10 TV Shows Like ‘The Devil’s Hour’

The Devil’s Hour is a psychologically intense thriller that is available through Amazon Prime, and across the six episodes, it’s an enjoyable journey!

If you’ve watched this show and are seeking something like it, we’ve searched through our archives and spared us the trouble with our top 10 choices for alternative viewing. Of course, for all the shows we’ve reviewed we’ve provided a convenient link that lets you read our complete review of the show and decide if it’s something you’d like to spend your time into.

Sharp objects

Likenesses – Mystery & Characters

The psychologically and emotionally charged murder mysteries of Sharp Objects are as engaging as it is impressive in technical terms. From the stunning sound design to the flawless editing, each aspect of Sharp Objects is finely designed and tuned to create an intriguing mystery. The story follows a troubled reporter Camille who, despite her reluctance, is assigned to cover a violent murder in her hometown of Wind Gap. Beset by a turbulent history of depression and violence, Camille is a bit isolated from adults and is becoming more enmeshed with the children who the town’s killer is seeking out.

Shining Girls

Similarities – Time-Bending Murders and Distorted dashes of Realism

Based on the bestseller that has the same title, Shining Girls starts off with a straightforward premise. It gradually moves to build an eerie and uneasy tension across a large portion of the running time.

The story follows Kirby Mazrachi, a woman who is known as Kirby Mazrachi, who finds herself struggling after a brutal incident in the distant past. In a world of shifting and confusing reality, Kirby tries to make sense of her situation by keeping a journal to record any commonalities. But the constants don’t mean anything except for the fact that the smallest and most significant changes make her be unsure of what’s real and what’s not. It’s possible that her adversary, who is known as Harper is the main reason for all this.

As an archivist for the paper, Kirby teams up with an experienced reporter named Dan in their investigation of the murders of a number of people that extend back to the beginning of the 1900s. The problem is that Harper seems to be an inch ahead of them all the time. How? What secrets does he have? Can the two stop Harper from taking another life?


Similarities – Serial Murderer & Crime

The mouse will be a subject of debate and opinion. The show has lots of potential with a twisty, twisty tale about psychopaths and the underlying motivations that is driving them. It has 20 episodes, some of them nearly two hours long, as well as a number of specials that flesh out characters This is an amazing experience to watch.

The story follows Jung Ba-Reum, a new police officer at a substation of the police. Honest and dedicated and dependable, he is faced with the most impossible task, which is to track down the psychopath who has put the entire country in danger.

It’s a simple summary, but with multiple timelines, plenty of murders, and many shocking turns, Mouse is undoubtedly gripping but also complicated. It can be a bit frustrating, too So be aware of this. But, it’s certainly a memorable experience!

Losing Alice

Likenesses – Characters & Mystery

The show Losing Alice can be described as an Israeli slow-burn erotic drama. With a fascinating cast of characters, The show tends to veer off in the middle, but it has many similarities to The Devil’s Hour.

The plot centers around a woman named Alice who is a victim of a tragic accident. life turned upside down after she agrees to film an film for a female-Fatale screenwriter named Sophie.

As the story progresses, Alice realizes she’s stuck in a mishap that she created herself and is unsure of who to believe and who is telling the truth. Gorgeous images and a fairly consistent tone between the beginning and the conclusion of the series are enough to make you want to continue reading those middle sections.

Tabula Rasa

Likenesses – Slow Burn Mystery

If you’re looking for slow-burning thrillers check out Belgian’s Tabula Rasa. It has a captivating idea, solid actors, and tense suspense that makes you want to keep watching until the end, this crime thriller is definitely worth the time.

The psychological thriller is centered around an amnesia-stricken woman named Mie who is locked up in a secure hospital for psychiatric patients. When she gets an appointment from Detective Wolkers who declares to be the only person to have seen Thomas Spectre, who has disappeared.

As a witness and a prime suspect in the case, Mie must recall the events of that night, even before she could consider being released. To fight for what is truthful, Mie is forced into recovering her lost memories. As she recollects more the more Mie begins to doubt the people surrounding her.

