The Fabulous K-Drama Season 1 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Fabulous Season 1

The Fabulous is a dramatic drama that takes place within the enthralling world of Seoul’s clothing world. It tells the story of four of their friends — marketing professional photographer, a marketer, a model, and a fashion designer — as they navigate through the challenges and triumphs of their careers as well as their love in their daily lives.

The Netflix original will star SHINee’s boyband member Choi Min-ho, as well as well-known actress Choi Soo-bin, in their principal roles. Kim Min-kyu, as well as Lee Sang-woon, are the two other characters. Expect intense competition and wild romances over the course of the eight episodes.

Here’s everything you must know about The Fabulous’s release date, as well as the date of release and where you can stream it.

Where can I watch The Fabulous?

The Fabulous is A Netflix Original show and will be available worldwide on the platform. There will be subtitles on the show’s release, and it can be viewed in several languages, with dubbing also available.

The Fabulous 1 Release Date

The Fabulous was initially scheduled to debut at the beginning of 4 November. But, due to the tragic crush of crowds accident in Itaewon on the 29th of October 29 and the subsequent time of mourning for the nation The show has been delayed. The new date for release is still to be set. Keep your eyes on this page for updates, but when it is released you can expect it to be released around 8 am (GMT) or 1 am (PT) and 1.30 pm (IST).

is The Fabulous Releasing Weekly?

Similar to many Netflix Originals, The Fabulous will be releasing all episodes simultaneously. Each episode will last approximately 55 minutes, and as previously mentioned the subtitles will be accessible right away.

How many episodes will The Fabulous Have?

The Fabulous will include eight episodes, which is perfect to watch on a weekend!

Do We Have A Movie Trailer for the Fabulous?

Yes, it is! It is available here:


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