The Golden Spoon Episode 7

The Golden Spoon Episode 7

Would you give up your squatter but loving family for a lifestyle of wealth? That’s the question that looms over this captivating K-drama The Golden Spoon

Our main character will be Lee Seung Cheon, and when he stumbles on a magical spoon that allows him to swap lives with his best friend, who is also rich is a no-brainer… What do you think? Life-altering decisions always come with uncertainty, and with just three chances to make a decision, Seung Cheon must decide which of his two options is worth the risk. It’s all about timing!

If you’ve been watching this show over the past few months, you might be interested to know when the next episode will be scheduled to air. Don’t be concerned!

This is all you must be aware of about The Golden Spoon Episode 7 and the date of release, time, and the best place to watch this.

Where can I watch The Golden Spoon?

The Golden Spoon is available to watch on Disney+ but only in specific regions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the UK as well as The US and the Philippines. Yes, this is another one of Disney’s K-dramas that is kept from the rest of the world.

The confirmed countries that are able to watch this channel on Disney+ are as follows:

South Korea
Hong Kong
Brazil is expected to follow in 2022. This means that the majority of viewers aren’t able to stream this show without having a VPN. However, considering Snowdrop was released in the world a few weeks following the final episode airing, it’s an unreasonable idea to think Disney will follow suit for The Golden Spoon too.

Because it is a Disney+ Original, the streaming platform is the sole location to stream this show. It is an MBC Original and airs at 10:00 pm (KST)

The Golden Spoon Episode 7 Release Date

The Golden Spoon Episode 7 will be released on the 14th of October, Friday around 8 am (PT) or 1:00 pm (IST). The subtitle team on Disney+ is reportedly quick in translating, so expect subtitles to be available right away.

Episode 7 should be around an hour and ten minutes This is in line with the length of time for the remainder of the series.

How many episodes will the Golden Spoon Have?

The Golden Spoon has been scheduled for 16 episodes which is the standard time frame of two episodes a week. In that light, there are 10 more episodes to watch after this one airs!

After having to part with his fate and love life with Taeyeon, Seung-Cheon is finally aware of the burdens of living a lavish life. From having no sense of a family to being the victim of numerous family conflicts, Seung-Cheon would like to have someone to call his own.

He meets someone from Ju-hee when she realizes his real identity. What happens when Tae-Yong refuses to allow Seung-Cheon to have his former life back? We’ll find out in the upcoming episodes.

Does There Exist A Trailer for the Golden Spoon?

It is true! There is a trailer from The Golden Spoon Season 1 below.

What do you want to see in the series as it continues? What’s your most memorable moment in The Golden Spoon so far? Tell us by leaving a comment below!



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