The Sinner

Likenesses – Characters and Drama

From the very beginning, it’s evident that something isn’t quite right that lurks in the shadows in The Sinner. The initial season begins as a typical mystery thriller. A brief sequence of events leads to young mother Cora Tannetti stab at a man who is on the beach for no apparent reason.

The crime has already been committed and portrayed in a visceral way Two key questions drive the story forward – the reason she killed the victim and what prompted her to do this. The mystery looms over the entire show like a dark cloud. When Detective Harry Ambrose begins digging deeper and uncovers a puzzle that slowly opens boxes of clues sheds information about the motive behind the murder.

As the truth is revealed and some of the lies are exposed This meticulously paced mystery keeps the tension going right until the final climax which is a “why-dun” instead of a who-dun-it.

As the seasons advance, Harry Ambrose is the glue that holds the seasons together as various crimes come to light. In the first episode, it is certainly the most successful of the three, however.

The Chestnut Man

Likenesses – Mystery & Serial Murders

If you’re a lover of crime dramas, you will not regret taking in The Chestnut Man. It’s well-written, gritty, and totally captivating from start to end The Chestnut Man Nordic noir is perfectly poised to close September with the utmost enthusiasm.

Based on the novel written by Soren Sveistrup The Chestnut Man is incredibly terrifying and captures the same mood and atmosphere that the books have become famous for.

Like the books in this show, the plot is centered on police officer Naia Thulin as well as her new colleague Mark Hess. It’s the typical “new man teamed with an older, more seasoned” setup, but this show has a more pronounced focus on its plot than the characters.

This isn’t a bad thing, however, and throughout the six episodes, you’ll see yourself trying to discover the clues and find the culprit before the detectives can.

The Nordic drama is well-constructed it is well-paced and definitely one to add to your list of films.


Likenesses – Mystery & Thriller

Shows that involve timelines and rewriting of time can fail horribly or right. There isn’t a middle between the two. With a simple, but effective hook, a well-written script, and adorable well-rounded characters, Kairos is one of the most entertaining shows in 2020 that you’ve not seen of. Kairos is among the best sci-fi scripts written in 2020, and it’s a pity that there aren’t more people who know about this show. These 16 shows are always tension-filled, with a plethora of suspenseful scenes and fantastic surprises. The whole thing builds into one of the most satisfying endings of any drama that has been made this year.

The Lazarus Project

Likenesses – Time Travel & Thriller Elements

The Lazarus Project then is an interesting show in this regard because it doesn’t actually create a new wheel. Instead, it enhances the existing material by utilizing a variety of influences, such as the repetition of a loop at the same point as in 11.22.63 The morally gray areas of changing the time within Twelve Monkeys; trying to save a loved one who has passed away through The Time Machine; trying to be different every time with Russian Doll. And so so forward.

On the heels of COVID Mers-22 is expanding, causing the entire world’s population to explode out of proportion. There’s no way to stop it… up until George suddenly realizes that he’s jumped from six months back to the first of July. When George is confronted by a woman whose name is Archie who invites him to be part of the Lazarus Project after being told that he’s a victim of a “mutant genetic mutation.”

365: Repetition The Year

Similarities – Puzzle Box and Thriller Elements

356: Repeat the Year is a suspenseful and thrilling thriller that follows a group of people changing their lives for various reasons. Particularly, the story is about 10 people who are resettled for a year, then revisit their previous lives. Then, strange and unsettling events begin to unfold in every character experiencing their lives being altered and altered as a result of the process. At the center of this is Ji Hyungjoo, an investigator within the division of violent crime. If he discovers that something’s wrong He begins to investigate this issue.

Intoxicated by tension and packed with inventive twists the 365: Repeat This Year is a box-set mystery series with a really fast story.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching The Devil’s Hour on Amazon.

Do you have a view about our choices? Do you think we’re right? Do you think there are any noteworthy omissions? Tell us about it via the comment section below!


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