The Golden Spoon – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2.

Episode 2 from The Golden Spoon starts with Seung-Cheon finally escaping from the lake. Once he has reached the beach, Seung-Cheon is able to locate his Golden Spoon in the garbage can, where he dumped it away. In a bid to make a change in the way he lives, he heads to Tae-Yong’s home to have his third and last meal that could change his life forever.

Tae-Yong is driving with Mun-ki, and he is feeling guilty about pushing Seung-Cheon into the lake. He demands that Mun-ki put the car to a stop and rushes towards the water. While he is there Seung-Cheon is eating his meal before Hyeon-do. Seung-Cheon wonders if that spoon was able to help Seung-Cheon.

When he’s finished having a meal, the test is magic when Hyeon-do calls him ‘appa however the businessman seems confused. At this point, Tae-Yong is confronted by an accident. Ju-hee is in Tae-Yong’s home and refers to herself as his girlfriend.

If you believe it was a hoax Seung-Cheon is about to go when Ju-hee hits Seung-Cheon for slapping him… She refers to him as Taeyong and also Hwang Hyeon-do. The police arrive at the home to take Tae-Yong into custody for throwing Seung-Cheon into the water.

Tae-Yong (Seung-Cheon) is being interrogated and is laughing as he observes the whole video of the real Tae-Yong letting his hand go out in the water is turned around. Seung-Chen’s parents are worried about him inside the Police Station.

They are furious with Tae-Yong (Seung-Cheon) for pushing Seung-Cheon. Tae-Yong is woken up in the hospital as Seung-Cheon and is shocked to meet his mother. Tae-Yong (Seung-Cheon) arrives at the hospital to greet Seung-Cheon (Tae-Yong) but is removed by Seung-Cheon’s family who recognizes him as Taeyong at the moment.

Tae-Yong resigns from charges of school violence against Seung-Cheon, in exchange for silence regarding the incident. Hyeon-de requests Mun-ki to remove any evidence of the fight between the two boys and to discover who made the call to the police on Tae-Yong. Tae-Yong is back in the mansion as he takes his place in the mansion.

He is unable to locate his room, and accidentally enters Young-sin his stepmother’s bedroom. She asks if there’s something going on because his behavior was strange. Tae-Yong walks out of the room and makes it to his room with the help of Mun-ki. He requests Mun-ki’s help by providing the names of employees and those who are related to members of the Hwang family.

When he enters his room Tae-Yong was shocked to witness the luxurious lifestyle that the real Tae-Yong led. He is amazed by the spoon that has the number 29. In accordance with one rule that the old lady mentioned, a rule said that Seung-Cheon would be given three chances to alter his life. The first was after a month, then after a year, and finally after 10 years.

Tae-Yong attends school the following day and he is enjoying the attention his new life gives Tae-Yong. He is angry because Ju-hee doesn’t respect him, while Jang-un says she’s one of the daughters of a radio company’s CEO. The homeroom teacher invites Taeyong to visit the office of the principal, where they congratulate Tae-long without a reason.

Tae-Yong lays the blame for all of it on him and claims Seung-Cheon’s innocence was never in question. He also demands that they examine the cheating incident that occurred during the midterms. Jang-un identifies new targets among Seung-Cheon’s close friends and accuses them of being vocal about the midterm cheating.

Tae-Yong gets Jang-un beaten to death because he beats the two boys. He bumps into Ju-hee and is interested in chatting with him on the roof. Tae-Yong is puzzled by the reason she lied and was a part-time worker in the first place when she was already wealthy in the first place.

He advises her to stay away from Seung-Cheon, who claims that she isn’t aware of who he really is. Ju-hee defends him and warns Tae-Yong to not cause trouble for the others. He is moved by Ju-hee’s defense of his former self. When she goes away Tae-Yong meets Yeo-jin, who says that Ju-hee’s actions are to hide her guilt for being a poor girl who died due to Ju-hee’s.

While Yeon-jin chats with him, based on their previous interactions Tae-Yong ponders what connection the true Tae-Yong has with Yeo-jin. As he prepares to go, Yeo-jin takes Tae-Yong’s hand and kisses him, making him feel shocked.

Seung-Cheon’s parents at home take care of him when Seung-Cheon wakes up in shock. Tae-Yong arrives a few minutes late to dinner and is met with Hyeon-do’s gaze. Tae-Yong has memorized Hyeon-do’s schedule for the day and is trying his best to impress the wealthy businessman.

Hyeon-do will be working on his huge redevelopment plan when his secretary informs him of Tae-Yong’s expenses over the past couple of days. Tae-Yong has been looking for gifts for the family of Seung-Cheon. Seung-Cheon has a wonderful time with comics while eating the yummy food cooked by his mom.

He says the food is not enough for the four of them and Seung-a performs what her older sibling would do, and punishes him with the spoon because he is not respectful of their parents. Seung-Cheon is a fan of the food and is grateful to his mother. Tae-Yong’s gift is delivered to Seung-Cheon’s family while Tae-Yong eats with Hyeon-do according to their tradition.

At the time of the meal, Hyeondo asks Tae-Yong to explain his spending and the latter says that he is able to do whatever you want with his own money. Ju-hee and her father from the father-son duo, and Ju-hee states that she wants to present her engagement certificate to Tae-Yong.

