that a journalist has been writing a book on Diana and is looking to interview Diana in a recorded interview. The journalist then adds that they don’t need to meet in person. According to Morton, this is a chance for her to gain control of her story.

Diana is trying to stay clear of problems however, she is enthralled. James is also worried because of how foolish Diana might be. Evidently, Morton will be rich throughout the novel, however, James has to ensure that his friend doesn’t be harmed in the process. Morton suggests that, after having written the draft, Diana can choose to delete it if she wishes to.


James goes to Kensington Palace to assist Diana in recording the tapes. When confronted about the motives she says she’s tried every method, such as speaking to Prince Charles and calling the queen. She then reveals the worry that she has about the thing she loves most: her children.

Diana cannot afford to send her sons abroad without having to worry about the possibility of losing them, as they are part of the Royal family and could legally take control of the heirs to the throne and she is acutely aware of the pain that comes with losing touch with her mother who is not there personally. This particular scene is a reminder Diana’s struggles with emotional issues didn’t begin until she got married to an official from the Royal family however, it is certain that this has exacerbated and contributed to her suffering and sorrow. Her early years were extremely difficult too.

Diana discusses her difficult childhood and the events that led to her wedding day and her poor eating practices and the bulimia she suffered from, and the difficulties she had at her wedding. Diana states that the monarch or Camilla was her husband’s main and sole concern. In the final part, Diana talks about her attempted suicide in the past and confesses to having tried to commit suicide when she was pregnant with William.

Philip says that trying to ignore grieving is not an appropriate way to deal with grief. After a relaxed journey in the Knatchbull’s new car, Philip consoles Penny, who is clearly grieving about her child. He relates the way grieving swells into him and doesn’t go out of his body after losing the love of his life Cecile during a plane crash.

Penny is sure that she’ll be content one day but in a different manner, since he states that he’s learned to accept it and that’s what she will do too. It’s been clear in this show that the current Philip is softer than the earlier portrayals of Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

As Philip will soon go home, Penny gives him some important details. She informs Philip that Diana is believed to be linked to a book that isn’t very favorable to members of the Royal family.

James is on his bicycle when an unidentified white van hits the cyclist. When Morton returns home He finds out that it was emptied of trash, however, nothing has been removed. Diana believes that these incidents as well as the recording of sounds when she calls aren’t just random incidents, but more likely, someone is trying to take her.

After hearing about the book through Penny, Philip rushes to Kensington Palace. He admits that Diana is always dear to him and that he’s always with her. He argues that it is not true to see the Windsor’s as an individual family since they all are components of the same system.

In addition the author elaborates that public criticism harms society more so than does families. He advises her to behave in whatever she likes in the privacy of her home but to remain loyal to Charles and all the members of the Royal Family in public. She tries to clarify whether the man is suggesting she remain silent, and he agrees to leave her in a state of shock.

Philip Later, Philip tells Elizabeth about his meeting with Diana. He informs her that he told Diana that spouses should keep their secrets from each other and this is a source of concern for the Queen. He tries to let it go but he persists and creates a worse situation. God will always be watching and his wife reminds her husband of this, however, Philip believes that occasionally God takes a break. Big Guy takes a break.

Elizabeth changes her mind and goes away, utterly sad. Elizabeth is seen to be feeling confused because of the sudden 180-degree change from the intimate moment they experienced at the start of the show.

Diana: Her True Story written by Morton is available and is flying off the shelves across the globe in the present timeline of the series. Morton gives several interviews on the world-record-breaking biography before the show comes to an end. He honors his promises by saying that he only spoke to people who had the privilege of knowing Diana

Morton tells a reporter that “I can declare categorically that I did not interview the princess,” which, again, is a factual assertion. If asked if he feels uncomfortable about how the book portrays the Windsors, Morton paints the royal family as cruel, and he explains that they’re facing an unavoidable crisis of their own fault, and one which is likely to end in conflict.

The Episode Review

In the last episode, we witnessed Charles deliver a monologue on the Yacht that needs to be repaired despite the fact that they are sentimental about it. In light of this, whenever he talks to Diana Charles, he is not thinking about divorce, regardless of the sourness Diana and Charles their relationship has turned out to be.

Being aware of the love his son has for Camilla and how it’s evidently impacting the person who he claims to love Camilla receives difficult advice, stressing that Camilla’s Royal Family treats things better than how they treat their own people.

To date up to this point, the Crown has been inclined to support Diana’s viewpoint but has not been able to communicate Charles his argument in a fair manner in the interest of debate. Charles has fervent love for Camilla is portrayed as a scourge instead of being shown to be humane. How it affects Diana will be difficult to bear, however, how it affects Charles is equally tragic, and the portrayal of that is essential.

The episode focuses on Diana’s recordings and her struggles following being in an unhappy marriage as well as the effects of her eating disorder, particularly the bulimia disorder, her suicide attempts, and her tragic history. Elizabeth Debicki does an excellent job of portraying Diana’s struggles.


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