The English – Episode 3 “Vultures on the Line” Recap & Review

Vultures along the Line

Episode 3 from The English starts in Hoxem in Hoxem, which is the Flynn Family homestead. Timothy Flynn trains his gun on his wife, who runs to the side of him. He shoots her, and later kills himself.

Billy Myers is disturbed by the demise of Timothy the man that he served in the army. He confronts Robert Marshall, the sheriff. Robert Marshall asked if there were any marks left on Timothy’s corpse, however, the Sheriff doesn’t provide any explanation for the reason.

Throughout the day long, Martha Myers is frustrated at not being able to locate Billy. Martha Myers is the only one who has to confront the issue that their livestock has been taken. She must confront Thomas Trafford and his men who are sure to know that this animal was actually their own. However, they claim they are adhering to the law. All cattle that are not branded become the part belonging to the Stock Growers Association.

Trafford is then advising her to put an eye on their gun storage box at the house. If Timothy is able to murder their wife of his, Billy may turn on her the next time.

The sheriff also learns that Mrs. Flynn had cowpox on her hand at the time she passed away. As they dig up an individual body they discover it’s marked with the”B” letter “B.” Sheriff is determined to have a second conversation with Billy, but it’s too late.

The next night, Billy’s child finds the body of his father hanging from the ceiling, in the form of entrails hanging from his stomach. The responsible rider rides away before he realizes the person responsible.

While there, Cornelia encounters a scientist named Jenson while she is on her way to Oklahoma. Then, someone shoots him. Then, a Native American man approaches, states he’s not interested in Cornelia, and then drags Jenson’s body inside his car. The man says Jenson has encroached upon land that was not supposed to be.

Cornelia and her children continue on their way. The Black-Eyed bushwhacker Mog as well as her twin sons monitor the children from a cliff. They think about murdering them and stealing from the vehicle, but then decide to wait until they can get a bigger haul.

John is employed by his employer, the Clarkes in order to settle his outstanding debt. He locates a holster to the compass that he gave to Cornelia. The Clarkes took it from the Mennonites. Eli says an argument that Clarkes are hucksters: those who tidy up after bushwhackers, like Captain Clegg.

Other bushwhackers stop by to chat with John who informs them that Clegg has died. They don’t want to compete alongside Black-Eyed Mog as a rival. John is hoping that he will be able to convince Eli to let her go.

Eli decides to use his money for Cornelia, and go away to find her. Eli tells John that he’s made enough progress to pay his debt. However, Katie doesn’t agree and shoots him with an arrow and he tumbles off his horse.

Cornelia meets Mennonites earlier than she had anticipated. They were told that the children were having trouble and returning to the children. Thus, Cornelia returns the children to school, but she also discovers the shady nature that is the Clarkes. In fear that Eli might be in danger, she abandons her car behind and rushes back to the farm.

When she comes back, Eli is gone. She has an argument with Katie and eventually stabs Katie in the stomach. Then, she is threatening John to give her his money and tells him what she knows about where Eli is.

At the same time, in an area called the Bootleg Compound where Kills are in Water, Eli approaches a man. He is rubbing a skull of a bird. Eli declares that he is killed on Water and demands Eli to tell him all he knows about the massacre that took place at Chalk River.

The Episode Review

A slow pace and convoluted setting-up may slow down the excitement in this episode, and a number of layers of intrigue increase the tension.

Then, in Hoxem A war was declared anonymously. Thomas Trafford is a sly one, however, he’s probably the one responsible for Bill Myers’ death. He isn’t a fan of homesteaders who intrude upon what he considers to be his land. The entrails that were taken out of Myers’s stomach are reminiscent of fetuses he cut out of his cattle. It’s hard to know what the future holds for Trafford will be able to comprehend what’s happening to him and whether he’s or is a part of the Wyoming person who was responsible for the death of Cornelia’s son.

Whoever Cornelia plans to murder, she’s got her hands full in her efforts to locate Eli. She could hold the upper hand in the current conflict with John however, there are dangers for a woman who is alone in this world.


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