Tae-Yong follows Juhee to be reconciled with her. At home, Hyeon-do is told by Young-sin that Tae-Yong’s behavior was changing quite a bit and it was disturbing to her and the other staff members. Tae-Yong is in a convenience shop with Ju-hee. He assists by arranging the items that have expired on the shelves and Ju-hee is astonished by his kindness.

A drunk person walks into the convenience store and then pukes inside. Tae-Yong assists Ju-hee in cleaning her mouth, but she’s stunned to observe the sudden shift in his behavior. When they both quit the store Tae-Yong, Ju-hee and Tae-Yong talk about their lives until she falls and lands in Tae-Yong’s arms.

They have a moment of romance before going their separate ways. After she returns to her home, one of Ju-hee’s older brothers shouts at her about breaking her engagement with Tae-Yong. He also tries to hinder his business.

He is about to hit her when their father comes in and kicked the man out for attempting to slap his sister. The man enters the home without speaking about the ploy she pulled at dinner.

In the meantime, Jong-un’s father punishes him brutally because he didn’t make it to class. Jang-un is furious with Seung-Cheon and vows to make him pay for the way that his father abused him. Tae-Yong has returned to his room, and he sees his stepmother watching him. He inquires about what she was up to and she explains that she was helping him out with the special notes needed to prepare for the exam.

Tae-Yong believes that something is happening and checks on the spoon that is golden. He is delighted to discover it but discovers the real Tae-Yong’s secret cabinet during the process. He comes across a picture of his (the real Tae-Yong’s) biological mother, as well as sketches that Tae-Yong created of Ju-hee.

The next day, Seung-Cheon gets into an argument over Seung-a’s desire not to take the gift from Tae-Yong. While Seung-Cheon goes to the school bus, Seung-Cheon’s father apologizes and Seung-Cheon believes it’s because of the money, however, once Seung-Cheon leaves and returned, he apologizes to himself for being a negligent father. Lee Cheol notices a poster for contract workers and picks the poster up.

Tae-Yong has a meeting with Seung-Chen’s mother who is about present her with a lump sum to settle their debt. Sun-hye resents the cash and makes a decision with Tae-Yong to leave the cash and gifts to the side. She requests he quit contacting Seung-Cheon, and leave him alone.

While in class, Seung-Cheon ponders Tae-Yong about giving gifts to his family, which shocked the entire class. Outside of class, the teacher greets Seung-Cheon and tells him that they are working together. He is stunned and starts to remember past experiences that belong to the Seung-Cheon who is the real deal. Seung-Cheon inquires whether Ju-hee and he are in a relationship, which leaves her with a flurry of confusion.

Jang-un appears and takes Seung-Cheon from the scene while Ju-hee is worried about his safety. Yeo-jin comes across her and asks her if she wants to spend time with Ju-hee however, the latter says that she has plans already made with an acquaintance. Jang-un brings Seung-cheon back to his home and Seung-Cheon says he has not been to the house before.

Jang-un ponders why Seung-Cheon has been acting this way despite having been at home earlier. Seung-Cheon’s behavior is a bit erratic. too confident, Jang-un and his friends begin to smack Seung-Cheon. Jang-un can be seen getting the gun and then pinning Seung-Cheon on the ground.

Seung-Cheon is pale when Seung-Cheon is now suffering from PTSD because of an unknown reason. Ju-hee is visiting her childhood Na-ra’s grave, and her friend’s, while Tae-Yong is at Jin’seok’s tombstone. He informs Jin-Seok that Seung-Cheon was no more his name.

Then, Tae-Yong receives an alert about Seung-Cheon’s disappearance. missing. He rushes to the house of Jang-un. Jang-un continues to beat Seungcheon to death while Tae-Yong pops out, shocking his group of buddies. Tae-Yong announces that he would like to join in the fun, and he grabs an assault weapon and shoots at Jang-un.

Jang-un is puzzled by how Tae-Yong has become so familiar with the city despite this being his first time visiting. Jang-un says the only reason he was there was to play with Seung-Cheon. Tae-Yong then takes an arrow from his pocket, then loads the gun, and asks him to shoot Seung-Cheon.

Tae-Yong explains that if he does not accomplish this, he will take Jang-un’s life instead. Jang-un is terrified and falls to his knees and begs Tae-Yong to show mercy. Tae-Yong says he will not ever show mercy to anyone and pulls the trigger on Jang-un when the show ends with an explosive gunshot.

The Episode Review

This episode demonstrates the power money has and Seung-Cheon’s sudden increase in confidence is proof of this. As he stated in the last episode Seung-Cheon is now armed with all the strength at his disposal to fight Jang-un. I am awestruck by this surge of confidence that money is giving Seung-Cheon.

I’m curious about what Hyeon-do is planning to do considering Tae-Yong’s (actually Seung-Cheon’s) spending style. Ju-hee is an extremely kind and compassionate person, while Yeo-jin seems like a manipulative person. However, given the way plot twists are handled in K-dramas, I’m confident that the creators will be able to make us feel like they are in the wrong.

Tae-Yong is having this much fun in Seung-Chen’s shoes, and I am awestruck each time his innocent self shows up on the screen. The show, however, is quite intense, and it is possible that the enjoyable moments will be limited to the initial few episodes.


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